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August, 2009 in South Bend

"It was great! A few mishaps but it was overall a perfect day =]"

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Reception: Reception




Cakes/Candies Vendor:


South Bend, IN, USA

"For the price, you couldn't ask for more!! The flavor was pretty good, not AMAZING, but good. it looked magnificent though!! it was everything we wanted!!& she is really nice."

Cakes/Candies Vendor:


South Bend, IN, USA

"BEST CAKE EVER!! she made our grooms cake & it was everything we asked for!! we went to her a week before the wedding and she was so accomodating. cake tasted amazing & looked even better. she was delightful to work with!!"


Kraus Catering

South Bend, IN, USA

"I was scared, i wont lie. but everything he did was wonderful. the food was DELICIOUS!! even let us take home the leftovers! he was a little odd to work with, but completely came through on the day of."


Merry Me

South Bend, IN, USA

"If you work only with Cher, its a definite 5 star. However, i worked with cher for everything except the day of and that did not make me happy. her assistant is not nearly as experienced as she should be. she kept asking me things that i PAID her to know & figure out. also, long story, but there werent video tapes in the cameras we rented & instead of delaying the ceremony 20 minutes to go to walmart & get a tape, she was more concerned with starting on time, which resulted in me not having my ceremony taped. she left before my reception was over, didnt even say goodbye, and then i was stuck dealing with an altercation at the reception bc she wasnt there. she didn't help with any clean up. she forgot to light the candles on a couple tables. they LOST my sand ceremony items. at one point she told my friends to do things, that she should have done and in turn ruined something that i spent money on bc no one knew about it. I will say that Cher is great though. She is ON TOP OF EVERYTHING. She really was great to work with, however i felt shafted by her assistant."


Pro Show

South Bend, IN, USA

"AWESOME! Shawn was great & did so many added things that were unexpected. Things my wedding planner should have done!!"


Rev. Ted Stanley

South Bend, IN, USA

"He was so awesome!! A great person to work with!!"


Cathy Dietz Photography

South Bend, IN, USA

"Went well, but i felt kind of rushed with everything. there were a lot of important shots never even taken. for example, our hands with our rings on, individual shots with my BM's. as well as we had to suggest to take groom with Bm's, bride with gm's, etc. the pictures will probably be great, but i feel kind of like some things i wanted will be missing. the 2 assistants were fabulous. got a lot of awesome shots!! i do think that its overpriced though."


123 N St Joseph St
South Bend, IN 46601

"Marriott Hotel Ballroom. I work there so everything was great! =] They went out of their way to make it exactly what i wanted."



111 Woodward Ct
South Bend, IN 46601

"woodward. Beautiful room, over priced for what you get. Leigh was great to work with, very nice. downfalls- charge you for things they never explain in your contract. & have fees for really stupid things. also their main helper/bartender is incredibly rude. (rude to guests as well as my mom when she went to pick everything up) for the price i expected A LOT more."