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Categories: Attractions/Entertainment, Registry
Address: 9700 Mentor Ave
Mentor, OH, United States
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Jennifer and Mark's Wedding
Santa Rosa Beach   |   May, 2012   |   Registry

"Too pushy! We had a lousy experience. I guess to each his own, but we really wanted to be left alone for the process. The lady that helped us with the registry kept following us around and making us feel pressured to put the more expensive items on our list. Total turn off."

Painesville Wedding In July
Painesville   |   July, 2010   |   Registry

"My fiance and I went to the store in Mayfield because they have more of a selection in stock. I had already lived on my own before being engaged and made a list of everything I knew I needed plus things I wished I'd had while I was living on my own. Unfortunately, that didn't matter to the registry department. They assigned someone to us who put together a place setting I was indifferent to then got out napkins and placemats that I hated. We tried to explain to him more of what my tastes are (which is more of a farmhouse feel-so not fancy)but he basically waved us off saying "well just because it's china for every day doesn't mean you can't make it fancy sometimes." Which is true, but my definition of fancy is not his and he refused to listen. Then he proceeded to drag us through the store while he held the registry gun. I had done my homework and looked up prices and reviews on everything -in particular my pots and pans. But he didn't like the brand I chose saying that "this" brand does everything first and the rest of the companies just follow. Well, that's great but the other companies that "just follow", apparently do it right because they got better reviews and I liked them better. The registry person also led us through all the crystal and Armetale and wouldn't leave the department until we had registered for one of almost everything. I told him that we don't want this kind of stuff and that we'd rather get more practical things from our guests but he just stood there and waited for us to pick something out and told us that people like to buy this for brides and grooms (sidenote: we received NONE of that stuff. Our guests are practical people who do not have the money to spend on crystal or Armitale). I was very frustrated with the whole day and it should have been fun and exciting. I am still very angry when I think about that day. I went home and changed everything I had registered for online. When it came to registering at Macy's, I just stayed home and did it online, too. If you insist on going to the store, put your foot down with the registry "helper" or go the Mentor store where they just give you the gun and let you wander freely. If I had it to do again (and I suppose I will when we have a baby shower someday) I would do it all online."

Yeyin and Steven's Wedding
Cincinnati   |   December, 2009   |   Registry

"This will say it all: Cash back for any returned item registered on your Wedding Registry. It is the most convenient thing EVER. We also registered at Macy's which had more of the higher end stuff we wanted, but from what I understand, BBB also had the same things, they were just not in stores on display, such as certain fine china. I'd go with Macy's if you want a certain brand name, but if you return their items, you'll only get a gift card."

Jessie and Orlando's Wedding
Silver Spring   |   December, 2009   |   Registry

Jodi Kuhn and Philip Denton's Wedding
Austin   |   December, 2009   |   Registry

"BBB is so popular because of the large range of "reasonably priced" items... but their registry has many problems. Ours never reflected the actual items that were purchased!"

Kara and Ben's Wedding
Baton Rouge   |   October, 2009   |   Registry

"We went to the BB&B on Siegan; we found the bridal registry staff to be very friendly and helpful both before and after the wedding. Save up those 20% off coupons, because you can still use them after the deadline!"

Jennifer and Tom's Wedding
Springfield   |   August, 2009   |   Entertainment

"In case you still need to buy us a gift! :)"

Savannah Wedding In August
Savannah   |   August, 2010   |   Registry


Bed, Bath and Beyond

9700 Mentor Ave
Mentor, OH, United States

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