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August, 2008 in St Louis

"Our wedding was the perfect weekend. Every venue/vendor we selected turned out to be the perfect fit for us."

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Ceremony: St. Gabriel the archangel
Reception: Xavier Grand Ballroom






St Louis, MO, United States

"BOOM! helped make our reception the perfect night. We received so many compliments on the band and had such a great experience with them. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to hire a band for musical entertainment."


Ruso's Gourmet Catering

9904 Page Ave
St Louis, MO, United States

"We may be a little biased, but we think our meal from Russo's Gourmet Catering was the best food we've had at a wedding reception. The cake is definitely the best cake we've ever had. Their staff was very friendly and helped us plan/execute the perfect reception."

Favors Vendor:

Pease's Candy

St Louis, MO, United States

"Since I'm from Springfield, IL, Amy wanted to add something from my hometown to the wedding. Though our favors were really a donation to the American Heart Association on behalf of everyone attending our wedding, we also had chocolate hearts from Pease's at each place setting. I managed to sneak one during the reception and they were delicious. Pease's is the best candy shop around, bar none."


Irene's Flower Shoppe

5611 Hampton Ave
St Louis, MO, United States

"I will never buy flowers anywhere else. Irene's Flower Shoppe helped make our wedding day perfect by providing us with flowers fitting of the occasion. Ask for Diane. You'll be happy you did. See the photos we've uploaded of the flowers. Call her at (314) 352-4442."

Honeymoon Vendor:


Westbury, NY, USA

"What an amazing honeymoon. Jamaica is beautiful of its own accord, but staying at a Sandals location helped make for a phenomenal honeymoon."

Limo Company:

Jed Limousine

1083 North Warson Road
St. Louis, MO, United States

"Though our bus drive was a little testy (my wife doesn't agree), the bus itself was very clean, the price was right, and they were very timely. Were the bus driver a little more personable, we would've rated them 5 stars."


Angela Brewer

St Louis, MO, United States

"Angela was a freelance photographer at the time we hired her, but now works for Todd Studios Photography. She is great to work with. When we met with her to plan out the wedding day photography, she was always friendly and full of ideas, but never pushy. She wanted to make sure we got every picture we wanted, and she was very successful in that. Her and her co-photographer provided us with tons of great candid shots from the entire day and made sure we'll never forget our wonderful wedding. If you want a great wedding photographer, contact Todd Studios at 314-894-8882 and ask for Angela."

Registry Vendor:

Bed Bath and Beyond

Charleston, OR, USA

"They provided nice registry and completion gifts for registering there, and had almost everything we wanted. Plus, the 20% off coupons they offer to their customers made the items we registered for even more affordable."

Registry Vendor:


120 W Parker Rd
Plano, TX, United States

"Because we live only blocks away from a Target, we had to register there. Target gift cards are always handy."

Registry Vendor:

Crate and Barrel

1 Flatiron Cir # 2260
Broomfield, CO, United States

"Though they can be a little pricey, they have great home decor and kitchen items. They had items we just couldn't find at Bed Bath and Beyond."

Tuxedo Vendor:

Men's Warehouse

42 S County Center Way
St Louis, MO, United States

"Their selection is hard to beat and they are competitive as far as price is concerned. Also, the groom gets his tux free if the groomsmen all rent their tuxedo at Men's Warehouse. The two weddings I've been in (including my own) that used Men's Warehouse are the only weddings I've been part of where someone didn't have an issue with their tuxedo."

Wedding Fashion Vendor:

Clarice's Bridal

4627 Hampton Avenue
St Louis, MO, United States

"Jasmine helped my wife pick out a dress she fell in love with immediately. Avoid the large chain boutiques and find yourself a small, locally-owned shop like Clarice's"


St. Gabriel the Archangel Church - Ceremony - 6303 Nottingham Ave, St Louis, MO, 63109

St. Gabriel the archangel

6303 Nottingham Ave
St Louis, MO 63109, US

"A beautiful church for a beautiful wedding."


St. Fraicis Xavier College Church - Reception - 3628 Lindell Blvd, St Louis, MO, 63108, US

Xavier Grand Ballroom

3628 Lindell Blvd
St Louis, MO 63108, US

"Though I went to SLU, I didn't know the Xavier Grand Ballroom was there until we started looking at reception venues. The Grand Ballroom made for the perfect reception hall. It was beautifully decorated, spacious, and had everything we needed."


Water Tower Inn - Hotel - 3450 Lafayette Ave, St Louis, MO, 63104, US

Water Tower Inn

3545 Lafayette Ave
St Louis, MO 63104, US

"Our guests who stayed at the Water Tower Inn said there rooms were spacious, comfortable and nicely decorated. For the price, $75 a night, it's hard to beat for the location."


The Bevo Mill - Restaurant - Bevo Mill, St Louis, MO, MO, US

Bevo Mill

Bevo Mill, St Louis, MO

"Bevo Mill was nicely decorated for our Rehearsal Dinner and the food was good. The bartender was awesome. The only negative was the ridiculous number of flies in the building. Not only that, when my mom called to let them know about the problem, the manager yelled at her and told her that couldn't have been the case because they had just sprayed earlier that day. My parents will never go back to Bevo Mill."


Dewey's Pizza - Restaurant - 124 N Kirkwood Rd, Kirkwood, MO, 63122, US

Dewey's Pizza

124 N Kirkwood Rd
Kirkwood, MO 63122, US

"Dewey's is the best pizza in St. Louis by far if you ask Amy and I. Trust me when I say if you want pizza when you're in town, go to Dewey's."


Mom's Deli - Restaurant - 4412 Jamieson Ave, St Louis, MO, 63109, US

Mom's Deli

4412 Jamieson Ave
St Louis, MO 63109, US

"One of the best sandwich shops in St. Louis. If you're looking for a quick and inexpensive lunch, you'll be hard pressed to find any better. Amy and I prefer the Mom's special. Should you decide to stop at Mom's for lunch before the wedding, don't let the long line at the counter deter you. They're fast."


Murdoch Perk - Restaurant - 5400 Murdoch Ave, St Louis, MO, 63109, US

Murdoch Perk

5400 Murdoch Ave
St Louis, MO 63109, US

"One of Amy and my favorites for breakfast, lunch or dinner (especially breakfast)."


Off the Vine - Restaurant - 2605 Hampton Ave, St Louis, MO, 63139, US

Off the Vine

2605 Hampton Ave
St Louis, MO 63139, US

"I haven't yet tried Off the Vine, but Amy, her mom and mine love it. It comes very highly recommended."


Pitted Olive Deli Market & Catering

5815 Hampton Ave
St Louis, MO, United States

"Another of Amy and my favorites. Their lunch and dinner is incredible and the owners couldn't be more friendly."


Ted Drewes Frozen Custard - Restaurant - 6726 Chippewa St, St Louis, MO, United States

Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard

6726 Chippewa St
St Louis, MO 63109, US

"If you like sweets, you have to try Ted Drewe's while you're in town."


The Melting Pot - Restaurant - 6683 Delmar Blvd, University City, MO, 63130, US

The Melting Pot

6683 Delmar Blvd
University City, MO 63130, US

"If you want a very nice dinner while you're in town and aren't averse to giving fondue a try, the Melting Pot is the place to be. Amy and I go there for special occasions. Our wedding fits that description, so use that as an excuse to give the Melting Pot a try."


Vito's Pizza

3515 Lindell Blvd
St Louis, MO, United States

"Great pizza place and close to the hotel and reception venue."


Busch Stadium

700 Clark Ave
St Louis, MO, United States

"Home of the St. Louis Cardinals."


Magic House

516 S Kirkwood Rd
St Louis, MO, United States

"Children and adults alike will enjoy the Magic House."


St. Louis Zoo

1 Government Dr
St Louis, MO 63110, US


Schlafly Bottleworks - Bars/Brewpubs/Microbreweries - 7260 Southwest Ave, St Louis, MO, 63143, US

Schlafly Bottleworks

7260 Southwest Ave
St Louis, MO 63143, US

"One of the best Microbrews you'll ever find and some of the best food in St. Louis. Everything on their menu (food or drink) is good. I recommend the bison nachos."


Dubliner - Bars/Brewpubs/Microbreweries - 1025 Washington Ave, St Louis, MO, 63101, US

The Dubliner

1025 Washington Ave
St Louis, MO 63101, US

"A great Irish pub with good food and of course an excellent selection of tasty brews."

Wedding Singer:

Christy Bennett

St Louis, MO, United States

"Email her for music samples or to book. Listen to other samples at http://www.senorfoxtrio.com/Home.html"

Rehearsal Dinner Venue:

Bevo Mill

St. Louis, MO, US

"This used to be one of our favorite restaurants, but we will never go there again. Though the food was good and the bartender was exceptional (the only reason we didn't give this a one star), the manager was incredibly rude. Also, there were flies EVERYWHERE. It got to the point where each table made a game of how many they could kill - not the kind of ambiance you want during a dinner with family and friends the night before your wedding. Not only were there flies, but when my parents called the manager/owner the following Monday to tell him about it, he yelled at my mom on the phone and told her there absolutely were no flies. After a bit of discussion, he eventually mailed my parents a $100 gift certificate. My parents gave it to us because they'll never go there again, and we promptly threw it away. Good food, but terrible customer service."