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Puerto Vallarta, JAL, Mexico < change city >



May, 2009 in Puerto Vallarta

"Mexico was a dream wedding. Even with the whole swine flu causing chaos at the last moment. We had an amazing time. The people that showed up were the ones that really mattered. We went for 2 weeks and had the wedding the weeeknd in between. It allowed us to spend quality time with all of our guests and everyone just chilled out and enjoyed eachothers company. We would do it all over again and wish we could. But the wedding was so successful we now need a babymoon:)"


Reception: Le Kliff Restaurant




Le Kliff Restaurant

"Spectacular views and just really easy. I thought the price was right and our guests had a great time on the dance floor. I'd special requested no sit down dinner just heavy apps throughout. It kept people mingleing and enjoying the view. They took care of everything from my flowers to my ipod and we kept it on the cheap, but it did not show."


Casa Isabel

425 Calle Pulpito
Puerto Vallarta, JAL, Mexico

"This place is simply amazing. It can be a bit of a hike but when cabs are $3-4 it is not a problem. The staff here is incredible and go out of the way to make sure your stay is unsurpassed. I'd go every year!"