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December, 2009 in Prattville

"Overall our wedding was amazing! The church and reception were beautiful. The reception was a bit pricey and had some drama but the day turned out to be a success in the end."


Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church
Reception: Marriott Legends




Cakes/Candies Vendor:

McKinney Cakes

506 North Florida Street
Montgomery, AL, United States

"Can I say Oh My! Mrs. Peggy bakes out of her home and has been in business for well over 15 years. For my brides cake she made me a red velvet cake that my guest talked about long after the wedding. They mentioned it was very moist. Also for a surprise I had the grooms cake as a double peanut butter fudge cake that was mouth watering. Her number is 334-263-2161."


Michelle Hillman

Prattville, AL, USA

"Michelle Hillman is a Prattville local and waws recommended by a friend. She took care of all of our rehearsal dinner food. It was great!"


Mike Worley

Prattville, AL, USA

"Mike did an amazing job! We communicated very well and made the music one less thing we needed to worry about."


Prattville Flower Shop

228 Pine Street
Prattville, AL, United States

"All I can say is Beth is amazing for working so hard with me being that I am so indecisive. The flowers for the reception were especially beautiful."


Kim Box Photography

157 West Main Street
Prattville, AL, United States

"We were extremely happy with KimBox Photography. They took amazing pictures that we will treasure forever. They also took our engagement pictures and I would highly recommend them."


First Presbyterian Church - Ceremony - 211 S Chestnut St, Prattville, AL, 36067

First Presbyterian Church

211 S Chestnut St
Prattville, AL 36067

"The church was amazing! They were very helpful and understanding with all the things that we needed and wanted. Could not have asked for a better location for our ceremony."


Marriott Legends

Legends Pkwy
Prattville, AL 36066

"I am attaching part of the email I sent to the general manager of the hotel b/c it best explains our experience. ---------------------------- My fiancé (now wife) walked down to the ballroom at 7:30am to see the progress of the setup. She found no one available and in looking at the room she knew the staff was not finished. She returned at 8:30am, when the florist was to arrive, and nothing had changed. The ball room was setup with 72x72 tables, the tablecloths that were placed on the tables were to fit 60x60 tables. None of the table clothes were straight and they were extremely wrinkled. On Wednesday of that week we sat down with an employee and mapped out were everything was to be placed. All of the guest tables were in the wrong place and the head table was not centered. There was leftover food found on a back table which we assume was from the night before. The table toppers we provided were not on the tables, the staff put white ones instead. The high boys did not have the sashes tied on them that we also provided. One high boy did not even have a white table cloth on it at all. The D.J. floor was out to far and had trash on it. All the chairs were still stacked. The table in the foyer for our favors was to be 48in round and there was a rectangle table in its place. We had also requested the piano and at that time it was not in the ballroom. At 10:30 the florist had to be at the church so she left to go to the church and still nothing had been done to the ballroom. Since my fiancé (wife) had to wait in the ballroom for a manager she was 25 minutes late for her bridal luncheon, which in return made her late to have her hair done and cost her 30 minutes of not being able to take her bridal pictures before the ceremony and therefore did not get a number of the style taken that she had hoped too because of time constraints. I do want to point out that the individual at the front desk was a big help to all of our problems during our stay. She tried vigorously to help Saturday morning. I was golfing that morning and called the front desk to ask for the employee we had talked with's cell phone to call her but they told me they could not give me that info. I totally understand that so I asked them to please call me to let me know when they had gotten in touch with her so I could call my fiancé to let her know everything was fine. I never received that call back. I finished golfing and returned to The Legends around 11:30 and when I arrived I went straight to the ballroom. At that time the Operations Manager and another worker were just about halfway done putting the newly pressed tablecloths down on the tables. At this point everything else was still as it had been at 8:30. After the wedding as we rode to the reception I have to admit I was nervous since it had been an interesting day so far. Once we arrived it looked as though everything was in place. As we prepared to be announced to the reception hall we noticed a staff member had taken the instant camera that went with our guest book (you can put pictures in the book itself) and was wasting the film on us even though a professional photographer was standing in the ballroom taking pictures as well. The reception looked gorgeous and I must say the food was spectacular. Everyone commented over and over about how great the food was. We were both very happy with that. As dinner was drawing to a close I began to look for the Operations Manager so we could start the champagne toast. I was unable to find him, assuming he was taking care of other things, so I asked a server if we could start it. The first server said ok and disappeared. After a few minutes I asked another server if we could please start to pass the champagne out, and that server told me I needed to wait a few minutes. I was frustrated because people were beginning to get restless and we needed to keep it moving along as to not have our guests lose interest. Finally the Operations Manager came back in and as soon as I asked he apologized for the other servers and made it happen. The rest of the reception itself went very well. As we prepared to leave I wondered how much coke, diet coke, and sprite were left but I was unable to find any. The next day members of the wedding party told us they saw the staff packing them up and assumed they were packing it up for us. We never saw any of the extra beverages. This is extremely frustrating since we paid quite a bit for drinks and didn't even get to take home all the extras. We had the most amazing wedding favors. My fiancé had been a home health care nurse for a young boy who died last year. We purchased Christmas ornaments through a donation to St. Jude's Children's Hospital in his honor and presented them to all of our guests. When we left we were very happy because there were only 2 left so we knew we had had enough for all of our guests. The next morning to my utter amazement my new wife's aunt told me she saw staff members taking some ornaments as well! She said she yelled a them but the just kept walking. Needless to say it was an amazing and gorgeous day but behind the scenes it was extremely frustrating for us. We paid quite a bit of money for the reception and also decided to use the hotel for our guests and we were very disappointed in how we were treated all day long by the staff."


Marriott Legends

Legends Pkwy
Prattville, AL 36066

"Somehow a laptop came missing from our hotel room the day of our wedding. We believe it was stolen but the hotel has not been helpful with this search at all. My aunt and uncle had a room and had a housekeeper just walk in on them without knocking or anything during the day. There were a variety of other stories I was told post-wedding that would make me not want to stay at this hotel again."

Rehearsal Dinner Venue:

Imagine Suites

926 Selma Highway
Prattville, AL, United States

"I rented this location for my rehearsal dinner. It is not that pricey for the time and space. The only trouble I ran into was I rented my table clothes from the owner and when my mother-in-law arrived to decorate the owner did not press the table clothes and informed my mother-in-law she was not able to get to it so she would just refund me my money. I was not real happy about that but after you decorated the tables you were not able to really tell how wrinkled they were."