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Saint Joseph, MI, USA < change city >



May, 2011 in Saint Joseph

Ceremony: The Boulevard Inn & Bistro
Reception: The Boulevard Inn & Bistro




Cakes/Candies Vendor:

The Flour Shop

1727 W John Beers Rd
Stevensville, MI 49127

"I don't believe they have a website, but they do have a Facebook page. The cake was gorgeous as well as flavorful. We met with them and they were able to take our ideas and create exactly what we were looking for. We looked through their many pictures for ideas and chose feature of a few different cakes. They put it together beautifully. I wanted a lemon cake with a raspberry cream filling, which is something they didn't typically offer, but they quickly mixed it and let us taste it. It was great! The cake arrived on time and was perfect!"


Crystal Springs Florist

1475 Pipestone Road
Benton Harbor, MI, United States

"They did great! We sat down with them and the only thing I brought was a few photo's I had found online and saved to my phone. The bouquets came out beautifully and just as I had described with my meager visual aids. They arrived on time, and the only mistake I had noticed was that we were missing a mother's corsage and had an extra father's boutonniere. I pointed this out to the driver and he called ahead to the florist, picked it up and brought it right back with plenty of time to spare. After the ceremony my husband pointed out that I had asked for Orchids with pink throats and had received Orchids with yellow throats in my bouquet. Again, something WILL go wrong on your wedding day, it's how those around you handle it that will make all the difference in the world."


The Boulevard Inn & Bistro

"The rooms were nice, not exactly what I would consider upscale, but they are all suites. The view of the lake was great (if you were on that side of the building) and the view of the parking lot out back was avoidable in the corner two bedroom suite we chose. We met with the hotel in December and chose our menu etc for the reception we planned to hold in their Library. At that time, we also booked a block of rooms. At the time of the wedding some of our guests were told the hotel was sold out even though only one of our blocked rooms was rented. I'm not sure where the miscommunication came in, but we did have some guests who attempted to book last minute..."

Ceremony Venue:

The Boulevard Inn & Bistro

521 Lake Blvd
St Joseph, MI 49085, US

"We originally planned to hold the ceremony next door to the hotel in the Maud Preston Palenske Memorial Library Garden, but as is the case with Lake Michigan in Spring, it rained. We had reserved a canopy and chairs to protect ourselves and our guests from a heavy rain, but with only three hours to spare we proposed using our Reception space as a ceremony space as well. This was not an easy feat as our tables were already set up with our place cards, centerpieces etc and using the space for the ceremony as well would require moving all of this and some very quick thinking and organization on the part of the hotel. With only an hour to spare, we made the final decision and the staff leapt into action. They moved everything out, created a gorgeous ceremony setting and then broke it all down and replaced the reception setting. It was amazing and really set a stress free tone to the day, trust that something WILL go wrong on your wedding day, but the event staff here was able to seamlessly create a flow between the ceremony and reception and made it look easy."

Reception Venue:

The Boulevard Inn & Bistro

521 Lake Blvd
St Joseph, MI 49085, US

"We had some issues working out the kinks in the menu etc, especially as we were working via email. We live in NH and were trying to plan the wedding remotely. There were a few times that I was concerned it was not going to be correct, but in the end each meal was served as planned. The room offers a beautiful veranda which was part of the reason we chose it, but at the time of our wedding it was under construction to repair some apparent weather damage that rendered it useless. It also rendered it unsightly with heavy duty plastic blowing in the wind. They worked with us to tape it down so it wouldn't blow, and also added a curtain to the lower half of the doors so it was not visible to our seated guests. We also rented the lobby area of the hotel for use as a dance floor which they did a great job of separating from the rest of the guests. It offered a beautiful view and ambiance itself. The food was good, not what I would expect coming from a place named the Bistro, but we were not unhappy, nor were our guests. We still hear comments 2 months later about how awesome it was."