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May, 2008 in New Haven

"Our wedding was amazing!!! Getting married at the Carousel in New Haven was just perfect for us. You had the water, the great view and the fun Carousel that they run for you and your party during the reception. I wouldn't have changed a thing about our day - hope our information helps you in planning your wedding!"


Reception: The Reception at The Carousel


Thyme in a Bottle

34 Prospect St
Hartford, CT, United States

"Their food was great but at the end we had a mixup in linens - they asked me to get the linens ahead of time and to pull them off the tables at teh end of the night so THEY wouldn't have to stay late - i agreed but someone picked up the wrong linens. The caterer got charged an extra $100 and told our WP before the wedding - fine we were informed. She came up to me to discuss the money issue AT THE WEDDING and i told her to send me a bill. She contacted me after our HM once and said fine i would put it in the mail on Friday, the following Monday i got the nastiest email from her - saying i must need the money. Sorry, I'm not the one griping over $100. Don't go with them....."


Just For You Flowers

New Haven, CT, USA

"Jane is AMAZING! She works with you, she has an amazing vision and you give her a budget and she will make sure your day looks amazing! I wanted peonies and hydrangeas but they are pretty pricey so she gave me similar flowers for less cost and they looked just as amazing. Please call her - you WON"T be disappointed!"


The Reception at The Carousel

1 Lighthouse Rd
East Haven, CT 06512, US

"The Carousel was AMAZING! It was the perfect weather on the perfect day! The employees at the Carousel did the best job and helped us out at the end loading gifts and things into our truck. PHENOMENAL place to get married - Sabrina Bruno is a dream to work with! Only complaint I had was with our caterer and that is NOT thru the Carousel."


The Holiday Inn Express Hotel

309 E Main St
New Haven, CT 06405, US

"The hotel was nice but the staff was not the sharpest tools in the shed. First calling up to try to book rooms was a nightmare, then once we got there and my bridal party and i were in my room the night before the wedding, the front desk called up NASTILY and said to quiet down or they were calling the police! This was their first call. They over charged my guests where they were supposed to have a discount - it was a mess. Don't depend on the staff there to know what their doing...."


Pompeo's Restaurant

485 W Main St
New Haven, CT 06405, US

"This is the restaurant for the Rehearsal Dinner. If you are coming in on Thursday or are part of the wedding party, we will be having our rehearsal dinner here after the church on Thursday evening."