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Categories: Registry, Wedding Fashion, Jewelry/Accessories
Address: 1800 W Mercury Blvd
Hampton, VA, United States
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22 reviews
35 weddings

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Emily and Shane's Wedding
Roanoke   |   May, 2015   |   Registry

"Lots of great deals and promotions with a Macy's registry."

Annalise and Dixy's Wedding
Incline Village   |   August, 2012   |   Wedding Fashion

"Great mother of the bride choices. Easy to order and return to a store."

Melbourne Wedding In April
Melbourne   |   April, 2012   |   Registry

Meagan & Nick's Wedding
Virginia Beach   |   October, 2011   |   Registry

"Easy to use, great variety, and reward you with discounts on items your guests didn't purchase."

Mackinaw City Wedding In August
Mackinaw City   |   August, 2011   |   Registry

"Who doesn't love Macy's? They make you feel very special when you register! Unfortunately not a lot of northern Michigan folks go to Macy's so any gifts had to be ordered online, so we didn't get as many items as we had registered for from there."

Danielle and John's Wedding
Stony Brook   |   April, 2011   |   Registry

"We decided on Macy's for the location of our registry, however we were so disappointed with the variety at the Smith Haven Location. Our registry barely had 20 items. We had not had the time to make it to the 34th St location even though we lived and worked in nyc. I wish I had forced myself to register at 34th street."

Amanda and Todd's Wedding
Kalamazoo   |   October, 2010   |   Registry

"Great! They have a completion program that is wonderful! We went to the Macy's in Chicago to register so we could see and feel more things. It was great wandering around the huge old Marshal Field's. The staff there was very helpful and very nice."

michele and jon's Wedding
Hutchinson   |   August, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"Top quality service at the Minneapolis location. From day one to my final fitting they went above and beyond for me. Every person there is pleasant, professional and not pushy!! LOVED THEM! They didn't have a great bridesmaid selection so I went elsewhere but for bridal gowns they were great, big selection in multiple price ranges and lots of accessories and veils! Alterations were fabulous and again not pushy!"

College Park Wedding In August
College Park   |   August, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Beth and David's Wedding
Joliet   |   August, 2010   |   Registry

Caroline and Mark's Wedding
Columbus   |   June, 2010   |   Registry

"I went to the Macys Wedding Event Night! It was so enjoyable. Catering and DJ Services were on site with refreshments and samples of music. The food was excellent and the music enjoyable. Plenty of associates were on hand for help with registering and making recommendations for items needed for the home. We were given portable scanners to scan items that we wanted. Clinique was also giving make-up tips for the wedding day and suggesting colors. At the end of the evening we were given a goodie bag with coupons and gift cards for restaurants and wedding day needs. Clinique also gave samples of make-up and skin care."

Caroline and Mark's Wedding
Columbus   |   June, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"Associate was so helpful in finding the brides maid dresses that we wanted. Offered us friends and family discount that we were not aware of. Dresses were beautiful, unique and of good workmanship. Reasonably priced before discount! I love Macy's!"

Jamestown Wedding In May
Jamestown   |   May, 2010   |   Registry

"We did all registry online. Easy website to use, manage and purchase from. Great sales and discounts from time to time. Large selection in many price ranges."

Karin and Clint's Wedding
Lafayette   |   April, 2010   |   Registry

"They have good quality products but no one who works in the fine china and home department is very helpful or knows how to use their own registry system. We had several complaints from guests who wanted to buy from them, but could not get help."

Wedding Eve!!
Clinton   |   October, 2009   |   Registry

"Macy's takes care of you like no other store. Plus they have a great rewards program! Their products are a little pricey, but they often have sales..."

Desiree and Bobby's Wedding
San Diego   |   September, 2009   |   Registry

"Macy's Mission Valley's Home store they are so nice."

haley and robert's Wedding
Erie   |   July, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"Not in Erie, but Macy's bridal salon in Chicago was just wonderful. I paid a lot of money for my dress, but it was just stunning, and everyone kept telling me how beautiful it was (haha I know everyone has to say that, but still). My consultant was very friendly and personable. I would definitely recommend them."

Shannon and John's Wedding
Dublin   |   March, 2009   |   Registry

"Good experience but alot of things went clearance very quickly we registered for."

Cajas-Boone Wedding
Gilbert   |   January, 2009   |   Registry

"Awesome store! Great deals!"

Valerie and Scott's Wedding
Orlando   |   November, 2008   |   Registry

"I registered here because I really wanted the martha stewart blue color for my kitchenaid mixer. I wasn't overly thrilled with the service. I kept getting emails (or not even getting an email sometimes) that certain products were being discontinued and were automatically taken off my list. This happened about 4 times over the course of the wedding. Very anoying - i didnt have time to just keep registering!!"

Diana and Vasilis's Wedding
San Francisco   |   October, 2008   |   Registry

"great selection, we got all of our china from Macys."

Rachel and Noel's Wedding
Traverse City   |   October, 2008   |   Registry

"we liked the Macy's registry -- easy to use and the point really add up! our problem was that our style doesn't really fit with much of their offerings!"

Lauren and Jonathan's Wedding
Alexandria   |   July, 2008   |   Registry

"I didn't like that I couldn't register for everything I wanted at Macy's, through the Macy's website. Additionally, if an item isn't on sale, the price can be a little outrageous. That being said, buying from this registry was really convenient for a lot of my guests, and Macy's is always having Home sales. I think a lot of our items were on sale almost the entire time our registry was up. I also loved how I got 20% off the completion of my registry during one of their sales, and this does not include the 10% off credit I can use one time for an online purchase, and the 10% off credit I can use one time in the store. I also got a lot of bonus items by buying my pots & pans and knives"

Courtney and Alan's Wedding
Marshall   |   June, 2008   |   Registry

Cape Charles Wedding In May
Cape Charles, Virginia   |   May, 2008   |   Registry

"SOOO annoying and hard to reach anyone. Return policy is store credit only. 10% completion but only on items that were already on your list...DON'T go with them."

Kimberly and Jeffrey 's Wedding
Mason   |   April, 2008   |   Registry

"Macy's had the most freebies from different manufactures. they tend to brush over this part of registering when you go. Look at the freebies that you can get and let it influence your decisions somewhat - after all you get free stuff, like bowls to match your china- nothing's better than free!"

Alison and Imran's Wedding
Minneapolis   |   August, 2007   |   Registry

"It was really hard to find things to register for her - I strongly recommend Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn instead."

Saint Cloud Wedding In October
St Cloud   |   October, 2011   |   Registry

Empress Events Wedding In September
Empress Events, 310 Harbor Dr. Sausalito, Ca.   |   September, 2011   |   Registry

Cortney and Randy's Wedding
Naples   |   December, 2010   |   Registry

Youngstown Wedding In July
Youngstown   |   July, 2010   |   Registry Locations

Patty and Lee's Wedding
The Woodlands   |   April, 2010   |   Jewelry/Accessories

Monique and William's Wedding
Tucson   |   April, 2009   |   Registry

Tuyet and Ariel's Wedding
Somerville   |   February, 2009   |   Registry

Jennifer and Avi's Wedding
North Miami Beach   |   December, 2008   |   Registry

San Antonio Tx Wedding In March
san antonio tx   |   March, 2008   |   Registry



1800 W Mercury Blvd
Hampton, VA, United States