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November, 2010 in Toronto

"Our wedding was the most romantic day ever and people still comment to us that they really felt like it was an old school venue with character and old fashioned romance-feel. Exactly what we wanted. We had some issues with vendors and this was a very much DIY wedding but overall, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Happy to answer any questions - I could talk taffeta and centerpieces all day!"

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Ceremony: The Great Hall
Reception: The Great Hall





On The Move Catering

5200 Dixie Road., suite 6
Mississauga, ON, Canada

"Don's a no BS guy but he is by far the best wedding planner I could have had in a pinch when I left my old one two weeks before the wedding. Amazing food - the presentation was definitely a WOW factor - people still talk about the food and the service."

Decorations Vendor:

AYS Party Rentals & Supplies

3171 Lenworth Drive
Mississauga, ON, Canada

"Didn't have direct experience with them as OTM catering handled everything. But as far as I'm concerned, they had everything ready, on time, and it looked great."


Wedideas.com - Florist - 503 Fifth Ave, Suite 103, Indialantic, Florida, 32903, USA


503 Fifth Ave
Suite 103
Indialantic, Florida 32903, USA

"I cannot tell you how much I anticipated these flowers - having read the previous reviews and really wanting to budget on flowers I was willing to take other brides' words for it and ordered from wedideas. All I can say is that I was SO underwhelmed when I received the flowers. From afar they probably look fine. But the second I took them out of the box (which UPS DESTROYED in the shipping) I could tell instantly that they were fake looking. THey look like really well put together flowers you would get at Michaels - so I wouldn't pay $45 USD for a SMALL 8" bouquet. I am actually going to take one sample in to show a real florist and have it replicated to a real one for myself since my flowers will be photographed in depth, I worry that the fakeness will come through. The box was packaged with no less than FOUR pieces of tissue for 6 bouquets, 8 bouts, and a corsage. I use more tissue paper in birthday gift wrapping. I was SO disappointed with the shipping, but they might have been pissed at me for hounding them for my shipment when they were a month late and took my final payment 3 weeks before even sending me a shipping number! The service was great in the beginning - so accommodating. Then it slowly went downhill - multiple emails with no answer, posting on their Facebook fan page with no answer AND they deleted my comment when I complained. Other brides were commenting that they ordered and received theirs and I hadn't even received a confirmation email even after I paid in full!! I can't tell you how much I've learned my lesson - and an expensive one too! The men's bout's and my mother's corsage all looked dollar store quality (the bouquets were OK but like I said, still looked very fake). I'm replacing those as well. I'm sure for other brides the flowers looked amazing and I'll admit I was fooled by pictures but I warn anyone who cares about their flowers, to source out a real florist first within budget rather than ordering with wedideas."

Invitations Vendor:


Tempe, AZ, USA

"Best DIY supplier out there. Paper is fantastic quality and a third of the cost of ordering single sheets in Toronto. No one could beat their prices. Just takes a bit of time and patience to make your own invitations. See their facebook fan page for a sample of my invitations which turned out awesome."


Enduring Promises - Officiant - 3-1750 The Queensway, Suite 225, Toronto, Ontario, M9C 5H5, Canada

Enduring Promises

3-1750 The Queensway
Suite 225
Toronto, Ontario M9C 5H5, Canada

"We absolutely loved having Enduring Promises there. They made the event feel very personal and that we had known them for ages. They were so warm and welcoming to the guests and I received several comments later that people thought they really set the tone for the event. They far exceeded our expectations and were so thorough in making sure we thought of every aspect of the day (schedule, timing, photographers).I was blown away at Jim's expertise in guiding me with things I had no idea where to begin (i.e music selections, bridal party positions, etc.) and that he was very organized. The ceremony template is something I raved about constantly with my friends and anyone who would listen. Having never done this before, I really appreciated the step-by-step nature of the template - allowing us to adjust and modify the vows/verses for each stage. I was impressed that Jim continually visited to ensure that he captured little pieces of information to help make the ceremony run smoothly (i.e order of the bridal party, who had rings, etc.). Jim Emmerson was a great reflection of Enduring Promises as a company - I would highly recommend their services."


Slate Photography

2424 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4C 1L1, Canada

"I had high hopes for Slate - so high in fact that they were the least of my worries for the day. They were professionals, knew what they were doing and at the bridal show - clearly demonstrated a creative and exceptional portfolio. I had other vendors to micro-manage and worry about. Now that the day has come and gone and I have pictures in hand - I can't even begin to express how disappointed I am. Firstly, their attitude on the wedding day was sullen, cold and unsmiling. We stood around for most of the day waiting to be directed - to be utilized in their creative vision, to do something –anything interesting. Had we not provided a fantastic location (porter island) and getting some really unique location shots, the photos would have been a complete snooze. The quality of the creativity and "photo editing" (read: a handful of pictures that were selected as b&w) was lack lustre to say the least. The style of the photos that were taken were that of inexperience (i.e. my family portrait was severly crooked - and we're not talking about 'creative angles' here, and it was the only full length shot I have of us). Images that were over-exposed were not adjusted for colour correction as promised (contrast, brightness, shadows and highlights to correct otherwise ruined images were all my own doing). Additionally, they missed the moment that my husband saw me for the very first time. Really??? Two photographers with photos that clearly lead up to the moment and then all of a sudden the shots skip about 5 minutes (and 9 numeric digital files) after the fact. I was stunned and wanted to burst into tears. Had it not been for a video - we would have missed that moment forever. They requested a 'must have' shooting list and shot not even half of it (then why ask for one?!!) leaving me wanting more. I don't know what happened along the way - whether they lost heart or got up on the wrong side of the bed but from the moment they walked in there was a cold air about them - and I wasn't the only one who noticed, several people commented that our photographers didn't seem very open to taking pictures of the events happening or of the guests. Everything was great up to a couple months before the wedding and I regret having ever put any hopes in this company that so highly marketed themselves at the Bridal Shows. Please think twice about using them. There are so many out there that are worth your time and money for the most important day of your life. Feel free to contact me for samples of their “real” non-bridal show work."


Andrey Tochilin

Toronto, ON, Canada

"The clips we got were amazing - but they were just that: Clips. A lot of things were started and stopped for no apparent reason and then also to change viewpoints unnecessarily. Sometimes it's ok to just keep shooting and editing out the pieces we don't need but I think Andrey was just really concerned with getting the best angle artistically but missing out on some key moments. Once we pieced the entire day together, I loved it. Fantastic quality and a great guy. But should have just left the cameras rolling."

Wedding Fashion Vendor:

Classy Collection Bridal

101 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON, Canada

"My dress was perfect - Yvonne was a bit pushy but we found all our dresses there and the prices were fantastic! Veil was late and I was a little nervous that it would never arrive but wardrobe for the bridal party across the board was amazing."


The Great Hall - Reception - 1087 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada

The Great Hall

1087 Queen St W
Toronto, ON M6J

"Venue was STUNNING - spend the extra to get the draping for the hall, makes a huge difference and everything looked gorgeous. People are still talking about this venue and the space literally took my breath away. http://aliceanddaniel.ca/the-aftermath-venue-catering-decor/"


Fairmont Hotel - Hotel -

Fairmont Hotel

"Hotel is GORGEOUS. still waiting for photos. Our King Standard room was TINY, photo opps were limited in the room but the hotel was sold out for upgrades. We made do."

Ceremony & Reception Venue:

The Great Hall

1087 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON, Canada

"Venue was STUNNING - spend the extra to get the draping for the hall, makes a huge difference and everything looked gorgeous. People are still talking about this venue and the space literally took my breath away. http://aliceanddaniel.ca/the-aftermath-venue-catering-decor/"