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Categories: Caterers, Restaurants, Brunch/Lunch
Address: 654 King St
Charleston County, SC 29403, US
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Our Wedding
Charleston   |   September, 2013   |   Caterers

"They could not have done anything else to achieve perfection. #1, the food is amazing - they are a relatively new and small local restaurant and already they have become somewhat of a legend in a town of foodies and celebrity chefs. #2, they could not have been easier to work with, or more accommodating. They don't have a "pick Tier 1 or Tier 2" type of catering menu - nope! They actually do what you want (ummm... definition of "catering"!!) and even prepared a special meal of no salt/sodium for my ailing grandmother who is on a very strict diet, and being that she is averse to anyone knowing she might need "help", they made sure to prepare her a meal of the same thing everyone else was having, just without salt, so nobody could see a difference. I am just blown away by the hospitality of this company! I absolutely adore everyone at Butcher & Bee!!"

Charleston Wedding In October
Charleston   |   October, 2015   |   Breakfast Brunch Restaurant

Charleston Wedding In August
Charleston   |   August, 2015   |   Restaurant


Butcher & Bee

654 King St
Charleston County, SC 29403, US