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Categories: Coordinators/Planners, Florists
Address: Atlantic Beach, NC, USA
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Aubree and Billy's Wedding
Atlantic Beach   |   October, 2010   |   Coordinators/Planners

"My wedding day went smoothly and everything was beautiful. Roger understood my vision and the result was almost exactly what I had imagined. As much as this pains me I have to give two stars because of the extreme lack of communication and nonchalant attitude PRIOR to the wedding. I hired Roger over a year before the wedding and while we did have two face-to-face meetings, everything else had to be done via phone or e-mail sine I live seven hours north of Atlantic Beach. The problem was, Roger took days, weeks, and sometimes even MONTHS to respond to my questions. I was far from a "bridezilla" but of course had imortant questions regarding the planning, which I paid a large sum for up front and in full. When he did respond, he acted like it was no big deal and assured me everything was great. Fine...but ya still need to respond in a timely and professional manner! It took my mother finally calling him a month before the big day and nicely requesting better communication before he made somewhat of an effort. Again I would like to say that I chose Roger because of the great review I read and the day was absolutely gorgeous and drama-free, which I completely appreciate. But it's sad to me that my only pre-wedding stress was caused by the one person who was supposed to alleviate it, and was paid very well to do so. If I had been a bridezilla, all I can say was that this review would not be so friendly!"

Aubree and Billy's Wedding
Atlantic Beach   |   October, 2010   |   Florists

"The flowers were indeed beautiful on the wedding day, however a few issues: 1. Because of problems mentioned above which Roger admitted to, I was nicely offered my requested orchids at no extra charge, which I accepted. On the day of my bridal portraits however, I was given a hideous bouquet of fake orchids to carry as well as fake orchids for my hair. I was actually embarassed with the bouquet but had no choice but to carry it for the pics. I did get the real deal on the wedding day thank goodness. 2. I specifically asked for no greenery and only flowers to be placed on my bamboo arbor on the wedding day. What I got was lots of greenery and fewer flowers! Also I had requested, even sent a pic, of three different shades of blue sheer fabric draped over the arbor. I was told this wouldn't be a problem. What I got was one shade of blue and white, and a totally lame excuse. If you can't give a bride what she requests, then don't tell her you can...no big deal!"


Roger E. Carter Designs

Atlantic Beach, NC, USA