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Category: Cakes/Candies
Address: Houston, TX, USA
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Houston Wedding In March
Houston   |   March, 2011   |   Cakes/Candies

Ashley and Dustin's Wedding
Tomball   |   July, 2010   |   Cakes/Candies

"We went with Heavenly Sweet Treats for our groom's cake. A friend made my wedding cake as a gift for us. We ordered a cake in the shape of the Dallas Cowboy's helmet. The day of the wedding I called to verify when she would be arriving with the cake. She did not answer. The street to our venue was blocked off because of an explosion at a neighboring building so I had called her to tell her to leave early because there would be traffic and to give her alternate directions. She did not answer so I left a detailed message. I called again when I was on my way to the venue (she should have already delivered the cake by then) and she finally picked up the phone. I explained the situation and asked if she got my message. She said that she had not heard the message but could not leave yet! She assured me that she would be there but asked if she could set up the cake DURING the ceremony just in case. I told her that she absolutely could not set up during the ceremony since our ceremony and reception were in the same room. I paid her to be there at 4:30 and that is what time she needed to be there. The wedding began at 6:00 and there was no groom's cake to be found. The reception began around 6:45 and still no cake. She finally showed up while we were eating dinner but did not have a cake with her. She said that she was involved in an accident and the cake got messed up. She asked if it would be alright to bring it at 9:00 after she fixed it. What could I say at that point?! She did return around 9:00 with the cake but it was not a pretty sight. It was not the cake I had envisioned. I was thankful to have had my friend make my wedding cake because it was gorgeous. The groom's cake was embarrassing. To this day, I'm not sure if I believe her car accident story or if she just forgot to make my cake until I called on the way to the wedding and then scrambled for an excuse. Either way the cake arrived 4 hours late and was not worth the money we spent on it!"


Heavenly Sweet Treats

Houston, TX, USA