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June, 2011 in Wilmington

"Our wedding was amazing! all except the few vendors I gave bad reviews for, were amazing!"


Ceremony: Ceremony in the Parlor
Reception: Reception in the Carriage House




Cakes/Candies Vendor:

Sweets to you by Ginger

913 Brandywine Boulevard
Wilmington, DE, United States

"their cake is amazing! very moist & the buttercream is nice and creamy, not over sugary. they are also pretty fair on their prices too!"


AAA Entertainment

Wilmington, DE, US

"He wasn't completely horrible, but he certainly sold himself better than he was. He usually took at least 2 days to respond to all my emails, When we had our final meeting, i had to give him ALL of the information over again. He had forgotten just about everything we had previously discussed. When it came to his performance at the wedding...there was much to be desired. He didn't seem to understand his equipment very well because he was late with the recessional music & he messed up on our grand entrance song causing it to play double. He never checked to make sure everyone was present before starting the music for special events. for example, I missed the first play through of the cake cutting song cause i was going to the bathroom, my dad missed the cake cutting entirely! & My husband was absent for the bouquet toss & we had to hunt for him in order to do the garter toss, causing a 10 minutes pause of nothingness. Later on he had to run across the dance floor in order to put more music on, because he was distracted talking to the waitstaff at the buffet. He also tripped on his wires & killed all the music for another 5 minutes of silence. the 1 thing that has me peeved most is that I had told him that i didn't want any participation songs. (macarena, electric slide,...) didn't matter if even my mother requested it. the answer was no! well he apparently only understood half of that. Because about 1/2 hr into the dancing, he sent a guest to me for permission to play electric slide, in which case i had to tell her no myself. WTH?? that was SO embarrassing!!! no bride should have to be put in that situation! after I gave him the above review on weddingwire.com he completely bashed me calling me a drunk and abusive bridezilla (completely opposite of the truth) beware his temper!"



101 Woodlawn Avenue
Wilmington, DE, United States

"their flowers were amazing & cost effective! my cascading bouquet only cost me $95, whereas other florists wanted $150 for the same thing. When we went for our final meeting and to get the final balance, they ended up tossing in extra button mums in the bridesmaid bouquets as well as a few other things for free!"


Pete Lounsbury

2313 Spruce Ave
Wilmington, DE, United States

"His prices are excellent and he's really willing to help work within you budget! Not to mention all of his photos came out amazing!!! best photography i've ever had the pleasure of being the subject in! (all of the photos under reception were taken by him)"


The Good Life Films - Videographer - TheGoodLifeFilms@gmail.com, 211 Monroe St., Philadelphia, PA, 19147, United States

The Good Life Films

211 Monroe St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147, United States

"We got her for a great deal by signing the contract by a certain date, she started filming earlier than contracted, and stayed about an hour later as well. Also from what I understood of our agreement, she was to use a second stationary camera for just the ceremony, but she used it all night at no extra charge! we are still waiting for our raw footage though. but i'm positive that it'll be great!"

Wedding Fashion Vendor:

David's Bridal - Wedding Fashion Vendor -

David's Bridal

"I got my dress on sale for just $500!"


Ceremony in the Parlor - Ceremony -

Ceremony in the Parlor

"We had our ceremony inside at no additional cost."


Rockwood Park & Museum - Reception - 610 Shipley Road, Wilmington, DE, USA

Reception in the Carriage House

"there's not enough words to describe how perfect the location, food, and service was!"


The Brandywine Inn - Hotel -

The Brandywine Inn

"we stayed there the night before & the night of the wedding...the first night was perfectly fine except that 1 of my guest's rooms did not have any AC & when they called the desk, they were told it was working find & they were not allowed a new room. luckily the adjoining room was in use by another guest & they were able to keep the door that links them open to share their AC. both of those rooms had fire hazards with the electrical. there were even scorch marks around the outlets!! The second night, was FAR worse!! my hubby & I weren't able to check into our bridal suite until after the wedding so when we got back from the wedding, we tried to get our room keys & everything. i ended up having an issue with my card & had to transfer money from my savings over the phone, so i told the guy at the desk to hold up a moment so i could call the bank & transfer the money. what'd he do? he kept swiping my card before the transaction was done, locking my card out of the system! WTH?! & then he had the nerve to hand us 2 keys & tell us our room number. sounds fine right? he didn't tell us it wasn't the room i made the reservation for. so while i'm in my wedding dress, carrying my over night bag, & my bouquet, i had to run around the whole "hotel" (it's really a motel) to find he gave us keys to a dingy little normal room! (the reason we went around the hotel was because we first went to the room i knew i had requested. I had been shown it when i went to sign the contract. then had to go back & get horrible directions that sent us to the wrong end of the "hotel", just to go all the way around to the other end. & all of this involved going up 2 different flights of stairs in my gown & carrying everything mentioned before!) we had to wait until my parents got back to the hotel to get things straightened out. it took my husband's cousin putting down his card to get the room i requested! as i was leaving the room i wasn't even supposed to be in, my dress got snagged on the door! needless to say, the next morning we called corporate to complain which after a couple hours, resulted in my husband & I getting rushed out of the hotel over to ihop dow the road while everyone else scrambled to get everything else packed up before noon because the manager (MARY) threatened to call the cops on us!!! all because we weren't happy with the service! in all of the havoc, a left over bottle of rum got smashed ^ wasted, my reception dinner that was packaged up for me at the wedding was left behind, & i still have a hole in my dress!!!!! things are still not resolved yet. on a side note, i have to say their maintenance men were awesome."


The Hollywood Grill

"Great for breakfast the next day (if the hotel's continental isn't enough)"

Point of Interest:

Rockwood Park & Museum - Point of Interest - 610 Shipley Road, Wilmington, DE, USA

Entrance to Rockwood


Brandywine Zoo


Fort Delaware


Longwood Gardens


Twin Tower Beach


Christiana Mall


Tanger Outlet 1


Tanger Outlet 2


Tanger Outlet 3