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April, 2010 in Fort Collins

Ceremony: Eagle Canyon Ranch
Reception: The Drake Centre





Choice Music (Denver)

1666 E 7th St
Loveland, CO, United States

"Marc McDonald was AMAZING!! There were some things that didn't go as planned and he took over my wedding from the Fort Collins one. Marc made sure I had the best wedding ever! He was always easy to get in touch with and he would call me and make sure everything was going as planned. He MADE my wedding!!"

Decorations Vendor:

Flexx Productions

1833 East Harmony Road #19
Fort Collins, CO, United States

"AMAZING from the beginning. They did everything and made it all so easy!! If I ever need to rent anything again I will go through them. They have EVERYTHING you could imagine. I rented chairs, lights, and linens through them."


Brian Pettit Photography

Fort Collins, CO, USA

"You won't find him at a bridal show. He did an amazing job! I was so impressed with the photos he got. He didn't put a limit on the amount of pictures he took or the time he spent. He spent all day with us. Very easy to work with, he was able to get GREAT photos of kids who won't take photos. He did EXACTLY what I wanted and he wasn't expensive. He's very affordable and being a photographer myself I'm very picky so it says a lot that I like his work!!!"


Eagle Canyon Ranch - Ceremony - 11759 Buckhorn Rd, Loveland, CO, 80538, US

Eagle Canyon Ranch

11759 Buckhorn Rd
Loveland, CO 80538, US

"We were the first wedding at this location with the new owners. The place is unbelievably beautiful. Parking is a little weird but there is plenty. The place is GREAT!! The coordinator is a bit strange. I had the most beautiful wedding here. Photographs turned out amazing as well."


The Drake Centre

802 W Drake Rd
Fort Collins, CO 80526

"There were some misunderstandings, but all in all it was still amazing. The food was fantastic, the coordinators made sure it all went smoothly. It was beautiful. Plenty of parking, lots of room inside. Very personal only 1 wedding at a time."


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