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December, 2008 in St. Augustine

"We had a wonderful time at Our Wedding and our guests really seemed to have a lots of fun. St. Augustine was perfect and beautiful in December because they fill the city with beautiful white lights. It really sets the romantic mood. The prices are a little more expensive then you would find a south a little but for us it was well worth it!
To see a recap of our wedding go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNv6qje6G-8"


Ceremony: The Women's Exchange
Reception: The White Room




Cakes/Candies Vendor:

Sweet Weddings

St. Augustine, FL, USA

"Arlene is wonderful and her cakes are even better! She has beautiful cakes on display and I thought there was no way something so pretty could taste good. I was wrong! She has so many great options of flavors there is really something for everyone. The best part is her prices are not over the top and she will work with your budget so you get what you want and what you can afford. When we went in for the tasting we were not sure exactly what we were looking for but by the time we left we had a sketch in hand of exactly what our cake would look like. The cake was a hit at the reception and even the other vendors were asking about it. Could not have asked for better!"


A1A Ale Works - Caterer - 1 King St, St Augustine, FL, United States

A1A Ale Works

1 King St
St Augustine, FL, United States

"USED FOR REHEARSAL DINNER- SEE SAN SEBASTION WINERY FOR MORE RD REVIEWS... The food from A1A was great. Everyone loved it and the prices were VERY reasonable."


Pyramid Disc Jockeys - DJ - Daytona Beach, FL., & Los Angeles, CA., U.S.A.

Pyramid DJ- Jeff

Daytona Beach, FL., & Los Angeles, CA., U.S.A.
Toll Free: 1-888-356-2539

"Jeff from Pyramid DJ was great. He was one of the most important parts of making sure our guests were enjoying themselves. He kept things on schedule and made sure everything ran smoothly throughout the night. We used him for both the ceremony and reception. I would absolutely recommend him!"

Dance Instructor:

The Zebra Room

Orlando, FL, USA

"Olivia at the Zebra Room was wonderful. We took about 10 lessons with her and she was so patient. When we started, my husband could barely do the basic box step and when we left we he was able to lead me around the dance floor."


Four U Flowers

5 Utility Dr # 27
Palm Coast, FL, United States

"Because I wanted Stargazer Lilies (and they have a VERY strong smell) we used minimal flowers. The only real ones were my bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids flower, and the groom and groomsmen boutonnieres (which were a different flower). My bridal bouquet turned out perfect and was exactly what I wanted but the girls flowers were not what I paid for. They were each supposed to get 2-3 stems and they only had one. I was also supposed to get a toss bouquet and she sent over one unwrapped stem. Overall I was very dissatisfied!"

Honeymoon Vendor:

Le Blanc

St. Augustine, FL, USA

"We booked Le Blanc through CheapCarribbean.com and got a great deal with lots of upgrades. We had a honeymoon suite with a two person tub in the room overlooking the ocean. Everyone at Le Blanc was very accommodating and the food and drinks were great (hard to find at in all-inclusive). We put our upgrades to good use and used our spa credit (which was wonderful!) and we also did the dolphin experience and the jungle cruise (also both included and lots of fun!) For anyone who is travailing to Cancun for the first time... Make sure you book transportation in advance (we used Olimpus which we bought through Cheap Caribbean) and make sure when you get to the airport you go directly outside to your transportation. People inside stopped us and we thought they were being nice and helping but really it was a scam and they were trying to sell us a timeshare. He wasn't pushy about it but we thought we were waiting for our transportation to arrive but he had nothing to do with Olimpus."

Invitations Vendor:

Sacino's- Carlson Crafts

St Petersburg, FL, United States

"Sacino's has a deal where if you rent your tux through them they will give you free wedding invites. We used the Sacino's in Sanford near our house but they have other locations. The invites I REALLY wanted were not included in the promo but the person helping says, "every girl should have the invites they really want, it sets the tone for what the rest of the event will be like" so she made it work. Our invites were not free but she took $200 off the price and they turned out great."

Limo Company:

Old Town Trolley - Limo Company - 167 San Marco Avenue, St Augustine, FL, United States

Old Town Trolley Tours

167 San Marco Avenue
St Augustine, FL, United States

"We used the trolley to transport the wedding party from the ceremony site to the reception site (walking distance but the trolley was fun) and we then used them at the end of the evening to transport our guests and any vendors who needed back to their vehicles. Since parking is so limited in St. Augustine and their cars could be blocks away having the trolley was great. They did about 4 trips back and forth and took our guests wherever they needed to go. They even took my Uncle and his family back to there hotel which was about a mile and a half away. I recommend doing something similar for your guests. Renting for an hour is quite cheap in the grand scheme of things."

Limo Company:

Avalon Carriage

3535 County Road 214
St Augustine, FL, United States

"We love the idea of leaving in a carriage and it felt very appropriate for St. Augustine. We ended having our photographer join us so we could go over to the love tree to get some shots we were not able to do earlier in the day. The carriage drivers were not professional at all. They stopped the carriage in the middle of the tour because they saw someone had dropped money on the ground and they wanted to pick it up. Then we wanted to drop our photographer off and go around just the two of us but they said no, our time was up and we needed to get off. Right before we got to our stop some people asked how they could get a tour and the driver said oh well we can drop them off here and you can jump on (not jokingly). Granted, they would have only been dropping us off around the corner from our stop but I felt the whole thing was rude and unprofessional. Once we got back to our honeymoon suite I looked at the time and we had another 20 mins left that we had paid for. The only reason I am giving them 1 star and not 0 is because they did show up on time."


Father Anderson

St. Augustine, FL, USA

"Father Anderson was amazing. He was willing to work with us at the Garden and helps you create your ceremony so it is exactly what you want. He kept the mood romantic and touching but also put in a few laughs."


Leah Jean Photo

St. Augustine, FL, USA

"Leah is a wonderful photographer. She was willing to do what it took to get any and every shot. She does a great job with the formals and keeping them organized but she is really great at getting the natural, unposed shots."


The Wedding Lens

St. Augustine, FL, USA

"Buying the premium option of the wedding lens was defiantly worth the $30. Our guests were able to upload the photos they took in a size that we can now download and print. Some of our guests got great shots that we will defiantly be using in our wedding album and it was a really good way to see a recap of the day through our guests eyes."


A Moment To Remember

St. Augustine, FL, St Augustine

"A Moment To Remember did a great job with our wedding video. We had heard horror stories of how the videographers are like paparazzi... This was not an issue with them. They very professional and they got wonderful video to recap our day. After getting back the edited version, my husband wanted some extra footage of him dancing with his sister (not added to the video but just to have) and they were more then happy to send it to us."

Wedding Fashion Vendor:

Alfred Angelo

2084 Fruitville Pike
Lancaster, PA, United States

"When originally going to Alfred Angelo, I told the sales lady what I was looking for and she gave me anything but. I was so annoyed they we left the store and looked other places. Then I found a few dresses I loved on the website so I decided to go back and give it another try. I worked with a lady named Tina (who was promoted to manager by the time my dress was in). She was wonderful and helped me find "The One". I decided to get my bridesmaids dresses their also. Anytime I worked with Tina everything was fine but the manager was always so rude about everything it really ruined the experience."


The Women's Exchange - Ceremony - 143 St George St, St Augustine, FL, 32084, US

The Women's Exchange

143 St George St
St Augustine, FL 32084, US

"Everyone at the Woman's Exchange were wonderful! They went above and beyond to make the day perfect. Anything we need and any help the people setting up needed they were there and more than happy."


The White Room - Reception - 1 King Street Suite 109, St. Augustine, FL, 32084, United States

The White Room

1 King St
St Augustine, FL 32084, US

"In the end everything was great and everything turned out perfect. The wait staff went above and beyond to make sure we and our guests were having a great time and had everything we needed. The food was wonderful. Everyone raved that is was the best food they have ever had at a wedding. And the overall experience/evening was wonderful. Getting everything together was another story. The first coordinator working there was pretty good. She was able to help us along the way and we ended up with everything we wanted. We also worked with another coordinator at the that was very helpful... But the transition between the two (2 weeks before our wedding) was not so great. I was never notified that the first coordinator had left. The explanation was that she hadn't had a chance to get with everyone before leaving. Well this is fine if the wedding is 2 months away but not two weeks. So I found out because I was sending emails and not getting a response so I called to find out what was going on. Everything ended up turning out fine but the way the transition was handled, in my opinion, was very unprofessional."


San Sebastion Winery

157 King St
St Augustine, FL 32084, US

"The Winery has a great roof top bar with live music. You can also do a wine tasting tour... Lots of fun! They have a great gift shop with wine and wine accessories."


St. George St

St George St
St Augustine, FL 32084, US

"St. George St is a place where we have spent lots of time. It is a great place to walk, shop and just relax."


The Castillo de San Marcos Fort

"This is an amazing attraction to see with lots of history behind it."


The Love Tree

6 Cordova St
St Augustine, FL 32084, US

"Where we got engaged! The Love Tree also has a cafe and antique shop. It is defiantly unique to St. Augustine."

Bridal Suite/ Honeymoon Suite:

Bella Bay Inn - Bridal Suite/ Honeymoon Suite - 10 Marine St, St Augustine, FL, 32084, US

Bella Bay Inn

10 Marine St
St Augustine, FL 32084, US

"The suite is really nice and the location was perfect, but I had asked that they clean the room in the afternoon since we were using it as both the bridal suite and honeymoon suite. They ended up coming in the morning and my mother asked them to come back later in the afternoon since we were still all getting ready. They said fine no problem but then never came back to clean the room. So when my sister and friends went to decorate the suite for the evening they ended up spending about an hour of the reception cleaning up so everything would be nice when we got in that night. Also, checking in was not the most pleasant experience. Since it is owned by OC Whites they have you check in at their restaurant and when we went in and asked to check in one of the ladies was really snobby and bitchy."

Rehersal Dinner:

San Sebastion Winery - Rehersal Dinner - 157 King St, St Augustine, FL, 32084, US

San Sebastion Winery

157 King St
St Augustine, FL 32084, US

"Everyone here was wonderful. The winery was very organized and made sure everything was perfect. Please see the caterer review for A1A Ale Works as far as food."