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Address: 5315 High St W
Portsmouth, VA, United States
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Virginia Beach Wedding In May
Virginia Beach   |   May, 2009   |   Honeymoon

"Robin is a friend of mine, so I thought for sure we would be getting the best deal, but turns out we didn't AT ALL! We paid more than anyone that we talked to while we were there. In fact we paid more than people staying at the nicer hotels on the island! We stayed at the Occidental Grande in Aruba and it smelled musty, the employees were not that friendly, the buffet food was awful, and the beds were like sleeping on a concrete slab! Also, we were not told that there is a dress code to get into the other restaurants at the hotel, and since my 6'7" husband did not bring slacks or closed toed shoes we could only eat at the buffet and one other restaurant, which unless you mnade reservations as soon as you got there, you weren't getting in to! Thankfully, the hotel was oversold and asked us to move next door to the Hyatt, which was beautiful, so besides eating the same buffet every night at least we had a more comfortable bed. Just be warey of what questions you ask when booking it and be sure to research it! We were so busy with the wedding, I overlooked the importance of researching the honeymoon destination!"


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5315 High St W
Portsmouth, VA, United States