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July, 2009 in Detroit

"La Vie En Rose"


Ceremony: Gem & Century Theatres




Cakes/Candies Vendor:

Sweet Dreams

3848 E 13 Mile Rd
Warren, MI, United States

"We went to the Sweet Dreams in Warren. The first time we went we expected to try cake samples, but it seemed like no one wanted to wait on us. It was strange, the store was almost empty but when we told the person behind the woman behind the counter we were wedding cake hunting she just gave us a catalog. It all felt very dismissive, so we left. The next time we came back (yes, we came back only because there was a style of cake they provided that I was considering) we came with my mother. I'm sure without her we look like a couple of broke young adults. They became attentive, and we got to actually try the cakes. Purchasing the cake was practically a customer service what not to do- video. Basically, don't expect good customer service. But, in the end it didn't matter because the cake was perfect. Delivered on time, in great condition. It was the perfect cake for the day. We also got a very good discount. So, in the end I'd recommend them again. Just don't expect service with a smile."


CLK Elite Petals of Distinction

Detroit, MI, USA

"Michelle is fantastic, and she can turn a small budget into an elegant evening. She spends time getting to know the bride and groom, and than works tirelessly as an advocate you. She took care of everything. Because of her, we had no worries on our special day. It wouldn't have come together so well without her. CLK Elite is a one stop shop. She takes care of flowers, centerpieces, ceremony decor, linens, chargers..etc.. Even favors if you need it. If you call her early, you'll save yourself a lot of time and money. She made my wedding beautiful."


MaryAnn Productions

Rochester Hills, MI, USA

"It's funny because my photographers and dj knew each other before I worked with them. They love working together, and now I know why. They are both so brilliant. MaryAnn was perfect. That's all that needs to be said on that one."

Honeymoon Vendor:

Brookside Travel

1045 Novi Rd
Northville, MI, United States

"We used Brookside to go to Sandals in Jamaica. They were very nice and quick to respond to our emails. However, if you go through a travel agent you can not converse directly with Sandals. We tried to call to reserve and schedule things ahead of time- and they wouldn't do it. Furthermore, Brookside was unable to reserve anything for us before we got there. Because of that, the restaurants that require reservations were full by the time we arrived. We had general difficulties getting to events. We had to take care of everything on spot. We spent much more money than we anticipated because of it. We also faxed them a copy of our wedding invite to get a honeymoon gift sent to our room. It never came. I doubt they ever got it, though Brookside informed us they had received it weeks prior to our Honeymoon. Sandals itself was wonderful; but I doubt I'll go through a travel agent again."

Invitations Vendor:


14501 Eureka Rd
Southgate, MI, United States

"Cheap, and nice invitations. It's sort of difficult, because you have to wait for responses before you can get started on assembling these invites. However, don't wait until then to get your Word download from the website provided on the packaging. If you do not have Word, don't get these invites. Otherwise, they look great and the bow WILL stay on through the mail if you use the provided two sided tap sticker on it. We used the BRIDES- Chocolate Pocket invite kit."



195 W 9 Mile Rd
Ferndale, MI, United States

"This team is worth every dime. Our pictures are breathtaking- and not at all like any I've ever seen before. Mod4 doesn't do tacky, or cheesy pictures. They are artists. Very good artists. They got to know us, and made sure our personalities were reflected in our pictures. I recommend them to anyone with taste."

Wedding Day Beauty Vendor:

Britta Hill, Colors in Motion

Detroit, MI, USA

"The bridal airbrush package with eyelashes looks stunning. Britta is fantastic. When I had my makeup done, she was running behind and forgot the strip lashes- so she gave me individuals. I never wanted to take them off. If you can, spring for individual lashes. The look absolutely amazing."

Wedding Fashion Vendor:

David's Bridal - Wedding Fashion Vendor -

David's Bridal

"I purchased the T9017 in ivory. I loved the dress, but for women with a large bust you may want to invest in Hollywood tape. Otherwise, the top of the dress may keep slipping down during the reception. (as was the case for me) The David's Bridal in Madison Heights was great. Don't expect a lot of one on one time. They are a busy store, so usually the person helping you will be helping other brides at the same time. It will be quite public when you try on your gown. So, if you don't like it- or you do; everyone sees. We had a long line bra from them. When we got it home out of the plastic we found had mold on it (weird). They let us return it no problem. I also purchased my veil at David's in Madison Heights. Very pricey, but worth it. It really looked lovely with the gown. I would suggest going to David's for the Bride on a budget. But beware,they also have some gorgeous gowns that are sure to break the bank."


The Gem Theatre - Ceremony - 333 Madison Ave, Detroit , MI, 48226, USA

Gem & Century Theatres

333 Madison St
Detroit, MI, United States

"The Gem is fabulous. Great food, beautiful setting, and great location. The staff is wonderful! They provide a service that is above and beyond what I expected."