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Tor San Lorenzo, Ardea, Roma < change city >



August, 2008 in Tor San Lorenzo

"Many people have said our wedding was the best wedding they'd ever been at. Many people would say that allright, but many months afterwards, and when they start off the conversation about how amazing it was themselves, must mean something. So I believe them wholeheartedly, because, yes, it was the best wedding ever, and I am sure hard to match. Because everything we did was classy yet simple, we didn't overdo it or spent a fortune, yet all had an unforgettable time. We miss it, but my husband wouldn't marry me again !! :)"

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Ceremony: Basilica Santa Teresa del Bambin Gesu'
Reception: Agriturismo Corte in Fiore


The Shire  - The  Irish Traditional Music in Rome - Band - Piazza melozzo da forlì 4, rome, 00196, italy

The Shire - Celtic Traditional Music

Piazza melozzo da forlì 4
rome, 00196, italy

"Ours was an Irish/Italian wedding so we wanted to get some Irish music for the Italians to enjoy. We could not find an actual Irish band in Rome so we decided we had to make do with a band of Italians playing Irish music. Well....they were even better than Irish bands! Everyone loved them. The Italians thought we had brought them from Dublin, while the Irish thought they were brilliant and as excellent as Irish bands from the deepest recesses of West Ireland. Their passion for Irish music and culture perspired through their way of playing their music. Their repertoire was huge: they played everything they were asked to play by the Irish. They knew every popular song and ballad from Ireland. Their music got everyone dancing, from the 70 year old aunties to the 1 year old cousins. Irish and Italians just danced and laughed toghether to their music even though they spoke not a word of each others' language. The Shire gave us an amazing wedding present: a fantastic night to remember and cherish which is still on everyone's lips. Thank you"


Basilica Santa Teresa del Bambin Gesu' - Ceremony -

Basilica Santa Teresa del Bambin Gesu'

"Beautiful church, so grand, yet so intimate. The interior looks like a romanic/medieval church even tough it was built in the 1920s. Which is exaclt what we were looking for. But all romanic churches in the area are too far inland. This was the perfect location. By my beloved sea (amazing views from the church terrace)."


Agriturismo Corte in Fiore

"staff, food, location, everything is unbelievably outstanding about this place. You walk in and you feel at peace. It looks elegant, yet ranchy. The FOOD...Oh my god !!! fresh and organic (planted on the land itself). Will defo go back for relaxing weekends with my hubby at Corte in Fiore when we go home to Italy now!"