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June, 2010 in Sauk Rapids

Ceremony: Sacred Heart Church
Reception: Eagles Club Rooms


Sacred Heart Church

2875 10th Avenue Northeast
Sauk Rapids, MN, United States

"Beautiful church! And the dvd of the wedding is a nice touch."


Eagles Club Rooms

730 41st Avenue North
St Cloud, MN, United States

"Where to start. We chose the eagle's club because we had heard word of mouth from several people that the eagle's club was a great facility and the food was excellent. The facility was adequate for our size of wedding. The dinner was another matter entirely. We received numerous complaints from relatives and guests about incomplete plates of food. My wife, the bride on her wedding day, was given an incomplete meal! We received 3 different complaints about the chicken being undercooked, and 1 complaint of it still being bloody in the middle. When the serving started the did the head table first, or should I say most of the head table; the last two bridesmaids were overlooked until two of the other tables had already been served. 15 minutes into the meal I walked back to the kitchen and asked if they could sreve the parents table, because they had been overlooked as well. A week after the wedding we went and talked to the manager about our issues and she informed us that it was a new person running our meal and that they had never done a plated dinner ever. When we asked if we could get compensated for 5 of the meals that were poor quality they said they would discuss it and get back to us. We are still waiting to here from them. I would use this establishment as a last resort, and get as much information as you can about who is running the show and how well they are experienced. By far this was the most disappointing part of what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of our life."


Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites

75 37th Avenue South
St. Cloud, MN, United States