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Weddings are magic. A good photographer doesn't create magic at your wedding. You do. I don't care what anyone else says. A good photographer is there when the magic happens. They don't make you smile. It's your wedding day; believe me, you're smiling. And crying. And hugging, well, everyone! You're happy. Your husband's happy. And God knows your mom's happy.

No, our job isn't to be obtrusive or unobtrusive, for that matter, it's just to be there. To be present. To know what's going on, and more importantly, what's about to happen. A good photographer has more than a good eye. He or she has intuition. Now, I could tell you that this comes from experience—and maybe I would have 10 years ago—but I'm not sure I believe that anymore. I think it's something you have...or you don't.

I don't have to tell you what to look for. You'll know it when you see it. Here's what I mean ::: Can you look at someone else's wedding pictures and feel like you were there? Do they make you smile?

I don't know you..........yet. The purpose of this ad is to let you know me a little. For instance, although I love everything about shooting weddings, I do have a favorite. It's when you put your wedding dress on. Now, I don't care how many times you've tried that dress on; I don't care if you tried it on more than once that day. But when you put it on "for real" a little bit of magic happens. Your face changes. Your whole demeanor changes. Through my camera, sometimes I swear I can see what you looked like as a little girl. I know I didn't make it happen, but I'm grateful to be there witnessing it. And I'm honored that I can help you keep that instant in time. That's what we do.

...because everybody has a story

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Address: Anaheim Hills, California 92808, USA
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Jimmy and Tina's Wedding
Long Beach   |   September, 2009   |   Photographers

"Rene & Jay took photos of our wedding over an 8 hour period for us. We just got the DVD’s of all of our pictures and were thoroughly impressed!! On the day of the wedding, they arrived right on time and split up so Rene followed Tina around and Jay followed Jimmy around. They took so many creative pictures of all the little things around us. The backgrounds, the poses, the angles, the lighting – everything they did was awesome!! At first we were both kind of shy and felt awkward making poses and looking away from the camera (basically acting as if we were supermodels!), but both Rene and Jay were able to calm us down and make us feel normal about it. The proof is in the pictures where we are posing which look absolutely fantastic!!! During the entire event, they captured all the important moments from multiple angels so we definitely have a variety of great shots. Also, as the night wore on, they basically became invisible and yet when we saw the pictures, they were everywhere. Rene & Jay both have great personalities; they feed off each other; they bring great positive energy which is contagious; and they’re just good peoples. We were so happy to have them be a part of our special day. Thank you, Rene & Jay, for taking such amazing pictures and capturing moments in time that will forever be a part of our lives."


The Story Keeper

Anaheim Hills, California 92808, USA