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Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia < change city >



October, 2010 in Cartagena

"Our wedding was absolutely amazing!!! As a little girl I always pictured my wedding being the most perfect day of my life and it was, it really was.

Nelson and I knew we would be getting married sometine soon, and although he hadn't proposed yet, we decided to visit Cartagena to see if we would like to get married there. I had been there before but the 3 days we spent there together, made us realize there couldn't be a most perfect place to say "I Do".
When we sent out the invites we thought about 30 people would make the trip, but it turned out another 22 people wouldn't miss it for the world. "We always believed a destination wedding wouldn't attract so many people, but mention Cartagena and you are sure to be proven wrong". Everything about our wedding weekend was spectacular, we picked up our guest on Thursday on a chiva bus, went to Isla del Sol on Friday, rented a party chiva on friday night, ate like royalty all week, and the best of all...had the greatest wedding any of our family or friends have ever witnessed.

Now, there are always things that can and will go wrong, so my best advised to any bride reading this story, is as follows: No matter who you hire and how experienced they are, always give yourself time to be on top of as much as possible if you want your wedding to be absolutely flawless or as close as possible. If things do go wrong, just go with the flow and don't let anything ruin the best day of your life; remember... it's the only one in which everything is about you and the love of your life.

Finally, if you or your guest are afraid to choose Cartagena because it's in Colombia, DON'T BE! Cartagena is a charming and enchanted city full of history, which turns your wedding into the protagonist of a fairy tale witnessed by almost five centuries. There wasn't a moment, we didn't wish to have presence the initiation of this city, to have lived in the time of pirates, but if you close your eyes and listen, you will realize every second you spend in Cartagena is a moment in history.
The idea that our kids will be able to visit this city decades from now and still make part of our history, even after we are gone, makes us realize we will always be alive through the people we love and the city that witnessed our love decades or centuries before."

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Ceremony: Santo Domingo Church
Reception: Casa Pombo




Cakes/Candies Vendor:

Elsy Salgado de Figueroa

Cartagena,, Colombia

"I can't say enough great things about Elsy and her cakes. She is the sweetest and most professional lady. My husband decided to change the entire cake 2 days before the wedding and although our cake was already made, she had no problem letting him change it. In one word, Elsy and her team are awesome!!!"

Ceremony Musician:

Andrea Giraldo - Ceremony Musician - Dg 30 N 30c 25 B/ Armenia, Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia

Andrea Giraldo Bernal

Dg 30 N 30c 25 B/ Armenia
Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
314 555 6227 - 300 881 7841

"Hi. I got married in Cartagena back in October of 2010 and Felipe Madariaga was just too high for our budget. I looked in the internet and found a group of music teachers from a local school and decided to give them a try. I spoke to Andrea Giraldo Bernal and she agreed to do an audition as soon as I got to Cartagena. The morning we arrived, we met at her school and listened to six more teachers play all the church music we chose. There also was a soprano teacher and they sounded beautiful. We hired them, gave them a small deposit and trusted them to arrive in time and well dressed. The day of my wedding as I walked down the isle, I was in heaven listening to my wedding march and they looked very professional. The played about 8 songs, including the march, the Ave Maria, and a special dedication to my husband: Hasta Mi Final. It was the best decision I made and highly recommend them. You can find her on facebook, e-mail her at: clauditagiraldo2005@hotmail.com, or call her at +57 3008817841 Mobile, +57 3118068399 Mobile, +57 3116717682 Mobile."


Carmen Cecilia Cayon Wedding Planning - Coordinator - Cartagena (Colombia) - Miami (USA), COLOMBIA-USA

Carmen Cecilia Cayon

Cartagena (Colombia) - Miami (USA),, COLOMBIA-USA
+57 (320) 4885126 / +1 (305) 8151080

"I found Carmen through this site and her reviews amazed me. Our communication through-out the year of planning was done primarily over the phone, but we did fly into Cartagena to meet with her. She took us to meet the different vendors available and even planned a tasting with Capilla de Mar; needless to say we were very impressed with her. We arrived in Cartagena 6 days before the wedding and met with Carmen 2 days later to go over every detail of the wedding and the vendor list. The day of the wedding she was at the church when I arrived and stayed until near the end of the party. Our overall experience with her was pleasant and I believe her assistance and experience are a great asset to anyone planning a wedding from far away."


Playa Producciones

amberes 3er callejon numero 2961
Cartagena, 1234, Colombia
057 6622060

"Ricardo with Playa Producciones was great. We met 3 days before the weddiggn and went over my list of requests with no problem. Daniel was our DJ and he played exactly what we asked, so we were very pleased... he is really good! We also had a Trio of old spanish guitar music and they played beautiful. I highly recommend Playa Producciones, but my only advise is to make sure to ask Ricardo to dress his technicians properly and tell them to be out of sight for the pictures and video. I knew of this problem before hand from another bride, so I spoke to him and he made sure his people were properly dressed."


Andres Cortes

Cartagena,, Colombia

"Andres is quite expensive, but accomodated his proposal in a way to meet our budget. The quality of the flowers was great and the overall result beautiful. He was there at the time of the ceremony and even at the house where the reception was held. I felt he gave our wedding his undivided attention and really appreciate that. If you have a high decoration budget, definately use him; if your budget is low, ask him to work with you."


Antonio Florez Fotografia - Photographer - Barrio Manga, Calle del Bouquet, Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia

Antonio Florez

Barrio Manga
Calle del Bouquet
Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia

"Antonio and his wife Vilma are amazing. I was a little afraid about his photography being very traditional and I wanted more of an edge, but at the end he did an amazing job. I also realized the point of getting married in the historic site of Cartagena is to have classic and traditional photography, otherwise it will take away from the old theme. In conclusion, I was very happy with my photos, Antonio has a great administrative and production team. You won't be dissapointed!"


Iglesia Santo Domingo - Ceremony - Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia

Santo Domingo Church

"ummmmm....what to say about Santo Domingo? THE GOOD.....The church is amazing, I believe the most beautiful in Cartagena and it is also the oldest. THE BAD..... The priest and the admisnistrator are very stubborn and old fashion, although very polite. The priest didn't allow another priest to marry us, because the request was not properly done in writting by my wedding planner. Also, the church had 2 huge ladders in the altar, which ruined most of my pictures; a big lack of attention to detail from the church staff and the wedding production team."


Casa Pombo - Reception - Roman, Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia

Casa Pombo

"Casa Pombo was a beautiful setting for an intimate wedding. I had 52 guest and although at first it seems small, I believe it was the perfect size for us. I would definately recommend looking at another place if you have more guest."


Hotel Zaguan de la Huerta

"The hotel is very charming. It is located inside the walled city and the staff is really great. They have 16 rooms but only about 6 of them are big enough and really nice, the others are very small and not really worth the regular room rate. We rented the entire hotel but were without electricity or a/c on and off for a couple of days, including the wedding day, so needless to say most people were quite upset. Unfortunately it seems the energy transformer just couldn't handle all the a/c's running, so it finally blew up! The breakfast it's really good and even with all the inconveniances, we had a blast; afterwall what can you expect form a town that is almost 500 years old! The only thing the hotel needs a little more care from the owners, the a/c's need tune up and the rooms need to be checked for mold. The humidity is so high in Cartagena, so although it's normal to smell it, some of the rooms should be checked. Even with all the bad I highly recommend this place."




Islas del Rosario

"Enjoy a beautiful beach day!"


Las Bovedas

"Hand made crafts for sale!"



"India Catalina monument"



"San Felipe de Barajas Castle"



"Cerro de la Popa (Convent)"