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Category: Wedding Fashion
Address: Galveston, TX, USA
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Galveston   |   November, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"So, Panache Bridal totally saved my wedding!!!!! 2 weeks before the wedding, I picked up my wedding dress from the alterations shop - and it as covered in stains and looked like a blind monkey had attacked it with a sewing machine. My fiance called a million dress shops to find out if anyone could order a new one in time. PANACHE WAS THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT COULD ORDER MY DRESS ON A RUSH! They found a way by having the dress shipped directly to the shop from China where it was cut and sewn. They were able to get my dress in time because they know their craft - they know their dress companies and how they work. Now, that's not to say I didn't pay dearly for the privilidge, but it was no where near as much as they could have fleeced me for if they wanted to. They knew I was over a barrel. But instead, they hugged me after they placed the order by phone in front of me and told me to take a deep breath and relax because it was all over with. When we didn't have a confirmation number a few days later, they put the phone I called on down on the counter and called the manufacturer on another phone so I could hear them talking to the maufacturer. I used their alterations lady (rosie I think), who was just as sweet as she could be with me. She did the alterations overnight for me. I was tearing up giving her the dress after the first fiasco, but they were just sweet and reassuring to me. They called me a couple times before and after the wedding to check on me and see that everything was alright."


Panache Bridal

Galveston, TX, USA

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