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December, 2008 in Waco

"Our wedding was ruined by a horrible videographer. We have lost moments that we can never get back."


Ceremony: Our Home





Studio Pros/Brad King

7005 Woodway Dr # 207
Waco, TX, United States

"The following is my opinion: Absolutely Fabulous! This photographer is AMAZING! I absolutely LOVED the photos. I recommend this photographer to anyone that wants the best photos that money can buy. He was very professional, accurate, on time, and followed instructions well. This man made up for the horrible videographer we had. If it wasn't for him, we really wouldn't have any good footage. Thank you Brad King!"


Magination Video

Waco, TX, USA

"The following is my personal opinion: This man/business RUINED the most important day of my life!!!!!! My wedding day became a somewhat sad day because of this awful business. My opinion: DO NOT HIRE THESE PEOPLE IF YOUR EVENT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU!!!! They do not care about you or your day, they do not care about what you have agreed with them previously. They just want their money and want you to get out of their face! Please choose someone else to do videography for you if you do not want the same thing to happen to you! More than half of my wedding day was not even taped, the videographer sat on the couch with the camera in his lap for several hours and stared into space, while the most important moments of my life were happening. Those moments are gone and were not recorded, and I can never have them back again. Had I hired someone else, this wouldn't have happened. To add insult to injury, the photo montage they did had cropped out pieces that looked like a 4 year old tried to cut a picture out of a photo album. but that's not even the worst part. Brad Vaughn, the man who made this so-called montage put the wrong people in the montage. He put people that were not even at the wedding! Cropped out the wrong people after they were clearly pointed out to him and marked. In fact, the picture of the groom as a child had his name printed (in large font) on his actual shirt, yet he cared so little he still featured the wrong boy!! He went back and forth between 3 different boys who looked nothing alike, and portrayed them as the groom. That is how much he cares about people's weddings. Unbelievable! Needless to say this was very embarrasing. And this was shown at our wedding. Please please please, don't let this happen to you. There is nothing I can do about what happened to me except not let it happen to someone else. I cried for about 6 months over this. Then when I confronted them about the lack of footage, I got yelled at and verbally humiliated. These people are rude, aggressive and evil! Before they received my money they were the sweetest, nicest, and seemed to be so understanding. DON'T FALL FOR THAT! They completely ignored all direction that was given to them before the wedding and did whatever they felt like. They said they needed this for their reel and experience, and just got what they wanted for THEIR video. Not what I wanted for mine. Even though I was the one paying, and it was my wedding. I LOST MOMENTS THAT WERE SO PRECIOUS TO ME AND ARE NOT RECREATEABLE!!! THE DAMAGE THEY CAUSED US IS IRREVERSABLE!!! I CAN NEVER HAVE THOSE MOMENTS BACK!! EVER!! They are gone because of this business!"


Magination Video

Waco, TX, USA

Ceremony Venue:

Our Home

Back Yard
Bar Harbor, ME 04609, US