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August, 2011 in Fountains Of Loveland, Colorado

"Our wedding was a fairytale! It was absolutely amazing! We had perfect weather and everything went perfect. There was not a glitch in the day at all! I couldn't of asked for a better day to spend with friends and family! A huge thank you to all my vendors and my amazing wedding coordinator!"


Ceremony: Fountains of Loveleand
Reception: Fountains of Loveland




Cakes/Candies Vendor:

Intricate Icings Cake Designs

149 S Briggs St Suite 100
Erie, CO, United States

"I worked with Rachel in developing my cake dream. I was absolutely blown away by the true cake artist that she is. Rachel was a truly sweet person eager to work to create a cake that matched my theme and vision. I am such a visual person and she was able to draw my cake right there in front of me before it was designed which was so nice. The cake was beyond beautiful! The flower detailing was amazing and the colors matched perfectly. As far as the taste goes they were amazing! The cake was so moist and the fondant turned out light and yummy! I will say that this place is expensive. I spent way more than I ideally wanted to spend on a cake but after seeing it I felt much better about the money I spent. I felt that Rachel worked hard to give me everything I paid for. She is a great personable person that is easy to connect and work with. I would definitely recommend this place."

Ceremony Musician:

Barbara Lepke-Sims

Colorado, United States

"I actually never met Barbara in person before the wedding and just communicated through emails and phone. It did make me a little nervous but wow did she blow me away. Her harp skills are unreal - she was amazing. I had some singers in my wedding and had picked out two songs that I wanted sung but were normally done through a piano. I emailed them to her and she played them perfectly and in tempo with the singers. I was so blown away by her skills - I would definitely recommend her if someone is looking for a wonderful harpist."


Berndes Weddings By Design - Coordinator - Johnstown, Colorado, 80534, United States

Weddings By Design

Johnstown, Colorado 80534, United States

"I had an absolute amazing planner! Berit was with me from the beginning and was very faithful in staying by my side through the whole journey. I didn't have a secure vision of what I wanted and Berit was able to get my thoughts together and point me in the right direction. She was always willing to meet me and work around my schedule to go shopping for the wedding and was at every appointment. It made me feel secure. She is calm, cool and collected. She was a silent worker on the day of the wedding. She worked and worked and worked to make my vision come true. I couldn't of done it without her. Berit was very patient in working with me as I would change my mind frequently but I liked the aspect that she wasn't afraid to voice her opinion in order to keep my wedding classy and beautiful. Berit worked many hours researching and making plans for my wedding. She always kept me on track. I know that many people are skeptical in hiring a planner in saving money and to be honest I was that way myself but she was worth every single penny in the end. I couldn't of done it without her. She is amazing! Berit is very professional and definetely knows what to do and look for in planning a wedding. Having her expertise is what made my wedding perfect. I would definitely recommend her to anyone! No complaints at all whatsoever!"

Decorations Vendor:

Flexx Productions

1833 East Harmony Road #19
Fort Collins, CO, United States

"Flexx did a great job in creating my vision in decor. I did a big black backdrop behind the head table with diamond strings coming down and it turned out gorgeous. They did a great job in set-up and clean-up. I would check them out if your wanting decor to pop your wedding - I was very impressed."


Palmer Flowers

Fort Collins , CO 80526, United States

"I worked with Susan at Palmer Flowers and she was amazing to work with. She made my flower vision come together and guided me step by step since I wasn't too familiar with flowers in the first place. They turned out absolutely gorgeous - they took my breath away! Susan was there from step one to the end - she was actually there at set-up which was so convenient since she knew what I was wanting. She also worked with me on my budget as far as getting me what I wanted for what I wanted to spend. Great place, great service, and great product!"

Invitations Vendor:

Lilywillow Paper & Press - Invitations Vendor - 19057 County Road 76, Eaton, Colorado, 80615, USA

Lilywillow Paper & Press

19057 County Road 76
Eaton, Colorado 80615, USA

"I worked with Blake from Lilywillow and there invitations were absolutely gorgeous! they did my save-the dates and invitations. I was so impressed with the quality of work! The paper was very high quality and shiny looking. I absolutely loved them... but... they're are SOOOOO expensive. Super overpriced! So if your looking to save a penny in stationary steer clear! If your budget is unlimited then they did a great job. I did have some negative experiences with them in the fact that I felt I was not important in communication. I could never get a hold of them and they would always get back to me very last minute. they take a long time for production so order early. Blake dropped me and gave me over to someone else I had never met or worked with so I did not like that. I do not know if I would brag them up due to the lack of "customer service" and highly overpriced work but they do have very high quality work and work with you to create a vision of what you want."


Modern Image Studios

2777 Finley Road
Downers Grove, IL, United States

"This photographer company was sold to us through David's Bridal. I was very impressed with their work and with my two photographers. The company worked with me when I had problems arise. I am a huge personal connection person and I didn't like the aspect that we didn't get to pick our photographers and didn't get to meet them till a few weeks before the big day. that is a huge risk we took when it came to photographers but we lucked out and they did a marvelous job. I would recommend them but if your more into the personal connection I would look around."

Wedding Fashion Vendor:

Luminous Skinn - Wedding Fashion Vendor - 148 W. Oak St B, Fort Collins, Colorado, 80524, United States

Luminous Skinn

148 W. Oak St B
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524, United States

"Connie who owns the Luminous Skinn bare minerals shop in Fort Collins Old Town did my make-up the day of. She was so willing to travel and make me look beautiful. I had had some skin issues the week before due to stress and she was able to work her magic in making me feel secure and confident again. She was a wonderful make-up artist as well as a wonderful woman who makes an instant connection with anyone she meets."

Wedding Fashion Vendor:

Ahhh Mobile Salon

Loveland, Colorado, United States

"This was a salon that would find someone for you that would come to where the wedding is. I liked the aspect of this because I was getting married early in the morning and needed someone to come to me. I worked with Emily N. who worked in a salon in Fort Collins. I got to go to her for my trial and she was amazing! She was punctual on the day of and did a marvelous job. I will say they are a little pricey but you have to pay more for convenience. Great service. No complaints."

Ceremony Venue:

Fountains of Loveland - Ceremony Venue - 1480 Cascade Avenue, Loveland, CO, 80538, USA

Fountains of Loveleand

1480 Cascade Ave
Loveland, CO 80537, US

"Carly was the coordinator at Fountains and she did a marvelous job in answering questions and being by my side the whole day. She was a pleasure to work with. The ballroom was beautiful and I thank the staff greatly! The food turned out great and I was very well pleased ;) Thank you Fountains! I definetely would recommend this place."

Reception Venue:

Fountains of Loveland

1480 Cascade Ave
Loveland, CO 80537, US