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October, 2011 in Clarksburg

"Our wedding was definitely a memorable day, though maybe not in the way most couples remember their big day! We had amazing friends and family standing behind us to help us have a beautiful wedding. October in this area is usually beautiful, but it poured rain during a cold snap on our wedding day, so I was really glad we had chosen to have an indoor wedding! Clarksburg is not a very convenient wedding location, but the area is beautiful. Using Wedding Mapper was a great way to keep everyone from getting lost, and it was really easy to put the map on our wedding website."


Ceremony: Milton Ridge




Wedding Day Beauty Vendor:

Alchemy Salon

10739 Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD, United States

"Jessica at Alchemy did the most amazing job of crafting my hair into a masterpiece for my wedding. I had lost a lot of hair due to wedding stress, so the actual style I wanted needed to be tweaked a little to cover my "stress marks" as she called them! I wasn't too picky about what it looked like, but she made me look like I had a TON of hair piled on my head. She took pictures of the trial run to make sure she remembered what to do on the actual day, which was really comforting. The price was SO reasonable for a bridal up-do, and the whole salon got into the spirit of the wedding theme! It was really fun and they made me feel pretty special :) She was also very instructive on details about how to place the veil, what to do if hair pieces slipped from the pins, etc. Sweet, responsible, professional, and an absolute master of the craft!"


Milton Ridge

26130 Frederick Rd
Clarksburg, MD, United States

"Milton Ridge was a beautiful venue with all the promises to make your wedding day exceptional. Their motto, "You day I do, we'll do the rest," sounded wonderful to me. However, it was a huge disappointment. I gave them two stars because their photographer, Amy Sievers, was an absolute joy to work with and was very responsive and reassuring throughout the whole process. The second star is for their catering, which was hands down the best wedding food I've ever tasted! They provided excellent service during the reception and were friendly and helpful to us, even helping us to pack up and load the decorations at the end of the night. I would give both the photographer and the catering 5 stars, but Tracy, the wedding coordinator and owner of Milton Ridge was so disorganized, she created an enormous amount of stress for us. She made promises she couldn't keep because she did not look at the schedule before allowing us to book the bridal cottage for the morning to get ready, but did not let us know this until just weeks before the wedding. She didn't focus on our wedding until the week before it was happening, so in the busiest time for us, she was requesting information that could have been collected months prior, like seating charts. She admitted she didn't know how much we had already paid, which required us to go through our bank accounts to verify each transaction two days before the wedding. There was a situation with the DJ where I received a call three days before the wedding from a DJ that was not in the contract saying he had no information about us and he was incredibly inappropriate, offering to auction off my hot bridesmaids to make us some money. I had to call Milton Ridge and ask what was going on, and they didn't know why the DJ who was in the contract wouldn't be able to be there for our wedding. We ended up with a fabulous DJ overall, but no bride needs the stress of an unknown DJ promising to keep it wild three days before the wedding. The reverend, Roger Fair, was absolutely hostile to the bride and members of the wedding party, to the point where my father and I chose to fire him 10 minutes before the ceremony because he was yelling at me and threatening to leave, he locked my sister out of the chapel in 40 degree pouring rain and told her through the door he was holding open that it was locked and she had to walk in the rain with my 6 year old flower girl, to the front door (their hair had just been done and they were dressed in their pretty outfits). During that time Tracy was nowhere to be found, and was eventually found in the attic playing on Facebook. Somehow we managed to still have a beautiful and fun wedding, but completely of our own hard work, quick thinking and ingenuity. We were never offered compensation or even an apology for the horrible behavior of the reverend. In fact, we received a scolding email from Tracy chastising us for writing a negative review. If they got someone who could actually function as a wedding coordinator, this would be a great venue, but as it stands, buyer beware."


Comfort Inn at Shady Grove

16216 South Frederick Road
Gaithersburg, MD, United States

"Our guests were so pleased with the accommodations at the Comfort Inn at Shady Grove. The price couldn't be beat, there was a free shuttle service to the Metro, and they loved the free hot breakfast. They did not have one single complaint, which is quite uncommon! In fact, my father traveled up the Eastern seaboard for a few weeks after the wedding and chose to stay at the hotel again upon his return before his flight back home. The hotel staff even offered to hold some of their luggage for the time they were traveling so they could travel a little lighter!"


Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que

917 Quince Orchard Road
Gaithersburg, MD, United States


Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que

917 Quince Orchard Rd
Gaithersburg, MD, United States