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March, 2011 in Orlando

"The wedding day itself was ok, minus a few bumps. It was after the wedding, and it still continues 11 WEEKS ON that Angela has made this whole thing a nightmare, she was very rude to my father, told me to stop hassling her and told me she would stop reading my emails - not that she ever replied to them when she did read them. My biggest mistake was hiring Angela."


Ceremony: Langford Park
Reception: The Hue




Cakes/Candies Vendor:


282 Shopping Ave
Sarasota, FL, United States

"I ordered my cake from Publix, it was perfect they customized it for me, made the filling whatever i wanted and all for a great price."


Uniquely Yours

Winter Haven, FL, USA

"Zero Communication, from start to finish. When i first met Angela i had read the reviews that she was not very good at communicating, i still decided to move forward. WRONG MISTAKE!!!! Numerous things have gone wrong with Angela and she has made the whole ordeal a complete nightmare that is still going on nearly 11 weeks after my wedding. Firstly, i wanted to have a rehearsal, which i didn't think would be uncommon but she didn't think it was necessary, we were willing to pay extra but finally i gave up asking when every time she replied she had a reason not to have one, my mum didn't even know where to sit. Thankfully, nothing went wrong at the ceremony!! Once we got to the restaurant for our reception they looked at us as if we weren't supposed to be there, then we were meant to have an open bar, they had no idea what we were talking about so finally I was able to get a hold of Angela even though she had said she was going to be 'sitting in the corner' incase any problems happened who cleared things up..... But how embarrassing in front of my friends and family! The real communication problem came after the wedding, first she said she was going to drop our marriage license with wedding pics on a disc to our mailbox, this never happened when I emailed her and eventually got a reply a few days later she said that she put them in my mailbox and "the mailman must have taken them" - I don't know what mailman would take something without an address and stamp? But she stuck to her story and after numerous emails / phone calls and voicemails she replied and mailed them... Then I was only waiting for the album and photographs (this is now 4 weeks after my wedding) her reason was because the supplier was out of stock, she did not promise me a specific album so why she didn't just order a different one, I don't know? The main frustration with it all is that I never got an update, I constantly emailed Angela and she didn't have the decency to reply, I had my mum call her, she said she would drop pictures off at their house..but never called her back, after constantly nagging her she finally came up with another excuse that she spelt my name wrong on the album so had to order a new one!! 11 weeks and I am still waiting for pictures that were "mailed" to me nearly two weeks ago, please take my advice if you want someone to communicate with you, do not pick Angela."

Ceremony Venue:

Langford Park

Langford Way
Orlando, FL 32822, US

"The venue was beautiful, the gazebo was perfect, very private and affordable!"

Reception Venue:

The Hue

629 E Central Blvd
Orlando, FL 32801, US

"Amazing food, great alcohol, they were great as the reception for our small wedding."