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Category: Photographers
Address: 3104 Grandview Drive
Simpsonville, SC, United States
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Mary and Andrew's Wedding
Charleston   |   July, 2012   |   Photographers

"I have used Amy as a photographer on multiple occasions, and prior to my wedding I would have recommended her to anyone. I did not even consider using another photographer for our big day. I had never seen nor heard of her photos coming out as anything less than amazing. Imagine my surprise when I received my photos and they looked more like I had paid a cousin with a photography hobby a hundred bucks to take my wedding photos than a professional $3000 to turn out awesome photos. While that was shockingly disappointing, I was even more disappointed by her lack of professional response. She contended there was nothing wrong with the photos and it was my own expectations that were the problem. What bride doesn't expect more than 216 photos from their big day (especially when they've shelled out $3000)? After having 3 professional photographers review the photos for me and assure me the problem was with the work and not my expectations, I approached the photographer again via email asking for restitution, and she did not even bother to respond. While the majority of her work looks amazing, its important to realize she's not infallible and that if its your wedding she screws up she doesn't intend on doing a thing about it. Everyone makes mistakes but a professional should be prepared to meet them head on. She's clearly not. She also took boudoir photos of me to give my husband prior to the wedding. Somehow the photos were erased before I ever received them. Since she volunteered to refund my money, I decided it wasn't that big of a deal. Almost 8 weeks later I received a check in the mail. I was shocked to see she had withheld $50 from my refund check because she had done my hair and makeup for the photos (for the photos! not for my prom!). I approached her requesting a FULL refund of money, especially since I had been so patient in receiving it, a matter she also has not bothered to respond to. Completely unprofessional is all I can say. Brides beware."

Morgan and Kevin's Wedding
Campobello   |   May, 2012   |   Photographers

"Oh my holy you are Fabulous!!! I love it! Thank you Amy for all your hard work you are absolutely the best artist I know!!!"


Elev8 Studio

3104 Grandview Drive
Simpsonville, SC, United States