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August, 2008 in Richmond

"Other than some issues with the Hilton, our Wedding was GORGEOUS. August is a great month to be married! I wish I could live the day over and over and over again!! My advice is to get a LOT of pictures taken, and pay for a videographer! You will never get these precious moments back.

Our photographers were fantastic. If you are getting married in the lower mainland and want excellent quality for good prices, contact Martin or Rosaline at Butterfly Photography - www.butterflyphotography.ca
T: 604-537-1778
E: info@butterflyphotography.ca

I don't know if you are allowed to "plug" buisnesses here, but Buttefly was so amazing I want everyone to know of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Ceremony: Minoru Chapel
Reception: The Hilton





Butterfly Photography

Surrey, BC V3W 1T9, Canada


The Chapel at Minoru Park - Ceremony - 6540 Gilbert Road, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Minoru Chapel

6540 Gilbert Rd
Richmond, BC V7C, CA

"We absolutely LOVED Minoru Chapel. It was perfect. The staff are amazing and put up with all of our particular requests. We had a harpist and she played beautifully any songs that we asked her to! The chapel itself is gorgeous, It is over 100 years old and you can feel the history while standing inside. The stained glass windows and tapesteries on the wall are so beautiful. The gardens outside of the chapel are also gorgeous, that is where we got our pictures taken. (butterflyphotography.ca - amazing photographers for amazing prices!) They turned out perfectly. My favourite shots are the ones with the chapel in the background. It is just so pretty! Our usher rang the bells for us as we were leaving the chapel and it was such a perfect moment!"


The Hilton

5911 Minoru Blvd
Richmond, BC V6X, CA

"I am only rating the Hilton 3 stars because we have had an issue with them. The reception was gorgeous, our decoraters did a wonderful job (Jack and Jill) and the dinner was very good. We had roast chicken and prime rib. The dance floor was OK, toward the end of the night it started seperating and I had taken off my beautiful shoes hours before as they were hurting my feet and I got my toe stuck in between the boards. If it weren't for the following issue, I would have had no hesitation in rating The Hilton at 5 stars. We decided on a Host Bar, wanting our guests not to worrying about paying for their good time. We figured we only get one wedding and we may as well do it in style. My sisters thought they would try and help us out a little and decorated a glass jar and called it "The Honeymoon Fund" and placed it at the bar, in the hopes that people would slip a few dollars in there for us. The bartender put out her own tip jar and moved our Honeymoon Fund to the side of the bar, where no one could see it. My sisters told everyone that there would be a glass jar at the bar for our Honeymoon so if they wanted to contribute they could. The bartender's tip jar was glass and people started putting money in there - $50's, $20's, $10's, and $5's along with change. Our guests thought this was our Honeymoon Fund when really it was her tip jar. When you book at the Hilton you automatically pay a 15% gratuity on food (whether or not your meal is served) and a 15% gratuity on the bar. Our bar bill ended up being over $3500, which made the tip over $525. During the reception the bartender was repeatedly asked to remove her tip jar as we felt that our guests should NOT feel compelled to tip when the drinks were suppose to be free, as well as the fact that the Hilton is suppose to be a fancier hotel, we felt it was very tacky for them to have a tip jar. Plus paying a $525 tip automatically, we felt that was quite enough for them and she didn't need to be greedy and get more. Plus, everyone put money meant for us in the tip jar by mistake. One of our guests estimated that there was at least $400 in the tip jar that the bartender placed front and center. We ended up with $25 and change in the Honeymoon Fund that the bartender kept pushing to the side. When we discussed this issue with the Hilton, our wedding coordinator was very sympathetic but unable to really do anything about it, so she handed us over to the next person in charge. Our wedding was on August 23 - it is now October 7th. We have not had any kind of closure to this issue. The manager we were speaking to does not seem to care about how unhappy we are. I really believe that the Hilton stole money from us, because there was no reason for them to have a tip jar there. Especially when we asked for it to be removed. They have since changed the rules and the bartender is NOT allowed to put out a tip jar - which goes to show that what she did was wrong. Yet still, no offer from the Hilton to make us happy. We are suppose to meet with another manager in the middle of the month and I hope this issue gets resolved. Otherwise, it's all I remember about our evening!!!!!!!!!!! I know this was a very long winded review, but we are quite upset about this. And if you are considering the Hilton for your reception you should know what kind of people you are dealing with. It's very disspointing to think that the manager didn't offer to remove the gratuity from the bill to make me a happy bride. Any time I spoke with him his story changed and I caught him in quite a few faleshoods. I review the Hilton a 2 / 5 for these reasons. I would NEVER have another function there and I would NEVER recommend them to any family or friends."