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COURTYARD VILLA RECEPTION HALL < this is my business >

Categories: Caterers, Reception Sites
Address: 1801 W Division St
Arlington, TX 76012
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Our Wedding
Dallas   |   September, 2009   |   Caterers

"The Courtyard Villa is very beautiful and the staff is very friendly. There were some disappointments--I asked for a head table and got a sweetheart table & instead of Ryan, the owner, correcting it he sent out one of employees to take the brunt of everything. Also I found him to be dishonest about a few things--I arrived there @ 1pm to look at how my cake turned out and to my surprise it wasn't there when I asked him about that he said he didnt know. I ended up calling the cake people on the spot only to find out that he told them to be there at a different time without clearing it with me and then he said "oh yeah I forgot I told them to come later." My DJ said he never returned any of his calls, as a result there was some confusion & I was going to end up not having a DJ for the entire length of the party. Ryan did correct this as he called a friend who did the DJing who filled in last minute and he was fantastic. I found Ryan to be very enthusiatic and helpful initially but his follow through was a little questionable toward the end. But if you stay on top of things I think you will be fine."

Arlington Wedding In September
Arlington   |   September, 2011   |   Reception


Courtyard Villa Reception Hall

1801 W Division St
Arlington, TX 76012