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Category: DJs
Address: Bloomsburg, PA, USA
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Ashlee and Zach's Wedding
Bloomsburg   |   May, 2013   |   DJs

"Unfortunately it seemed that personal issues affected the overall performance/professionalism of our experience with this DJ. Not only was it publicly documented that he was sick/hungover the day of my sisters wedding, it was obvious that he was not giving 100% to make the day as special as possible. He had an attitude from the beginning of the day, being short and curt in his answers and responses. After meeting with the bride to review expectations and requests of songs or needs that needed to be met the day of, it was confirmed that the time the event would end was 9:30pm and that any song on the requested list that was provided to him, he would download. During the course of the evening he only played a handful of the song list that was requested, he did NOT download the songs that he did not have in his library and he said that since the dance floor was not "full" he was shutting down at 9:00pm and that the owner of the property had told him that he had to be done at 9:00pm. The bride told him that at the meeting they had and per the contract, it was agreed upon that he would play until 9:30-he said he would, but for an additional $75. It was confirmed with the owner of the property that the DJ was never spoken to about an end time, also the DJ was apparantly double booked that night and needed to leave for another gig, and his "date" for the evening stood him up. The end result left my sister, the bride, in tears, myself having to provide my iPad for songs we wanted to hear, and obviously not a positive DJ experience. It is unfortunate, because my family always tries to support local, small business' whenever possible, but in this case, it did not serve the needs, expectations or terms that agreed upon at the time of service rendered. I do not recommend this vendor for any event that you are looking to have a DJ perform."

Our Wedding
Bloomsburg   |   September, 2010   |   DJs


Bart Koser

Bloomsburg, PA, USA