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St Johns, NL, Canada < change city >



July, 2008 in St Johns

"I have to say our day was perfect! The weather was beautiful and the hours just slipped away. It is certainly a day we will nver forget."


Ceremony: Clovelly Gazebo
Reception: Bascilica




Decorations Vendor:

Wedding Belles Decorating

41 Southshore Drive
Conception Bay Sout, NL, Canada

"Loved my decorations. I was working with a tight budget, and Margaret was able to customize a package for me. She put it all up the day before and then took it down afterwards. I didn't have to do a thing, and it looked beautiful. Totally recommend getting the lights in your package, make for a beautiful night."


Sobeys - Kelsey Dr.

130 Cedar Street
Cambridge, ON, Canada

"LOVED my flowers, i brought in a picture and they came out just like it. It was definatly the cheapest spot too."


Power Photography

109 Della Drive
Goulds, NL, Canada

"I LOVED my pictures. Dale was great on site, he had great locations picked out, and emergency props (sunglasses) He took a couple of really kewl shots, and was so easy to get along with. I would totally recommend getting him for your wedding. You can also customize the package to suit your needs."

Ceremony Venue:

Clovelly Gazebo

"Great location, I was very excited about the garage style doors, thinking i could open them up and have an "outdoor" feel to the night, but I didn't think on how many flies there were would be out in July. Honestly though, that can't be helped. Over all, the food was great, the staff were AMAZING (god love the night manager, she took care of everything, helpping the night go very smoothly)and the gazebo was breathtaking. Just keep the doors closed at night. I had my decorater put up lights on the dance floor, and would totally recommend this to anyone else, it was really pretty at night."

Reception Venue:


St John's, NL, CA

"Too big for my small (150 ppl) wedding. the music was beautiful though, and the pictures turned outu great."

Photo Site:

The Winterholme

St John's, NL, CA

"I wanted pictures on their beautiful staircase. I paid alot of money use the location for 45minutes. I was a little dissappointed to see another bride having her picture taken around mine. Her photographer's camera kept setting off our photographer's flash. The venue was beautiful though and i did get the shots I wanted, although most came out too dark, but with a little photoshop work it looked ok."

Photo Site:

Bowering Park

St John's, NL, CA

"LOVED my shots in the park, we had a spot off to the side of Waterford Bridge Road. lots of areas for different but great shots. We did have to wait for people to move out of the shot though. Appearently people like to watch from the background."