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Address: Fort San Felipe del Morro
San Juan,, PR
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Robert and Jessica's Wedding
Puerto Rico   |   November, 2014   |   Optional Adventure

"El Morro Fort, or officially Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, stands guard at the entrance to San Juan harbor as a reminder of a by-gone era when invading countries would attempt sea attacks to take this prized city and harbor. This beautiful 6-level fort was named in honor of Spain’s King Philip II. The Fort wasn’t initially built as the huge structure that you see today. It has gone through many enlargements and modifications, from the time it was first constructed by Spain through the time that it was occupied by the US Army. In 1493, Christopher Columbus (Cristobal Colon in Spanish) "discovered" Puerto Rico and claimed it for Spain. A little known fact is that Columbus called the whole island San Juan, in honor of Saint John the Baptist. Puerto Rico (puerto = "port" and rico = "rich") was the name given to what is known today as the Old San Juan area. It was only later that the names were reversed and the whole island became known as Puerto Rico.The admission fee is $3.00/person for ages 16 and older, Kids under 15 and under are free. If you plan on visiting both El Morro and San Cristobal forts, opt for the combination ticket that costs $5.00/person. Your National Park Service passes are valid here The San Juan harbor is naturally deep and safe, and Puerto Rico is in a strategic location, so it seemed that everyone wanted to call San Juan their own. After Spain claimed the island and started colonizing it, many pirates and privateers tried to invade to get the island and some of Spain’s riches! So Spain always had to fight to keep claim to the island. Constructed to defend the San Juan coastline during the 17th and 18th centuries, this dramatic fortress rises 140 feet above the sea on a rocky promontory, and is composed of six huge levels of ramps, barracks, dungeons, turrets, towers and tunnels"

San Juan Wedding In July
San Juan   |   July, 2013   |   Tourist Attraction

"Adults 16+ $3/person Kids 15 & under Free"

San Juan Wedding In April
San Juan   |   April, 2013   |   Attraction


Laurel and David's Wedding
San Juan   |   May, 2012   |   Ceremony

Paola and Brent's Wedding
San Juan   |   October, 2011   |   Attraction

"El Morro is Puerto Rico's best known fortress. Spanish troops fortified this 'morro'. which means 'promontory', to keep seaborne enemies out of San Juan. Today this dramatic castle welcomes multitudes of arriving cruise ships and aircraft to the bussiest port in the Caribbean. Over two million visitors a year explore theme windswept ramparts and pageways, where the history of 400 years of Spain in Puerto Rico comes alive."

Janine and John's Wedding
San Juan   |   August, 2010   |   Attraction

"El Morro, officially known as Fuerte San Felipe del Morro, sits atop a high promontory overlooking the entrance to San Juan Bay. Open: Everyday from 9am-5pm"

Carey and Kyle 's Wedding
San Juan   |   May, 2010   |   Attraction

"El Morro, the word itself sounds powerful and this six-level fortress certainly is. Begun in 1540 and completed in 1589. San Felipe del Morro was named in honor of King Phillip II. Most of the walls in the fort today were added later, in a period of tremendous construction from the 1760's-1780's. Rising 140 feet above the sea, its 18-foot-thick wall proved a formidable defense. It fell only once, in 1598, to a land assault by the Earl of Cumberland's forces. The fort is a maze of tunnels, dungeons, barracks, outposts and ramps. El Morro is studded with small, circular sentry boxes called "garitas" that have become a national symbol. The views of San Juan Bay from El Morro are spectacular. The area was designated a National Historic Site in February, 1949 with 74 total acres. It has the distinction of being the largest fortification in the Caribbean. In 1992, the fortress was restored to its historical form in honor of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of Puerto Rico by Christopher Columbus. El Morro Fortress is a National Historic Site administered by the National Park Service. The fort is open to the public daily from 9am to 5pm; (787) 729-6960."

J and A
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico   |   March, 2009   |   Attraction

"National Historic Site"

Diane and Kyle 's Wedding
San Juan   |   June, 2008   |   Attraction

"Fort San Felipe del Morro —or El Castillo San Felipe del Morro in Spanish— is a sixteenth-century citadel which lies on the northwestern-most point of the islet of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Named in honor of King Philip II of Spain, the fort, also referred to as "El Morro" or "promontory", was designed to guard the entrance to San Juan bay, and defend the city of San Juan from seaborne enemies. In 1983, the fort was declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations and is part of San Juan National Historic Site. Over two million visitors a year explore the windswept ramparts and passageways making the fort one of Puerto Rico's main visitor attractions."

Diane and Kyle 's Wedding
San Juan   |   June, 2008   |   Ceremony

"Picture perfect! Amazing old fort at the end of Old San Juan overlooking the water. Not too easy to reserve- you have to book with the National Park Service. Decorations aren't allowed. They prefer smaller groups. We had about 20. We found they're more leniant if you do it on the grass outside the actual fort. You can then pay the $3 admission fee to go in the fort and take pictures. We gave our guests admission passes and they explored while we took pictures. It worked out well for everyone. Be warned,its windy!! Also, it's very warm. You'll want to hand out water to all your guests. Only fee was $50 permit application plus site insurance that cost a few hundred. You may have to pay for park personnel as well. Only downside- there's not much in terms or rain location. We had no problems, but they said if it did rain, we could just wait until it passed."

San Juan Wedding In April
San Juan   |   April, 2013   |   Attraction

Puerto Rico Wedding In July
Puerto Rico   |   July, 2012   |   Attraction

Photography Locations
San Juan   |   March, 2012   |   Sunday Pic Locations

San Juan Wedding In March
San Juan   |   March, 2012   |   Attraction

San Juan Wedding In October
San Juan   |   October, 2010   |   Attraction

Our Wedding
San Juan   |   October, 2010   |   Attraction

Our Wedding
San Juan   |   September, 2010   |   Attraction

Maricel and Ranil 's Wedding
San Juan   |   March, 2009   |   Attraction

Yvette and Jonathan's Wedding
Pinones, Puerto Rico   |   November, 2008   |   Attraction

Maria del Mar and Miguel Jose's Wedding
San Juan   |   August, 2008   |   Turism


El Morro

Fort San Felipe del Morro
San Juan,, PR

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