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November, 2012 in Macomb, IL

"We had a fabulous wedding and a wonderful experience. Much of this was due to our vendors making it smooth and easy for us. I would highly recommend any or all of the folks we used. I am happy to speak to you further about this!"


Ceremony: Ceremony
Reception: Reception




Cakes/Candies Vendor:

Hyvee Bakery in Macomb

1600 East Jackson Street
Macomb, IL, United States

"I was hesitant to use Hyvee, a grocery store, for our cake. However, they have a bakery with a wedding cake specialist and she did a great job. Plus the cake tasted amazing. We got a great deal and it was very nicely done. There was one small mistake but they rectified this for me."


Keith Patterson

Keith Money Pl
Lenoir, North Carolina, US

"Keith does an awesome job to engage the crowd, play a variety of music, and keep the evening flowing. He is more than a DJ. He also runs the schedule, which takes pressure off you as a bride. It was wonderful. People still comment on him - highly recommend!"

Decorations Vendor:

Finishing Touches Decorating

"Located in Galesburg, IL. This is a mother-daughter team. They do a great job with decorating, providing rental items, etc. They have good experience and made it easy to take some pressure off me to have someone decorate the venue."


Hyvee Florists in Macomb

Lawrence, KS, United States

"We also used Hyvee's floral department for our wedding flowers. While not very big, they have experts who have been doing this for years. The flowers were my biggest concern and they were amazing to work with. Everything came out much better than I could have ever imagined!"


Shooting Stars Photography

509 East Jackson Street
Macomb, IL, United States

"We met with several photographers but David was the easiest and most welcoming. He offered everything we wanted. Our only hang up were digital pictures to the bride/groom, which he does not currently do and many photographers do. However, we negotiated that a bit. He has taken photos of friends and their children and we were impressed with his work. We are waiting for our prints now, but his prices are reasonable. He is easy to work with, answers questions, and did great the day of the wedding. I think he got some great stuff and also comes to the reception for quite some time."

Tuxedo Vendor:

Ducky's Formal Wear - Galesburg

1534 River Drive
Moline, IL, United States

"We worked with Diane. Easy to work with. Many options. Easy process for guys to rent and return tuxes. Very smooth!"


Tom's Videography - Tom Harland

Macomb, IL, USA

"We are waiting for our final product, but Tom has a great deal of experience. We have seen his other work and have been pleased. My groom's sister had her wedding done by him so we are confident in the end results. He let us add our own music choices to our final video, which was important to me. He was around everywhere and did some cool/interesting things that we can't wait to see how they turn out. Easy to work with!"

Wedding Day Beauty Vendor:

Grand Escape Salon and Day Spa

420 East Jackson Street
Macomb, IL, United States

"They were awesome! They had the morning blocked for us and we used several stylists. I had a practice run through on my hair and make up that was smooth, which made the day of the wedding easier. They let us hang out there, relax, and let us set up some food for lunch. They were easy to work with and it is a cute place! Highly recommend. I used Nicole, for hair and makeup (she did make up for all). Kara and Lacie were others who did hair."



E Carroll St
Macomb, IL 61455

"Excellent Church. Excellent Pastor. First Presbyterian Church in Macomb. Pastor: Kathy Stoner-Lasala. We enjoyed working with her through our pre-martial counseling and for the ceremony. We got to personalize everything and it turned out great!"



1 University Cir
Macomb, IL 61455

"Western Illinois University Grand Ballroom. Great venue, large enough for a big wedding, but can be made smaller for a more intimate setting. Great space. Lighting is the only issue there. Helpful and supportive staff. Easy planning, affordable. On site catering through the school - also easy to work with and plan for the meal. Reasonable pricing. Bar prices are high but that is to be expected. Cannot bring your own alcohol."


Best Western Inn Plus

E Jackson St
Macomb, IL 61455

"We ended up only having a very small amount of guests stay here so can not speak to it much. They were friendly and easy to work with, recently remodeled so rooms seemed nice."


Hampton Inn Hotel

E Jackson St
Macomb, IL 61455

"This was very highly used by our family and wedding guests. Folks loved it, and newly done so nice rooms. We had a suite there which is very spacious so I could spread out. You could easily get ready there with some girls if needed. Breakfast bar each morning drew a crowd! We would recommend this. Comped room for a night for having a certain number of guests staying."