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we have been in business for over 20 years and serve the North East PA area.

Category: DJs
Address: 316 South Market Street
Shamokin, PA 17872, USA
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Our Wedding
Bloomsburg   |   July, 2012   |   DJs

"I would just like to thank Power House for doing a wonderful job for my wedding. I was very impressed with the job they’ve done!!! I have a wide variety of guest, ranging from children to my grandparents (lol). I have to admit that I was a little concerned but they made it absolutely wonderful. They had the everyone dancing the night away!!! The DJ that was there was very friendly and played everything that we wanted. The sound and lights were amazing!!! I could not ask for anything else from Power House, they went above and beyond for me. They made me feel very comfortable as well as all of my guests! I would just like to thank you again. BTW I’ll be referring everyone to your company whether it be for a birthday party or a big event like a wedding!! One happy bride and her family!!"

Ray and Eileen's Wedding
Bloomsburg   |   July, 2012   |   DJs

"I would certainly not only consider Powerhouse Sound but definitely go with Powerhouse Sound! When screening our choices of DJ's Powerhouse Sound was the first company to respond promptly with details and specific answers to all our questions with a very affordable price. John and Powerhouse Sound met all the criteria. We felt so comfortable with Powerhouse Sound that we went with them simply through emailing and talking over the phone, we didn't even have to meet. We took that saved time and energy in meeting to make sure the million other things were taken care of. There were minimal, if any, complications throughout the whole process from beginning to end. The DJ's announced the bridal party's names to the "t" and the older people in the crowd was very pleased that the speakers were loud, clear and free of static and "pops." The bubble machine was a pleasant surprise which created a very romantic, fun atmosphere during our well introduced first song "Then". We were then even given a couple maracas during the conga song, it was great and the people of all ages loved it! The DJ played every song we requested and planned on playing while organizing the list through email and phone. One part that really impressed us was that if the DJ had any questions or concerns with individual parts of the reception he immediately, and discretely asked either me, my wife or a member of the bridal party for clarity; he even asked us if we would like a drink before he announced our names - good man! We realized, when introducing the best before his speech, that we put the wrong name down on the paper (silly me), but the DJ noticed the mistake and corrected it without shame and keeping the guests happy and comfortable. We were very happy that every song requested to play by our guests was immediately on the computer at hand and instantly played, not just put on the bottom of the play list. The DJ and his staff were very prepared and trained to face and fix every situation! As for the professionalism of Powerhouse Sound, we were more than happy and even impressed. The DJ and staff were very well dressed and groomed. The were well mannered and treated all of our guests like a VIP. The reports and comments of the DJ from all of our guests and other vendors were nothing but positive and well received. They were very considerate of all our guests, mobile and immobile, alive and deceased. I loved when they played relaxing music during the dinner and had very smooth transitions between songs that flowed well. We had a wide variety and ages of guests at our wedding due to our large family on each side and surprisingly they were all happy and had their fair share of dance songs. The younger ones had some lessons on the old style dance moves and the older ones were up for the challenge on modern day hits. Overall we felt Powerhouse sound was prepared, professional, well planned and well polished. They most certainly got the job done in great detail. Have a great time and go with Powerhouse Sound!"

Lewisburg Wedding In July
Lewisburg   |   July, 2011   |   DJs

"I would tread carefully if considering Powerhouse Sound. When we were initially deciding upon a DJ, we screened our choices with a number of questions ranging from experience to company stability. Powerhouse Sound met all the criteria, as far as we could tell. Our experience goes to show you that meeting your vendors in-person is almost always a better method than through e-mail or even over the phone. While all-in-all our wedding reception did go well, it was not without some complications. Within the DJ's scope of responsibility, here is where we think they fell short: 1) The DJ's announcement of the bridal party's names was a bit tardy because of equipment malfunction. Not a major issue, but worth noting. 2) The DJ's speakers experienced a brief, yet alarming, feedback during our first dance song while he turned off his bubble machine - an aspect of the electrical service that he should have been aware of before our wedding. The resulting "pop" startled all our guests, including us. 3) Speaking of bubble machines, we asked that none of these items/props (e.g. disco ball, bubble machine, maracas) be used at our reception in the first place. We were unpleasantly surprised each time they showed up during the evening, and especially during our first dance. 4) The DJ accidentally played our last song of the night about half-way through the evening. We had previously provided him with a note explicitly stating our last song, yet he still messed it up somehow. 5) We realized on short-notice that our walk-in song was not accounted for - an error deservedly on our part. We asked if he had the song or could get it. We were surprised to learn that (a) they did not have a copy of the song already (it was not an obscure song) and (b) they had no means of grabbing up such songs on-the-fly, even though it was our mistake. Thankfully, someone in the wedding party had an iPhone and downloaded it for the DJ. I would recommend you find a DJ with at least 3G capability to fulfill any on-the-fly requests. 6) The DJ played an incorrect version of a song, even though we had spelled out in advance exactly which version we wanted. 7) The DJ's questionable mini pony-tail / undercut hair style was a topic of much discussion throughout the evening. The hair style appeared unprofessional and ungroomed. 8) The DJ repeatedly ogled our younger female guests, which was reported to us later in the night. (Had we known or seen this for ourselves, we would have immediately called them on it.) This was uncomfortable for our guests that did take notice and it was extremely unprofessional of the DJ. 9) We let Powerhouse know that our wedding would have moments of bittersweetness, as the bride's mother had passed away a few months before the wedding. Despite our reminding them only a week before that the bride's father would be introduced by himself, Powerhouse began to announce 'Mr. and Mrs. _____' before correcting themselves. Given the recent passing, this was an awkward moment for the father, our guests, and our wedding party overall, and could have easily been avoided. On the plus-side, the volume was at an appropriate level throughout the evening. They can also play music - they do that well. And there were certainly people on the dance floor having a good time. I would however note though that the halves of the evening were unintegrated. Our party was primarily a younger crowd similar to our age, yet almost exclusively older music was played for about the first three to four hours of our reception. Our handful of older guests appreciated this and enjoyed themselves, but the majority of guests then did not get out on the floor until close to the end of the night. As a result, we felt our party didn't really start until about the time it was set to end. The part where I think they fell short was their level of preparedness, professionalism, and polish. Powerhouse Sound will get it done, but I would not consider their services again or recommend them, as they overlook the finer details."

From the vendor:

Hi Robert Decker, We are sorry that you had some issues on your wedding day. I have pulled all your information of your wedding to see where the problems may have started. We did offer you for a consultation at our office since you did have an extensive list of requirements and questions. Below are some of your initial questions and I have included our response to some of them as well. Would you personally be the DJ for our reception? If not, is it possible for us to speak directly with the individual who would be? OUR REPLY We do have a number of different dj’s and it is possible for you to meet with the DJ that would do your wedding. Do you work exclusively for this company? Do you DJ full-time? If not, what is your other job? Do you accept more than one wedding per day? How many years of experience does your company have? What is your background and training? OUR REPLY: . Since we have a group of Dj’s, we also never had to cancel a job or have not been able to make it to a job. All of our DJ’s have been with our company for at least 10 years. How many weddings have you done? How many weddings do you estimate you do per year? How many types of other events do you do each year? How involved can we be in selecting music and style for our reception? Will you accept 'play' and 'do not play' requests in advance from us? Do you accept requests from guests at the wedding? OUR REPLY: We accept play and do not play lists. And you may make this as detailed as you wish Will you purchase new music if necessary for your clients' special requests? What attire do you wear to a wedding? Is your attire different for setting up and breaking down equipment? What equipment do you bring to DJ a wedding? Do you bring backup equipment with you to a wedding, and what kind is it? Does your equipment allow for continuous flow of songs so that there are no breaks in music between songs? Do you act as the emcee and make announcements (e.g., introduction of bridal party)? How would you define your announcement style? Is there an additional fee for you to do announcements? What do you do to motivate the crowd if nobody is dancing? What is the extent of your library? How do you keep your collection up-to-date? Do you set up a sign, banner, or business cards with your equipment? Do you have a photo we could see of your typical set up? OUR REPLY Since we try to be as professional as possible, (after all WE are not the show, the day revolves around the Bride and Groom), we do not display any Banners or other forms of advertisements on our system. We do have cards available if guests come up and request them. Do you regularly use props (e.g. inflatable guitars) or effects (e.g. light shows, fog) in your performances? OUR REPLY do offer some props at your request at no charge, but we do not try to make a circus show out of things. (we do not “dress up” etc,) Do you coordinate the agenda for traditional wedding activities for the reception? Do you have a reception planning form? We answered all these questions and frankly were surprised you did not want to come in for a consultation and meet with our DJ's. as to your other concerns, 1&5) When the DJ was lining up your bridal party, your bride asked about the intro song. The DJ informed her that there was no intro song listed on your paperwork. The DJ remembers you and your bride looking over the paperwork and mentioning "I can't believe we missed that" We tried to accommodate you but apparently we did not have a "correct" version of the song. this was eventually resolved. The "Tardy" announcements were not an error on our part. One of your groomsmen did download the song and we played this. We obtain all our music legally and had no means at this time to purchase music "On the fly" since we do not use computers but actual PRO equipment. 2)The Venue is relatively "old" and the electrical wiring is questionable. (there are no outlets with ground plugs) We hardly ever experience the "POP" sound when using our lighting, but we do agree that we should have done some further testing to prevent this. 3)I looked over all your paperwork and did not see your request for no Mirror ball, or bubbles. During your first dance, your photographer wanted photos with the bubbles. As a matter of fact the photographer took over control of the bubble machine for her photos. I am sure that you have seen photos with the bubbles and they probably are delightful. The only other props we used were the maracas. 4) you did have an extensive list of songs and requests. Your guests requested the song many times and this may indeed have gotten overlooked. 6) The DJ does not remember any issues with this. 7) We offered a consultation in our office many times. We are sorry that you did not approve of the DJ's pony tail, and are rather impressed that it stole the show! The DJ has long curly hair and pulls it back in a pony tail and even doubles it up to minimize it out of respect for our clients. however, pony tail is no longer with us but is now resting peacefully in a hair donation bag for locks of love. 8)he is just looking over the "crowd". We are rather surprised and appalled at this accusation as this has never been an issue especially since the DJ is a happily married family man. 9)He did correct himself immediately as you state. this is unfortunately a force of habit. We do find it sad that you did not wish to commemorate Emily's mother, Anita, by including her in your special day with a moment of silence, which is commonly done in situations like these at a formal wedding. 10) We did go by your music selection. The only time we veered off your selection list was when the DJ played more for the younger crowd. However, we do play older music first to make sure that the older guest also have a chance to enjoy themselves as they are usually the first ones to leave. If you have any further questions you are welcome to call us any time.

Brandon and Alyssa's Wedding
Sunbury   |   May, 2009   |   DJs

"Typical for what you would find in the region. I wish more people would have got up to dance, but we didn't have many young people at the wedding. More fun interaction with guests may have helped."


Power House Sound

316 South Market Street
Shamokin, PA 17872, USA

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