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Address: Mt. Pleasant, SC, USA
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Todd and Erin's Wedding
Mt Pleasant   |   August, 2010   |   Photographers

"The day goes by in a whirlwind and you get to re-live your day through two key outlets: your photographs and the personal accounts of your guests. Therefore, photography is a top priority so that you may have a snapshot in time of all of your special moments, precise details and family presence! Richard and Gillian of Richard Ellis Photography were amazing! They took tons and tons of pictures and they were all so good! It was very hard to choose. On my Bridal shoot, it was raining and we were downtown; I was not discouraged and neither were they. He had a plan of his own based on what I told him I liked, but I had some things once we were downtown, that I wanted to do, and he was MORE than willing to accommodate my requests, even after 3 hours of shooting/waiting out showers! The day of our wedding, I was running around doing last minute errands (crazy, right?!), I really had no time to sit and build up any nerves or 'butterflies'! Todd, the groom, turned out to be the nervous one, because he had a lot of time in between the day's events to sit and take it all in. Gillian was with him and the groomsmen, the day-of, and Richard was with the bridesmaids and myself. Gillian was working her normal photography role, while also playing the role of therapist to keep the Groom focused and calm. He wasn't going to run away or anything, but he was really overwhelmed by family and chores and people, in general. You'll find out how much you can really be annoyed after 1,000 taps on your shoulder, asking questions, not listening to your answers and even tapping just simply to say hi. It can get very very tiring. Needless to say, Gillian was there for Todd, when the Bride could not be, due to tradition! :-) This shows how much they care, and they're not just there to take some photos and get a paycheck. Aside from this, the turnaround time for the deliverables is impeccable. To ice the cake, Richard did a few nice 'extras' that were not in our contract and we were not billed for. My colleague and friend got married and used a very popular photographer here in Charleston, who happened to be a former colleague herself. After her wedding, she ended up with all these hidden costs for things she didn't realize she wasn't getting with her contract. It appeared, they'd spent $4K on just having them shoot photos. There were no tangible items received after the shoot. So they ended up spending around $7K to get the discs after all was said and done. That is discouraging, when they were former colleagues and friends, and they were still very vague about the contract details-which you'd only expect from a stranger or unknown vendor. This was not the case with Richard Ellis, for us. Please know that this is a key element for your wedding day. Everything is pricey and you've paid in full when your big day arrives, then all of a sudden, day-of and thereafter, vendors come out of the woodwork billing you for extra 15minutes on the clock or tiny tangible things--it really can get out of hand. Its just nice to know that they are doing the 'extras' because they care, not because they're looking at the clock or their price guide to sneak extra expenses. Todd and I could not be more satisfied with Richard Ellis Photography’s professionalism and the end result photos that we will cherish for the rest of our lives!"

Todd and Erin's Wedding
Mt Pleasant   |   August, 2010   |   Photographers


Richard Ellis Photography

Mt. Pleasant, SC, USA