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June, 2010 in Park Rapids
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Bartenders & Beverages:

Itasca State Park - Douglas Lodge

Park Rapids, MN, United States

"Linda is a super sweet lady. The buffet options were limited. My MN guests loved it, but my out-of-state guests were less enthused. Linda put together the most amazing fruit platter for me, though! My guests would have enjoyed better wines."

Cakes/Candies Vendor:


110 1st St S
Sauk Rapids, MN, United States

"We had a cupcake tier. Planning from a distance, I sent pictures of what I wanted the cupcakes to look like. No such luck on wedding day. Coborns sprayed the cupcakes with food coloring and they were the ugliest cupcakes I've ever seen. I hear they tasted good, but the green ones dyed the guests mouths."

Cakes/Candies Vendor:

Raphael's Bakery

319 Minnesota Avenue Northwest
Bemidji, MN

"Last minute, I decided to have sugar cookies in the shape of MN and my husband's homestate at the dessert table. They accommodated my strange request, and the cookies were delicious! I should have foregone cupcakes and just gone with Raphael's for a buffet of baked goods."


Itasca State Park - Forest Inn

Lusby, MD null

"The people that I worked with were super kind and patient. The park and Forest Inn are absolutely lovely. There were a few drawbacks, though: - Not lit well for photos. - Awfully hot and stuffy during the dance, despite the A/C. - A bit crowded for 75 ppl. - The 10 PM curfew was limiting. Maybe best for small weddings without much pomp and circumstance."



11438 Buckskin LN NE
Bemidji, MN 56601, United States

"We really liked our DJ. Our guests still comment on how well the dance went over and how personable our DJ was. He definitely paid attention to the song requests I had. He made an excellent choice to get the kids on the dance floor early. They were buzzing from sweets."

Favors Vendor:


Park Rapids, MN, USA

"diy photobooth software. easy to set up. easy to operate."

Favors Vendor:

www.photoboothframes.com - Favors Vendor - 20836Hall Road, Suite 339, Clinton Township , MI, 48038, USA

photo booth frames

20836Hall Road
Suite 339
Clinton Township , MI 48038, USA

"Not big enough to fit the photobooth prints (2x6), although they said they were 2x6 frames. Otherwise shipped efficiently and well-packaged."


Park Rapids Floral & Nursery

809 Park Avenue S.
Park Rapids, MN 56470, United States

"Gorgeous flowers! I was 100% pleased."

Honeymoon Vendor:

Itasca State Park - Cabin #11

Park Rapids, Minnesota, United States

"Tidy, rustic, and romantic. Not particularly private."


L. Bjerk

Park Rapids, MN, USA

"She was a great non-demonimational officiant! Very professional and sweet."


Purrington Photography

6235 Mid-Valley Ln NW
Bemidji, MN 56601, USA

"Friendly, professional. Great with kids. I would definitely recommend them! They posted some of our wedding photos on Facebook right away, and I wasn't the first to see them. That was okay for me, but may not be okay for all. Ask them about their policy."

Rentals Vendor:

R&R Rental

19543 Enterprise Drive
Park Rapids, MN 56470, United States

"R&R knew my venue, and they had great prices. My only frustration was that we needed to return our rentals ourselves before taking off for our honeymoon. Post party pick-up wasn't an option."

Wedding Fashion Vendor:

Always Elegant - alterations

965 Concord Street
Framingham, MA 01701, USA

"I wasn't very happy with the service. My dress was cheap, to be sure, but I think they could have done a better job sewing a straight hem and preventing fraying. In the photos of my shoes, the hem looks awful. Small detail, but I did pay a lot of money for the alterations. The bustline alterations were great, though. I think you could find a better vendor for a comparable price in the area."

Wedding Fashion Vendor:

David's Bridal - Wedding Fashion Vendor -

David's Bridal