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June, 2008 in St. Paul

"Our wedding was wonderful--we could not have been more happy with the band, venue, caterer, officiant, and jeweler. The photographer did not deliver as advertized, and the equipment & tux rental was problematic (read comments for details).

Many many many MANY guests commented to our parents that the ceremony and reception were the *best they had been to*. (And just FYI, we went very cheap with everything except the band and photographer, and then those were both ~$2000. So don't feel like you have to have chair covers or super-fancy served dinners or wedding favors or any other "must have" stuff that you hear about. They won't be missed if the big stuff is enjoyable!)."


Ceremony: Ceremony @ Harriet Island Wigington Pavilion





Red Rock Swing Band

So. St. Paul, MN 55075, US

"The band was AWESOME! Professional but easy-going and very flexible. They played great songs that everyone enjoyed dancing and/or listening to. It was a pleasure working with them."



5327 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN, United States

"Food was awesome for our "day after" picnic. Delivery boy (emphasis on boy) "couldn't find us" to deliver to, even though 15 of us were standing right there waiting. So it took about 30 min. longer than needed to get the food."


Kane's Catering

1560 Payne Avenue
Saint Paul, MN, United States

"The food was great--many compliments--and CHEAP! No problems whatsoever with the food or the service. The staff were efficient, professional and friendly. Janet Kane was very helpful and competent."


James Hunt Designs

227 Chestnut St E # 5
Stillwater, MN, United States

"Jim was very accommodating and friendly, and he does wonderful work. His pieces are truly beautiful art. He will work with you to design new rings, and also has a large selection of extant rings ranging from fancy to simple (we went the simple route). Definitely stop in and see him in Stillwater, MN."


Tom Armstrong - Retired Judge - Officiant - Twin Cities, Minnesota

Judge Tom Armstrong

Twin Cities, Minnesota

"He was wonderful to work with--even long-distance over email. We were able to write our own ceremony and have things just as we wanted. It was great to write our own ceremony (using bits and pieces of others from his site and from our friends' weddings). He was friendly, very professional, and humorous. We were very glad to have chosen Tom to officiate."


1 Fine Day Photography

St. Paul, MN, USA

"We definitely DO NOT recommend this photographer. 1 Fine Day advertises documentary photography, but our photographer (Jen T.) failed to deliver. We contracted her for 4 hours, and for 47 minutes we received NO pictures. When contacted about this problem, they provided a refund of ~6% of what we paid, when we got ZERO coverage for 20% of the time we contracted Jen for. The worst thing was that gap in coverage was during the reception, when we had assumed we would get pictures of our family and friends. Instead we got about 12 pictures showing anyone other than us, our parents, and our sisters. When contacted they tried to explain that it was just impossible to take pictures while some people were eating. Of course, 150 people were not ALL eating at the same time, constantly, for nearly an hour. Additionally, she failed to take pics of the guests while the dancing was going on--they were at the tables, NOT eating, but no pics. The pictures she did take of us dancing are all blurry. She knew there would be dancing (dancing was how we met), and yet ALL the dancing pictures are blurry."

Rentals Vendor:

Midway Party Rental

Minneapolis, MN, USA

"From the start it was difficult to get a response from anyone in the company. This pattern only continued when we had more questions crop up as the wedding day approached. With the exception of 1 person, none of the 6 people we dealt with was professional or very helpful. To get any answers we had to repeatedly call and/or email. One of the wireless mics we rented did not work. (Getting reimbursement for that was a pain, too, of course). In hindsight, we would NOT have gone with them again. First impressions are important!"

Tuxedo Vendor:

MW Tux

St. Paul, MN, USA

"We rented our tux and paid in full 5 months prior to our wedding. When we went to pick it up the day before the wedding, it was the WRONG TUX. The manager was incompetent at addressing an error that was the company's--instead, she kept trying to say it was somehow our error. We had to tell her to confirm our original choices by looking at our receipt (we had showed her), and we had to push for everything. Eventually, after saying that there were none of our chosen style around, she managed to find one of similar size that "might" arrive by the next day. It did end up arriving, so the morning of the wedding we made a special trip to pick it up. After the wedding, when we contacted the company to get compensation, we were told (paraphrased) "we got it right eventually, so we're off the hook. Oh yeah, and we're sorry for any additional stress we caused." When I outlined the deplorable customer service that we received from the store manager, we received a $15 customer service dissatisfaction credit."


Ceremony @ Harriet Island Wigington Pavilion

"We would not have gone with any other location. The cost is comparable to other St. Paul/Minneapolis locations of similar size--if not cheaper. It was one of the cheapest places that we found. It was beautiful without any decorations, and people really enjoyed the chance to be out in the fresh air by the river while chatting and listening to music. Plus, when the severe weather sirens went off, the Pavilion provided good protection. :) Having the ceremony outside was a lot of fun, too. Oh, and we had a "day after" picnic at Harriet Island, which went great and was another awesome day."