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May, 2010 in Sacramento

Ceremony: Villas At Arden Hills
Reception: Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa


Villas At Arden Hills

1220 Arden Hills Ln
Sacramento, CA, United States

"The Villas is the only beautiful part of Arden Hills. The rooms are beautiful, but the toilets need a little work. They would not stop running the whole night of our wedding! Though the Villas at Arden Hills provided beautiful photo ops, it is to your benefit to take your business elsewhere when deciding on a ceremony/reception venue."


Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa - Reception - 1220 Arden Hills Lane, Sacramento, CA, United States

Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa

1220 Arden Hills Lane
Sacramento, CA, United States

"I agree 150% with one Yelp review that says “Do not let your worst enemy book at event at Arden Hills.” The staff here is incompetent, rude, unprofessional and snooty – from the bored “I have better things to do” receptionist to the event managers who lack customer service skills and try to execute the most important (and possibly most expensive) day of your life with very little effort. Their website advertises a fancy, world-class venue and unparalleled service when in reality; all they are really after is your money. We booked our wedding ceremony and reception here in 2009 because we fell in love with the Villas. The Sales Manager sold us on how beautiful the Villas Garden was about all the perks and amenities of what it would be like to be the “Villas Bride and Groom.” It was expensive, but we thought we were paying for quality as that was what they were supposed to be known for right? Wrong! There were so many things that went wrong that easily could’ve been avoided – it felt like no one cared to correct it, period! Not only was there a lack in communication skills and professionalism in the staff (especially the Managers and even General Manager), there was a huge lack in customer service and competence. I would be more than happy to email or speak with anyone interested or even thinking about booking an event there. I would give you my time simply because I do not want you to go through the stress and frustrations that my husband and I went through. I have been in guest relations my whole career and cannot believe how much Arden Hills lacks. They will take your money and all you’ll be left with are pretty pictures of the garden and the outside of the Villas. If you book here, you’ll basically only be paying for the photo opportunities and not quality, service or execution. Please check into alternative venues in Sacramento before you even think about touring this place. If you want to be amused and have the time to read what went wrong, they are listed below: • The worst communication skills of all places I’ve ever encountered. If I’m paying $15k for a wedding at your venue, I would at least expect maybe a phone call returned a day or two (or even three days would be acceptable). Two weeks? Not so much. • The first food tasting was a joke – overcooked and salty everything! The Director of F&B’s excuse? “The cooks were up all night doing an event and had to be up early this morning…we’re so sorry.” After a few emails and 2 weeks later, someone granted our request for a second tasting. Much better, but don’t give us sad excuses the first time around. • No one told the cleaning staff that I’d be checking in early to get ready even after 3 phone calls confirming, “Yes, it’s ready.” I waited an extra hour and had to get my make-up done elsewhere. • After promising to put the flowers on our cake if no one had time to do it before the reception started, the event coordinator said she would do it. She either “forgot” or just was not paying attention because we walked into the reception and the flowers were still in the plastic wrappers. Makes for great pictures right? • The bar closes at 4pm on Sundays even after being told the lounge and bar would be OPEN to the groom and groomsmen. (One of the so-called “perks” of booking an AH wedding). When I asked the Manager, she supposedly had no idea the bar closed at 4pm on Sundays. WTF? • We booked one of the Suites in the Villas for me to get ready and for our wedding night. Guess what? The housekeeper didn’t clean it so after the reception on our wedding night, instead of relaxing, my husband and I spent half an hour cleaning up, taking the trash out and throwing away their “complimentary” fruit trays. • The banquet staff and banquet manager switched our table numbers around so our parents ended up sitting in the very back and away from our head table. Really? No one caught this? Our parents could barely see us. What are we supposed to do? Ask the DJ to announce a game of musical tables in the middle of dinner?? • After expressing our concerns to the Director of F&B, it took two weeks to get back to us. It has been almost 3 months and we are still trying to resolve the issues – it’s taken longer because it takes 2 weeks at a time for someone to ever return my calls."


Hilton Sacramento Inn - Hotel - 2200 Harvard Street, Sacramento, CA, United States

Hilton Sacramento Inn

2200 Harvard Street
Sacramento, CA, United States

"The property is newly renovated and was a joy to stay in. The staff was very friendly and were enthusiastic to help in any way possible. The Sales Manager we worked with for our room blocks was efficient and very knowledgable. The restaurant staff could not be any more helpful! I'd definitely stay here again whenever I am back in Sacramento and would recommend this hotel to anyone!"


Crepeville Sacramento

1730 L Street
Sacramento, CA, United States


Marie's Don-Nut Shop

2950 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA, United States

"The best donuts in Sacramento and possibly California!"


Nishiki Sushi

1501 16th Street
Sacramento, CA, United States

"One of the best Japanese restaurants in Sacramento!"


Hilton Arden West

Sacramento, CA, USA

"The property is newly renovated and was a joy to stay in. The staff was very friendly and were enthusiastic to help in any way possible. The Sales Manager we worked with for our room blocks was efficient and very knowledgable. I'd definitely stay here again whenever I am back in Sacramento."