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August, 2008 in Boise

"I am a very picky bride with high expectations. I left honest reviews here to help other brides have the perfect day."


Reception: Red Lion Hotel Downtowner




Cakes/Candies Vendor:

Pastry Perfection

5855 N Glenwood St
Boise, ID, United States

"GREAT!!!! I had this vendor's cake at a friend's wedding, and it was one of the best I'd ever had. Moist, etc. So we took our business to them. Would you believe that I got quotes for the cake I wanted from Greg Marsh for $3.75 a slice??? But I got it from them at $1.50 a slice. Beautiful job. The cake was exactly how I'd envisioned it. They gave me unlimited numbers of flavors for filling and cake at no extra charge. They arrived on time, and were just great. Great. Great."


Treasure Valley Event Company

Boise, Idaho, USA

"I personally liked this company. Apparently they did some bad things, and left town. But when I had them, they were attentive, and great at coordinating my event. They did my invitations (through Carlson Craft), my linens and chair covers and sashes, my flowers, including my bouquet, centerpieces, everything, and they coordinated my vendors. My bridal bouquet was gorgeous and everything I'd hoped it would be. And I felt that they were incredibly well priced compared to other coordinators, but not too cheap so I knew I was still going to have quality. I was disappointed however, that the corsages were not done correctly. I'd been very specific about the corsages, and for some reason they ended up single flowered and looking like a boutonneire. ugh. The centerpieces were great though. Good job overall."


Aardvark Entertainment

2230 S Cole Rd, ste 140
Boise, ID, United States

"Very very great to work with. Much better than Dj Dave. He's not cheesy, they dress appropriately, and they're never annoying. They don't play obnoxious songs, and they have a great sound system (well at least the one I had was.) They take time with you, picking out your songs, and are very thorough. I was a bit frustrated though because I did ask him to avoid two songs that he ended up playing for some reason. But it wasn't that big of a deal. When it came time for the garter toss, he was very chill and just told the boys they weren't aloud to let it touch the ground. None of that lame jeering stuff... or LET's GET READY TO RUMBLE stuff. It was very elegant, and I had numerous compliments on the music choice (which we actually picked out just about every last song he played.) The music wasn't too loud or overwhelming either. Also, they did our lighting for us, which added a HUGE amount to the appearance of the reception. It was gorgeous. So if you want any kind of lighting, work with these guys, they are brilliant."

Honeymoon Vendor:

Global Travel

350 N Milwaukee St # 2045
Boise, ID, United States
(208) 375-6800‎

"Loved Peggy. We were a MESS about our honeymoon, and in one afternoon she took care of everything. She is a no-nonsense kind of lady, and will get right down to the point. She sent us to Jamaica, to a Sandals resort, and we loved every minute of it. She knows what she's doing. I will use her again."


Serendipity Studios

Meridian, ID, US

"BEWARE!!! Had a number of guests at the wedding complain about her behavior and she quickly earned the nickname "the Nazi". She was very efficient however, and the family session went very smoothly. I was very very disappointed that she didn't get pictures of any of my centerpieces, which is where the majority of my money went, and she didn't get pictures of my dad and I walking down the aisle from the front. She was there the whole day, from beginning to end, which I loved, but I would say that her photography skills were excellent for everything except the reception. For some reason, she just lacked there. She is WAYYY too expensive for what you get. Go with Fuller Photography, or someone along those lines. If you ever go to this ladie's house you will realize why she's charging so much for so little. She is paying off all of the equipment she bought upfront. I would like to mention that I have very high standards, as I am a photographer myself. So that may factor into how you view my review. Another thing is that we purchased the Love Story option and were devastated when we realized that we were only going to get one image out of that, and the rest were going to be deleted, and never ever seen again. I'm still heartbroken about that, because there were some images I really loved. They do give you a CD of all images in a 4x6 quality, but her border is on all of them, and her signature as well, and none of them are edited so to speak. An 8x10 is $79. It's basically a rip off. Also, I spent a LOT of time trying to get my way with her. I didn't want my family to have to stand outside in August heat to get their pictures taken. I wanted everything to be very photojournalistic and modern, EXCEPT for the portraits of my whole family. I wanted those to be traditional. I received an email that very bluntly said that I was out of luck, because I'd hired a non-traditional photographer. *sigh. I eventually got my way, and they turned out very good. However, she didn't get a single picture of my parents together. Bizarre. Avoid. Just avoid this vendor."

Registry Vendor:

Bed Bath and Beyond

Charleston, OR, USA

"LOVE BBB. They are incredibly customer friendly. You can return ANYTHING with or without the gift receipt. You can update your registry online... They have high quality products, like fine china, also Waterford, and they have holiday items, just basically EVERYTHING you can think of. If you've never been to a BBB, go to their website and take a look around. Competitively priced, and good quality."


Family Documentaries

Ste 168, 3200 N Lakeharbor Ln
Boise, ID, United States

"I loved these guys. They filmed the ceremony in a simple fashion, and got the details I wanted, which is what mattered. They are by the hour. They are not "movie" producers. They capture every word you say, because they mic your husband so you two can be heard clearly on tape. They do not edit extensively. But they get the memories on tape, and that's all I wanted for what I could afford."

Reception Venue:

Red Lion Hotel Downtowner

Boise, ID, USA

"I was AMAZED at this vendor. OUTSTANDING! The food was presented in an incredibly gorgeous way... I was not at all prepared for it to look that superb. There was a chef with a full blown chef's hat, and the food was incredible. Honestly it was really good. I know Red Lion's vary, but this one is fantastic. They ran out of some of our food, and replaced it with expensive shrimp kabobs! People raved. They had staff that were dressed nice who cleaned up plates for our guests, and dished out our cake. There was no cake cutting fee. They had a bar that was reasonably priced... I ended up spending about $12 a person for cheese platter, fruit platter, turkey and ham, sliced by a carving chef, shrimp, noodles, and I believe tuxedo strawberries. It was incredible. The venue itself was very very accommodating and well priced. They were laid back, and very professional at the same time. No extra fees for a power cord, or the dance floor. Tables and chairs are provided... man it was incredible. And I'm a picky bride."