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December, 2010 in Rio de Janeiro

"Take the time to plan and work on what you are dreaming for your wedding to become true. Be organized, work on bargain the price when you think/feel is not being right..(is ok to bargain in Brazil). But do not bargain when is being fair!

I have done a lot of research and I enjoy the journey. Everyone that was involved with our wedding, I have strongly chosen to be part of it.

Them all must have what you are looking for(what you are dreaming of), the price you can afford, the professionalism you will need and last that very important something: a good feeling about it all.

I was very lucky to meet all that talented/special/amazing people who made my dream wedding day became true.

You can see most of the people I worked with on my weddingmapper. This is a great source of information for your research.

Rio de Janeiro gave us a special time.

ps: Try to not do much on your wedding day. Save the energy to enjoy your wedding and look fresh!

Good Luck! All the best!



Ceremony: Ceremony & Reception




Cakes/Candies Vendor:

Elvira Bona

Rio de Janeiro,, Brazil

"Beautiful Bem Casados. Delicious Bem Casados! The best. Traditional Brazilian Wedding Candie. A wedding in Brazil can not miss a Bem Casado!"

Cakes/Candies Vendor:

Denise do Rego

Rio de Janeiro,, Brazil

"The best of all the candies I have tried! Big variety! Art work! Amazing taste! My guests and we love it! We can't forget the taste! Yummy!"

Cakes/Candies Vendor:

Rosângela & Garcia

Rua Joaquim Távora, 2
Niterói, RJ, Brazil

"The most beautiful wedding cake and the most delicious cake you can ever imagine! They created the cake of my dreams. Exactly what I asked for. You can tell them I have indicated.. Carol B"

Decorations Vendor:

Daniel Cruz Decoração de Eventos

Rua Gildásio Amado, 55
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
+55 21 24924156

"HE IS AMAZING! So talented, so professional. He can arrange everything for you: lighting, tables/chairs/glasses/table towels rental etc He works with the best florist(A ROSEIRA) His decoration is a dream come true! He made our wedding decoration dream come true! AMAZING!!!"


A Roseira

Rio de Janeiro,, Brazil

"The best! You can tell them I have indicated.. Carol B"



Rio de Janeiro,, Brazil
+1 55 21 25495050

"Very experienced! You can tell them I have indicated.. Carol B"

Tuxedo Vendor:

So' a Rigor

Avenida Governador Roberto Silveira, 86
Niterói, RJ, Brazil

"They have everything you might need. Delivery and Pick up. Ironing and cleaning services. Good price. Great service! Nice people."


Ceremony & Reception - Ceremony - 2600 Avenida Atlantica, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BR

Ceremony & Reception

2600 Avenida Atlantica
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BR

"Great Place. Was perfect for us. Reasonable price. Be careful because we think we got over charged for the number of guests we had.. etc GREAT place/hotel/venue/location/buffet/waiters EXTREMELY POOR MANAGEMENT/The people who you will deal to organize your event there.."