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Categories: Reception Sites, Ceremony Sites, Ceremony & Reception
Address: 3207 W Cuthbert Ave
Midland, TX, United States
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Zach and Shawna's Wedding
Midland   |   March, 2011   |   Reception Venue

"Absolutely awful. The contract is so convoluted and so confusing (we had the family lawyer examine it and even he felt it was vague and misleading) and the people will treat you awful. We were so tired of feeling used that we were set to cancel our reception. They made it so difficult that it had my wife in tears. The owner claimed that she was a family friend to my wife, so if she treated us that way, buyer beware. The cost for the space is outrageous for what you get (an plain room with for walls). The decorations are ungodly priced ($45 per tablecloth is ridiculous). They were going to charge us $20 for a glass vase with a floating candle as a centerpiece. We were set to have an outdoor reception and they told us initially that they would move it indoors if need be. As the day approached, they changed their tune and told us we would have to do the moving (not what they originally told us). They were going to charge us $300 for heaters for outdoors. After cancellation they were exceptionally rude. Grooms and Brides...there are uch better places out there than what you get from here. Trust me...we would have been soooo disappointed if we had our reception here...we're so thankful we didn'. They were ready to screw us over because we were "young"."

Rachel and Adrian's Wedding
Midland   |   June, 2010   |   Reception Venue

"I was very disappointed. It all started the day after we booked the place. Everytime I went in to see what I wanted for my wedding there were 3 different people we had to deal with. Vicki would say one thing and then Shellie would do another. The other lady was just lost and rude. I couldnt just go in when I had time they said I had to have an appointment or I would be charged after 15 minutes of their time. The tableclothes were so expensive I ended up paying 1200.00 for them. My decorations were going to be 4000.00 just for a vase and floating candles with flowers. They took it in their own hands to call one vender for us and told me a different price day of wedding I had to come up with 500.00 more and the vender had tried calling and Vicki refused to give me the phone. The day of reception Vicki stated that not all the food could be plugged in because of the breakers and that I couldnt put my roasters on their tablecloths or I would be charged if they got burnt. Well one of my bridesmaids noticed that several of the tableclothes had holes and took pictures. This is something they dont tell you until you get there. O and my colors were burgendy and black and I was told by Vicki that I could only get black tableclothes because she wasnt going to make the extra cost for the burgendy because I couldnt decide on what decorations I wanted. So day of wedding they only set out black tableclothes. My DJ couldnt set up like he wanted to Vicki gave him a table and that is it. How is a DJ able to put up his equipment without tables. Also day of Wedding Vicki was over charging me for security. My contract said one thing and she wanted more money. The air condition was set at 75 and it took alot for them to turn it air down. They talk bad about vendors and dont have much of a selection.If you are wanting a nice wedding dont have it at the Cuthbert Mansion."

Michelle and Patrick's Wedding
Midland   |   June, 2010   |   Ceremony Venue

"Look no further Lady's this truely is the place to make all your dreams come true!"

Michelle and Patrick's Wedding
Midland   |   June, 2010   |   Reception Venue

"THIS IS THE ONLY EVENT VENUE IN MIDLAND TO GET MARRIED AT!! I was just married at The Cuthbert Mansion in Midland, Texas. I must say it is the most exquisite venue in the permian basin. The owners bent over backwards and worked with my budget to make everything perfect. When I realized I had forgotten my guest book at home Ron Branum (an Owner)took time out of his day and came back up to the Mansion and allowed me to go into the store and pick out a guest book and pay him when I got back from my honeymoon. There is two other owners there that where always accomodating and had a smile to go with their amazing service. No matter how many times I changed my mind or had questions they sat down with me and allowed me to take as much of their time as I needed. When I arrived to the Cuthbert Mansion to get dressed everyone that worked there asked if there anything they could do for me.(Superb Service) I was shown to the cooler so that I could get a peek at my beautiful flower arrangements. They blew my mind away; I have traveled all over the United States and been to some of the most prestigious flowers shops....... Flowers By Design is everything those shop are and more. As the day progressed, the ballrooms where flattered with flowers, soft music, and candle lites to set the perfect wedding atmosphere. This will sound cliche but I felt like cinderella at the ball. Everything was perfect and more than I could have ever dreamed was possible. There is NOTHING I would change or redo on the most perfect day of my life. Take my advice and let Weddings By Design and The Cuthbert Mansion make your wedding day a perfect one. Thank you so much Weddings By Design and The Cuthbert Mansion."

Jessica and Matthew's Wedding
Midland   |   July, 2009   |   Reception

"I was very disappointed with our venue choice (Cuthbert Mansion). First they make you get a lot of your items through them and will mark them up 200% so they can make a hefty profit. Like table cloths for example, they rent them from somewhere else but if you want to use tablecloths, you have no other choice, and they charge $35-$60 per table cloth as well as make you pay for shipping. They also talk bad about vendors that are not on their recommended vendor listing which I think is absolutely awful. The girl that was in charge of my wedding told me that she was going to be there that day to put out the chairs, tables, etc. and I found out 2 days before hand that she was out of town and would not be there. I guess she also did not leave instructions on how many chairs were supposed to be at each table because they sat 8 chairs per table when we had talked about having 10 chairs. When my guests showed up, some had no where to sit and the security guards could not get to any extra chairs. It was also very hot in there, when the DJ went with security to look at the temperature, it was on 78. They told us there was nothing they could do about it and Cuthbert Mansion had told us it would be on 69. There was also another event that took place during our wedding. I specifically asked them if they had problems in the past where members of other parties “crashed” weddings. They told me no, but sure enough we had a girl who was drunk from the other party come into our wedding, get a drink, walk through the buffet line and proceed to sit down at one of our tables. When we asked security to remove her, they stayed in the room and talked with her a while before they actually made her leave. I was very highly disappointed with this venue, you would think these kind of things would not happen when you pay so much to make your day perfect. I would recommend looking elsewhere when choosing a venue."

Jessica and Harlan's Wedding
Midland   |   May, 2009   |   Ceremony

"Beauty beyond belief!!! I couldn't think of a more beautiful place to get married. Although, they are a bit expensive and the ladies were a little difficult to work with at times."

Midland Wedding In September
Midland   |   September, 2011   |   Reception

Caitlin and Bo's Wedding
Midland   |   July, 2011   |   Ceremony

Odessa Wedding In September
Odessa   |   September, 2009   |   Ceremony

Jessica and Harlan's Wedding
Midland   |   May, 2009   |   Ceremony & Reception

Andrea and Victor 's Wedding
Odessa   |   December, 2008   |   Reception

Kristen and Michael's Wedding
Midland Texas   |   November, 2007   |   Reception

Kristen and Michael's Wedding
Midland Texas   |   November, 2007   |   Ceremony

Michael and Kristen's Wedding
MIDLAND, TEXAS   |   November, 2007   |   Reception

Michael and Kristen's Wedding
Midland   |   November, 2007   |   Ceremony

Michael and Kristen's Wedding
Midland   |   November, 2007   |   Reception


Cuthbert Mansion

3207 W Cuthbert Ave
Midland, TX, United States

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