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July, 2007 in Seattle

"What can we say? It was a magnificent day! We did a lot of it ourselves (Save the Dates, attire, favors), pulled off several surprises (Teatro ZinZanni for our rehearsal dinner, breakaway bouquet to toss), spoiled our friends and family (with a special BBQ, trip to Ummelina Spa, beautiful accommodations, and wonderful food at the wedding), and enjoyed every single second of our special day."


Ceremony: Stimson-Green Mansion
Reception: Stimson-Green Mansion






Seattle, WA, USA

"I cannot say enough good things about Janet and her ensemble - they are consummate professionals who make beautiful music together. Rouge is a French Cabaret ensemble, lead by Janet - the vocalist; she is accompanied by a guitarist, fiddler, pianist/accordionist, and bass player. For our wedding they played many old jazz standards as well as a wonderful mix of French Cabaret. Near the end of the evening they even played, by request, a tarantella for my Greek in-laws to dance. It was a smashing good time. Rouge's pianist also played our processional and recessional and during the cocktail hour. Plus, the cost was extremely reasonable. We booked more than a year in advance, due to getting married near to the July 4th weekend and because the vocalist is also a stilt walker and often has festivals to attend around holiday weekends. Janet gets only an "A" for responsiveness due to the artistic way in which she lives... she prefers to use the telephone, over email... but doesn't always return calls right away. Nevertheless, Rouge was worth every penny and I'm glad they were the first vendor we booked."

Cakes/Candies Vendor:

Mike's Amazing Cakes

4134 148th Avenue Northeast
Redmond, WA, United States

"The cake flavors Mike and his crew offer are delicious, for sure. But, the design process and their office staff seriously lacked creativity and professionalism. Our paperwork was lost twice and the staff was slow to respond to questions. Regarding the design, as everyone knows, Mike and his assistants make fantastic show pieces for TV and he has quite an extensive portfolio. We knew the feeling we wanted to evoke for our cake and the style that we loved - we just needed a more budget friendly version. The office staff was helpful during our office visit to make design choices that would help us save money - for instance, the gold details we wanted on the cake was chosen to be on the pearls covering the seams between layers, since they are a "free" detail anyway. But, there was never any help in realizing our elegant look. We ended up with a nice, FLAT looking cake... with no drama or refinement. In comparison to the rest of the wedding, it was a huge disappointment. Also, when the cake was delivered it had sunk about 1/4 inch and the support dowel in the center of the cake was popping out the top - which destroyed our initial on the top of the cake. So, the drivers had to take the cake back to the studio for it to be repaired. When it returned - thankfully before dinner - the initial on the top was sloppy looking. All this was further compared to a brilliant cake Mike's Amazing Cakes made for my father's 80th birthday party that we picked up the day after the wedding. His cake was a stack of books, complete with gold leafed "pages" and a figurine of my father, in his shorts and Hawaiian shirt, perched on the edge of the cake, playing the oboe."


Jubilee Event Engineers

Seattle, WA, USA

"Working with both Kristen and Alex was amazing. We had a delightful time planning our event with Kristen's support. Alex took care of our every need throughout the day - attending to everything from calling back the florist to fix mistakes, to supplying my father with ibuprofen and helping my closest friends and I attend to an accidental spill on my gown. Our only regret was the abrupt end to the evening; packing up could have flowed much better, but all in all, we wouldn't have had such a relaxed evening without Jubilee."



Seattle, WA, USA

"I had really high hopes for working with Aria and their main designer, John Gardner, because I attended floral design school with John in 2001 and had seen his business flourish over the years. He has a great designer eye and style and I really respected his work in school. Unfortunately, he didn't deliver what we expected nor what our contract detailed. He made questionable decisions regarding flower replacements which seriously affected the style and look of the arrangements. Further, we were charged for arrangements which were not executed properly; for one of the instances he had to be called back to our venue to fix the problem (hair flowers that were supposed to be individually wired were put on a comb and the flowers that were supposed to be on a comb were individually wired - in the end, neither of us were able to wear our hair flowers). We were charged $40 for a small arrangement to be wired to the flower girl's basket, but, instead we got several short and broken stems of leftover flowers stuck in a water tube resting inside the basket. All of the boutonnières were tiny - only the 11 year old ring bearer looked in proper proportion to the boutonnière. We provided John with a story board of inspiration for our floral arrangements, including fabric swatches of the bridal dresses and bridesmaids' attire. We even gave him a picture of a bouquet and asked him to copy it; what we got was a bouquet of the right shape with all the wrong colors. His color palette was completely wrong; we asked for a French garden look in pale pinks to crimson, with touches of cream. My bouquet was supposed to have just a hint of blue. Instead, there was blue throughout the arrangements, along with a garish pink lisianthus (one of my favorite flowers, but not in this color) and hydrangea, blue hydrangea, yellow roses, etc. The flowers themselves looked pretty - not a single guest knew that we were unhappy with the flowers - but they weren't what we asked for. Plus, we asked to stay within a 3K budget, that was already 1K more than we wanted to spend; but the total came in closer to 4K and no adjustments were suggested to accommodate us. The saving grace in this whole experience was John's officer manager, Crystal. She is a delight to work with and extremely responsive to questions via the telephone and email. Still, the experience was bad enough that I simply cannot recommend John's services. Update: Upon notifying the Office Manager of our feedback, we were offered what amounted to a 15% refund on their services."

Invitations Vendor:


Seattle, WA, USA

"The invitations were gorgeous - we got lots of compliments. But, working with the artist was more than a challenge. I think if we didn't have a specific look in mind, she would have felt less pressure. But, we may not have gotten what we wanted. We saw the artist and her work at a Wedding Show in Seattle in January 2007 and were immediately impressed with her fun and formal style and ability to do letter press - something we didn't think we could afford. We had an in-person meeting to discuss the look and feel of our invitations, to pick out the papers and ribbons to be used, etc., in her design studio north of Seattle. Everything seemed pretty clear. The problem is she missed two deadlines - she was delayed by over a week in getting our invitations finished, thereby pushing out when we could send the invitations. Then, she missed her second deadline, and forced me to drive to other parts of town doing other errands while she still didn't quite finish putting together the invitations - we had to stuff the RSVP, envelope, OOT BBQ invite, and map cards into the invitation ourselves. While doing this, we noticed many of the OOT BBQ invites were either not centered on the page, or cut too close to the edge of the letter-pressed graphic. We asked that she do them again, and make sure that the OOT BBQ invites were 1/4 page - the same size of the RSVP card and maps. I drove to Seattle the next day (we live an hour south of Seattle) to pick up the new cards and they *still* weren't the right size, although they were at least now centered. So, I had to go to Paper Source and buy 1/4 sheet black card stock and we had to glue all the OOT BBQ invites together before sending the OOT invites. Also, somewhere along the line a pink matting disappeared from the invitation proofs - therefore, part of our invitation was never realized. English is a second language for the artist; getting the wording just right on the invitations - with appropriate spelling and grammar - was the biggest headache, as she only seemed able to make one correction at a time. So, yes the invitations were gorgeous. But, we worked really, really hard to get them that way and probably made the artist never want to work with us again."


Libby Lewis Photography

Seattle, WA, USA

"Libby is a fantastic photographer. We enjoyed our time for the engagement photos immensely - despite being a little wary of public displays of affection in the middle of public places. Her artistic eye is wonderful and her pictures are amazing. If anyone tells you digital doesn't have as rich or depth of color as film, go to Libby's website and prove them wrong! Libby brings an assistant on the day of the wedding and her work is just as good as Libby's - I can't tell the difference between the two photographers' work. Libby also does a lot of cool extras for weddings - including mounting the engagement photos in a lovely spiral bound book, printing "You can view our photos on-line in about two weeks" card in the style of our wedding theme for our guest son the day of, creating a slide show, set to music, of the cream of the crop photos for guests to view on-line, hosting all the wedding photos on-line for 3 months after the wedding, sending us a hardbound proof book of all the photos, etc."

Ceremony & Reception:

Stimson-Green Mansion - Ceremony & Reception - 1204 Minor Ave, Seattle, WA, 98101, US

Stimson-Green Mansion

1204 Minor Ave
Seattle, WA 98101, US

"Five stars for the Stimson-Green Mansion and their staff! Finding the right venue for our small, vintage wedding was critical and the Stimson-Green fit the bill perfectly. Not only is the historical home beautiful, but the catering was exceptional - many of our other vendors told us the Stimson-Green had the best wedding food available in the city and we can safely agree with them. The only hiccup we had with our experience at the mansion was the pricing for beverages wasn't clearly stated as a charge separate from the food pricing; therefore, we were surprised by a 2K invoice - which also included the servers' gratuity - after the wedding. Everything else was superb. We worked with Gillian and she was the most delightful person. We host several events in our home throughout the year and, thus, are well versed in how many and which types of hors d"


Inn at the Harbor Steps - Hotels - 1221 1st Ave, Seattle, WA, United States

Inn at the Harbor Steps

1221 1st Ave
Seattle, WA, United States
(206) 748-0973

"The staff was wonderful and was able to keep track of all our guests, staying throughout the facility. Breakfast was a feast every morning, and provided us with extra time to spend with our friends and family. The rooms were beautiful and the bathrooms luxurious. Parking was a bit precarious, and cost extra, but, in downtown Seattle it was to be expected."


Bai Tong - Restaurants - 16876 Southcenter Pkwy, Tukwila, WA, 98188, US

Bai Tong

16876 Southcenter Pkwy
Tukwila, WA 98188, US

"Holly's favorite Thai restaurant in the Seattle area. Great vegetarian options on the menu. Phadthai is wonderful - ask for extra peanut sauce! Location on International Blvd near the SeaTac airport appears to have closed. Location in Tukwila is near Toys R Us. Call for more info: (206) 575-3366 Hours of previous location: Monday - Friday 11:00 am - 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm Saturday - Sunday 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm"


Bamboo Garden - Restaurants - 364 Roy Street, Seattle, WA, United States

Bamboo Garden

364 Roy St
Seattle, Washington, United States
(206) 282-6616

"Great vegetarian Chinese restaurant. Sweet & Sour "Chicken" and corn chowder are our favorite dishes. Very popular restaurant - be prepared for a wait. Well worth it! http://www.bamboogarden.net/"


Blue Moon Burgers Inc - Restaurants - 500 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA, United States

Blue Moon Burgers Inc

500 Westlake Ave N
Seattle, WA, United States
(206) 652-0400

"Fantastic peanut butter shakes and onion rings... burgers are good, too! http://www.bluemoonburgers.com"


Buca Di Beppo - Restaurants - 701 9th Avenue North, Seattle, WA, United States

Buca di Beppo

701 9th Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109, US

"Family style Italian restaurant. Very popular - be prepared to wait for a table. Inexpensive. Parking is somewhat difficult."


Cedars Restaurant On Brooklyn - Restaurants - 4759 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle, WA, United States

Cedars Restaurant On Brooklyn

4759 Brooklyn Ave NE
Seattle, WA, United States
(206) 527-5247

"Our favorite local Indian restaurant. Worth the drive to the University District (about 10 minutes north of downtown). Outdoor seating. Excellent service. Inexpensive meals."


The Crumpet Shop - Restaurants - 1503 1st Ave, King County, WA, 98121, US

Crumpet Shop

1503 1st Ave
Seattle, WA, United States
(206) 682-1598

"Great place for a simple, hearty & inexpensive breakfast (Denise loves their Oat Groats). And, of course, their Crumpets are yummy! Conveniently located on 1st Ave in Pike Place Market. Hours: Monday - Friday: 7am-5pm (stop serving at 4pm) Saturday-Sunday: 7:30am - 5pm (stop serving at 4pm)"


Cutter's Bayhouse - Restaurants - 2001 Western Ave, Seattle, WA, United States

Cutter's Bayhouse

2001 Western Ave
Seattle, WA, United States
(206) 448-4884

"Upscale dining above the Seattle waterfront. Wonderful Northwest Cuisine with sweeping views of the Puget Sound and Pike Place Market. Breakfast Hours: Saturday and Sunday 9:30am-2pm Lunch Hours: Daily 11am-4pm Dinner Hours: Monday - Saturday 4pm-10pm Sunday 4pm-9:30pm Bar Hours: Sunday 9:30am-10:30pm Monday-Thursday 11:00am-11pm Friday-Saturday 11:30am-midnight Happy Hour: Daily 3:30pm-6:30pm and 9pm-close Bar serves the full dining room menu during lunch and dinner hours Sushi Bar Kids menu, booster seats and high chairs available. Private dining room available for large parties; call manager in advance. Late night menu available Complimentary downtown shuttle from 5pm-10pm daily"


Fadó Irish Pub - Restaurants - 801 1st Ave, Seattle, WA, United States

Fado Irish Pub

801 1st Ave
Seattle, WA, United States
(206) 264-2700

"Great Irish Pub near Pioneer Square. Atmosphere is spot on and food is upscale, classic pub fare. When we saw "Black 47" perform there, Denise enjoyed her brownie w/ Guinness ice cream; unfortunately, Holly didn't much care for the Brown Bread Ice Cream - they were out of bread pudding!"


Icon Grill - Restaurants - 1933 5th Ave, Seattle, WA, United States

Icon Grill

1933 5th Ave
Seattle, WA, United States
(206) 441-6330

"One of our favorite downtown restaurants. Mac & Cheese, Fish Tacos, and Ice Cream Sundae are out of this world delicious! Quirky interiors, very popular place. It is worth making a reservation, or stopping by for an early lunch. Hours of Operation: Lunch everyday: 11:30am - 2pm Dinner, Sun - Thurs: 5pm -10pm Dinner, Fri & Sat: 5pm - 11pm Lounge, M-F: 2pm - 5pm Lounge, Sat: 11pm - 12am Lounge, Sun: 10pm - 11pm"


Melting Pot Restaurant - Restaurants - 14 Mercer St, Seattle, WA, United States

Melting Pot

14 Mercer St
Seattle, WA, United States
(206) 378-1208

"Fondue restaurant. Pricey, but romantic. Good vegetarian fare."


Old Spaghetti Factory The - Restaurants - 2801 Elliott Ave, Seattle, WA, United States

Old Spaghetti Factory

2801 Elliott Ave
Seattle, WA, United States
(206) 441-7724

"Fun family restaurant. Very popular; expect a wait. Parking lot adjacent. Located on the waterfront."


Pagliacci Pizza - Restaurants - 550 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA, United States

Pagliacci Pizza

550 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle, WA, United States
(206) 726-1717

"Great pizza and salads; sold by the slice or the whole pie. Inexpensive and quick."


Pagliacci Pizza - Restaurants - Seattle, WA, USA

Pagliacci Pizza

Seattle, WA, USA

"Great pizza and salads; sold by the slice or the whole pie. Inexpensive and quick. This location is in the heart of the Gay/Lesbian neighboorhood."


Armandino's Salumi - Restaurants - 309 3rd Ave S, Seattle, WA, United States

Salumi Artisan Cured Meats

309 3rd Ave S
Seattle, WA, USA
(206) 223-0817

"Food Network star, Mario Batali, grew up in the Seattle area. When his father retired from Boeing, he opted to learn the fine craft of sausage making and open up a cured meats shop in Seattle. Salumi is the result of that passion. The hours are limited, but if you have the chance to stop by for lunch, it is well worth the effort - especially if you're a fan of cured meats. Do not blink when looking for this shop - it is on the corner of 3rd Ave S & 2nd Ave E between S Main & S Jackson - a block north of the train station; the simple, pig sign hangs out front above the door. Street parking."


Museum of Flight

9404 E Marginal Way S
Tukwila, WA, United States
(206) 764-5720


Pike Place Market and the Waterfront - Attractions - 1501 Pike Pl # 510, Seattle, WA, United States

Pike Place Market

1501 Pike Pl # 510
Seattle, WA, United States
(206) 381-9970

"Steeped in Seattle history (the market turned 100 in 2007), Pike Place Market is a bustling gem overlooking the Seattle waterfront. You will find everything in the market from antiques to fresh fruit and seafood, flowers, local artisans and their wares, restaurants, bakeries, gift stores, specialty shops, and more. Plan to spend most of a day wandering through the alleys, "malls" and streets of the Market. Our favorite places (visit the Pike Place link for more information on these shops): DeLaurenti Italian Market Daily Dozen Donuts (get a whole bag of small, hot, cake donuts for yourself) Market Spice Tenzing Momo Crumpet Shop Pike Place Market Cremery Sur La Table Watson Kennedy Cafe Campagne Beecher's Handmade Cheese Dilettante Chocolate The Pink Door Antiques at Pike Place Isadora's Antique Clothing Perennial Tea Room Rose's Chocolate Treasures The Tasting Room/Wines of Washington"


Seattle Center

305 Harrison St
Seattle, WA, United States
(206) 684-7200


Underground Tour - Attractions - 608 1st Ave # 200, Seattle, WA, United States

Underground Tour

610 1st Ave # 200
Seattle, WA, USA
(206) 682-4646

"Our favorite tour in town takes you to the underbelly of Seattle History. Someday, we'll take the tour in vintage costume!"


Woodland Park Zoo

750 N 50th St
Seattle, WA 98103-6062, US

Other Points of Interest:


600 SW 43rd St
Renton, WA, United States
(425) 656-2980

"Store Hours Mon-Fri 10am-10pm Saturday 9am-10pm Sunday 9am-9pm Restaurant Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-9pm Saturday 8:30am-9pm Sunday 8:30am-8pm"