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August, 2010 in Narragansett

Ceremony: South Ferry Church
Reception: North Beach Clubhouse





George Leonard

Narragansett, RI, USA

"George was great, very reasonably priced and willing to work around my distance issues, by emailing me recordings of the music he was going to play for our processional and recessional. He was very patient as I changed my mind several times about the recessional and the final versions were beautiful. He is also in a band and here is their website."



1 Beach St
Narragansett, RI, United States

"We had some trouble with amalfi because Alyson quit (so sad) a few months before the wedding. So this caused us some stress. However, Jim really made up for it. He met with me several times in the weeks leading up to the wedding both at his office and the venue and really worked to make the wedding beautiful as well as within our budget and size limitations of the venue. Our guests absolutely raved about the hors d’oeuvres and we had these amazing mussels in our main course that I couldn’t get enough of. I also loved the pink vodka sauce pasta, which I only got to accommodate vegetarians, but I think it was my favourite dish! The servers were very friendly and overall I think that Amalfi did a fantastic job."


Mixed Grille Catering

Cranston, RI, United States

"We hired them for our rehearsal dinner. It was so inexpensive, yet so good! Jennifer put together a great casual cookout for about 50 guests with burgers, hot dogs, and some beautiful salads (my favorite was spinach, dried cranberries and pecans). She also provided (free of charge) mason jars for our flowers. They were on time, courteous, and helpful. Also, she let us bring some of our own food, like chips and beer, so that we could keep prices down, which was one of our major objectives. 2 thumbs up!"


Colleen Riley

Narragansett, RI, USA

"Colleen was so great. She helped out so much on the day. She stopped by in the morning and went shopping for last minutes stuff like extra petals for the flower girl and products for the bathroom baskets. Then she checked us into our hotel and ran stuff back and forth between the boys and the girls getting ready. She went to the reception site early to help the vendors set up, put out table numbers, flowers, cupcakes, candles, etc, coordinated with the caterers and the DJ to keep everything moving along. She even noticed when I looked thirsty and got me a drink! She was such a huge help."



PO Box 788
Narragansett, RI 02882, USA

"Susanne was lovely. She didn’t play one thing on my do not play list, was reasonably priced, and very nice. Everyone was dancing on the deck of the north beach clubhouse and she helped make the wedding a lot of fun. I’d definitely recommend her."


Grandiflora designs

Narragansett, RI, USA

"Nancy was great! The flowers were beautiful, she did exactly what I asked and was nice enough to make flower drop offs at 4 locations. It seems like she was more reasonably priced than a lot of the other florists out there too."

Invitations Vendor:


Narragansett, RI, USA

"I loved using etsy for wedding related items. And my invitations were beautiful and pretty cheap. Got so many compliments on them. Jessica was very prompt, sent out samples and responded to my changes."

Limo Company:

Fisher transport

Narragansett, RI, USA

"We hired this school bus company to bring guests from the hotel where we’d blocked rooms, to the church, then to the reception and back to the hotel/bar for an after-party. I wasn’t on the bus at all until the end of the night, but that was really fun! The after-party was just our younger friends from college and high school and it was so fun to crowd onto the back of a school bus together. The driver was really nice and they were a lot cheaper than a trolley or some of the other transportation options out there."


Antoinette Cavanna

33 Highland Ave.
Westerly, RI, United States

"Antoinette is one of the warmest people I’ve ever met. Like most of my vendors, I had to hire her without meeting her because I was planning from Australia, and I don’t regret it for a second. Although my husband (still feels funny saying that) and I were raised Catholic, we’re not particularly religious. So we wanted a ceremony that was spiritual, but not too religious. Antoinette spent time talking to us and also asked us to write her a letter about how we felt about each other. She incorporated what we said beautifully into our ceremony. She made our ceremony so personal and beautiful. It was just so “us.” I highly recommend her."


Mark Turek Photography

Narragansett, RI, USA

"They were so nice, so fun and relaxed. They did a great job. Once again, they were great to work with before the wedding, good about responding to emails and even came to the rehearsal just to check out the church before the wedding. The photos came out so well. Whether it was a detail shot, a formal picture with family, an interesting point of view, or just the bridal party having fun, the photos are all great. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves! This link also has lot of pictures of the venues if you’re interested in any of them. http://www.markturekphotography.com/Weddings/Annie/13538590_Fhiu8#988633383_KgXVQ"

Rentals Vendor:

ShutterBooth RI - Rentals Vendor - 1989A Plainfield Pike, Johnston, RI, 02919, US


1989A Plainfield Pike
Johnston, RI 02919, US

"This was the item that broke our budget, but was also the most worth it. Everyone had so much fun with this and we have so many memorable photos. We got it from 6-10, they brought a prop box (which I initially thought would be kinda lame, but was actually awesome), and they had guests sign the guest book next to their photos as they were printed. Jill was also great and designed a lovely logo that matched our invitations. This made the wedding."

Tuxedo Vendor:

Carl Anthony Tuxedo

1460 Park Avenue
Cranston, RI, United States

"So happy with them. None of our groomsmen lived in the United States and Dan and the rest of the carl anthony staff were so accommodating about finding a time to get everyone measured and fitted quickly. The guys looked great!"

Wedding Day Beauty Vendor:

I do faces

Narragansett, RI, USA

"Man, did she make us pretty! She is an artist. When I first had my trial done, I felt like I was gonna look caked in makeup because it seemed like she was putting on a lot. Then I saw myself in the mirror, and I was transformed, but very natural looking. She does great work, travels to you and gives you some blotting tissues and each bridesmaid a touch-up of lipstick. She also did my mother-in-law and put just a bit of makeup on my flower girl, who looked adorable. I was very happy with Krystal."


South Ferry Church - Ceremony - 170 S Ferry Rd, Saunderstown, RI, 02874

South Ferry Church

170 S Ferry Rd
Saunderstown, RI 02874

"If you want a small (max 120 people) Narragansett wedding, south ferry church is gorgeous. Our pictures of the ceremony were so beautiful. I give it an A + for location and appearance. I’d give it a significantly lower grade for organisation. It was not open for our rehearsal, even though I’d called to confirm and confirmed by email. This turned our rehearsal, with 4 bridesmaids, 4 groomsmen, fathers, mothers, celebrant, readers and photographers into a bit of a fiasco on the front lawn outside the church. I was very unhappy. There was an explanation, but I still thought it was unacceptable considering we paid a significant amount of money for it to be opened for about an hour on only two occasions. However, it was open for the ceremony on the wedding day, and in the end it all turned out ok. Better to have it closed for the rehearsal than the wedding day! I would never say don’t book this church, because it’s just so beautiful. However, I would be very assertive about making sure your needs are met. Also, no toilets or air conditioning… just keep that in mind and warn your guests."


North Beach Clubhouse - Reception - 79 Boston Neck Rd, Narragansett, RI, 02882

North Beach Clubhouse

79 Boston Neck Rd
Narragansett, RI 02882

"It's very simple and certainly not a newport mansion or ballroom, but this turned out to be such a great place for a wedding. I was so happy with it. We had beautiful weather so everyone hung out drinking and dancing on the deck overlooking the ocean. If it had rained, it would have been a bit stuffed, so I’d be aware of that when planning. We had 93 people and 10 tables, a DJ outside and a photobooth. Everyone loved the location and it’s very reasonably priced if you’re a Narragansett resident. Hadley is also very nice and accommodating. We also had our rehearsal dinner at the pavilion at the Narragansett community center, which you can also book through Hadley."


Village Inn-Narragansett Pier

1 Beach Street
Narragansett, RI, United States

"I’ve heard some bad reviews about this place, but I thought it was great. Our guests were so happy, the rooms were recently redecorated and beautiful, and the location can’t be beat. Annie was also nice enough to let us have the upstairs deck for breakfast the morning after the wedding, and let us bring in our own food from dunkin donuts for our goodbye brunch. No complaints here!"