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September, 2008 in Columbus

"Our wedding was great! We made a wonderful memory on a beautiful September afternoon. A great time was had by all!"


Reception: LaScala Italian Bistro





Searchlight Memories - Coordinator - Mesa, AZ, 85212, United States

Searchlight Memories

Mesa, AZ 85212, United States

"Caroline Ward did an excellent job as our wedding planner. She took care of all of our needs, helped us to make choices to stay within our budget, and was there for us every step of the way. Caroline was very knowlegable, thorough and pleasant to work with. She anticipated our needs, kept us on track, and was a step ahead of what needed to be done. Caroline is an A-Z wedding planner. She knew exactly what needed to be done and when and made sure it happened. She worked well with all of the venues and all of us. I would highly reccommend Caroline for all of your wedding planning needs. She also took care of our honeymoon for us which was another stressful event taken off of our hands. Caroline did an excellent job for us."


"Jefferson Country Club was a beautiful location for an outdoor wedding. They did everything they promised and did it well and on time."


LaScala Italian Bistro

4199 W Dublin Granville Rd
Dublin, OH 43017

"LaScala did a very good job overall. Cathy in banquets was wonderful to work with. The food was great. The room was great. Where they fell down was in follow-through. The night of the event they appeared to be short-handed on the service staff, effective management was in short supply, and much of the time was spent hunting someone down. If you have a minimum on your bar, ask mid-way through the evening if you have reached it so at least you have an opportunity to buy a round before the night is over and you have to make up for a lacking bar-bill. LaScala is VERY reasonable in their pricing, so it is a trade-off. I would hold another event there, I would just make sure to address these issues. They are very accommodating, very personable, very reasonable, and the food was great."