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September, 2011 in Dearborn

Ceremony: The Henry Ford
Reception: The Henry Ford





The Vintage

Dearborn, MI, USA

"Could not have been happier with the job they did! Very professional and helpful. We saw them perform live at the Fountains before booking, if you have any doubts go and see them for yourself! One of our absolute favorite parts of the wedding."

Photo Booth Vendor:

Infinity Photobooth

Dearborn, MI, USA

"Great job! Our guests raved about how much fun the photobooth was. The attendants they had running it were great, and we got to take home the photobook that night (they made a guestbook style album where they pasted copies of all the strips along with comments written by our guests). We highly recommend them!"


Jen Carroll Photography

Dearborn, MI, USA

"We were excited after booking Jen, she seemed to offer what we were looking for at a reasonable price, but we were mistaken. Before booking we met with a few different venders; we were looking for someone who could offer two photographers, someone with a photojournalistic style, and if possible someone who had done weddings at The Henry Ford before. Jen showed us some books, we liked the samples, we asked who would be our photographer (she and 2 others had done the pictures in the samples), she checked her calendar and said that she herself would be at our wedding and that she would bring another photographer along to get the pictures that we discussed. She also told us that she had done weddings at The Henry. We booked her over another photographer based on this information. A few months later, we asked for our engagement shoot, she wasn’t available but sent an associate Samantha (not one of the photographers listed on the website as part of the company) which was fine for the engagement shoot. Samantha was very nice, but had never been to The Henry Ford before. Again, this was fine because we weren’t too concerned with the engagement pictures. We asked her if she would be the one coming to help Jen at the wedding and she said no. The week before the wedding, Jen called me to discuss the final details for the day. We talked about the arrival time details, ran through a list of “must have” pictures, I told her that there would be two vender meals for them, “see you Friday!” etc. At no point did she say anything about not being able to make it. On the day of the wedding, Samantha arrived to the ready room at the hall. I was happy to see her since we had met at the engagement shoot and assumed she was going to be Jen’s assistant. I asked where Jen was, and she looked confused and said that Jen wasn’t coming. I told her that we had arranged for two photographers, she texted with Jen and said that she was doing another wedding that day and that maybe she might have said that she “might bring a student” with her to our wedding back when we signed the contract. This was a very unwelcome surprise to me, as it would be to any bride at the last minute on her wedding day. I called Jen the next day to discuss what had happened, and she never called me back. Over email I asked about when the pictures would be ready, she gave me several dates (when the date she gave me came up, she would then give me another date). We received our digital package a little over 2 months later. The pictures came out ok, but there are many pictures that we asked for that were missed, or that didn’t turn out. It says in the contract that if Jen can’t make it she can send a suitable replacement, and that’s fine, but then why didn’t she tell me in advance that she wasn’t coming? Especially since we spoke 2 days before the wedding and she said “see you then”. In the same conversation I said that I had set up 2 meals for them, if she wasn’t going to provide the 2 photographers we discussed, that was the time to talk to me about it, since not only did I not get the service I had paid for, but I also paid for a meal that no one was there to eat. The worst part of it all was being upset on my wedding day, and she has never apologized.We do not recommend Jen Carroll."

Ceremony Venue:

The Henry Ford

Dearborn, MI, US

Reception Venue:

The Henry Ford

Dearborn, MI, US