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Category: Wedding Fashion
Address: Chesapeake Beach, MD, USA
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Angela and James's Wedding
Chesapeake Beach   |   July, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"I was in search of a dress for 6 months and just couldn't find the fit and look that I wanted. After those dreadful months I gave myself a break from looking for "the one". I started to focus on my invitations by attending a free invitation setting. Once there I ended up having light conversation with a wedding planner, she asked all the wedding questions and I answered...the last of course being the dress. I told her my dilemma, being only 4'11" isnt the easiest when you try on a dress for someone who is 5'9"! She handed me a phone number and said, have it made! As if it was that simple...I am no designer by all means, and sure as heck wasnt sure I had the confidence to let a complete stranger make my wedding gown! I listened, called that night and had an appointment at her home the very next. Ramya greeted me at the front door with a giant hug as if I had known her my whole life. She walked me down into her personal studio and as she asked about my fiance and I, I took in all of the gowns in her studio and noticed her name in a few bridal magazines...now that will get a girl excited! I told her all of my "frazzled" ideas, she listened, drew, looked confused, and drew...after 20 minutes she held up a sketch that i thought for sure came from an internet site. She captured every detail that I had in mind...needless to say that was enough for me...I left that night with a glow, while Ramya held the deposit. I will never forget rambling onto my mother about the most beautiful dress in the world, I was crazy, ecstatic and didnt know what to do with myself. Me, have a designer, for my very own gown! That was back in October of 2009, the fittings started in November, the wedding July 4th 2010. Once every few weeks I would visit Ramya on my lunch breaks, slip into the plain white satin sheet that would someday be my wedding gown. After 6 months or so beading started to get added and my heart started to race. As time sped up so did my nerves, I was at a point where I wasn't sure how happy I was with the dress. It was beautiful, yes, me...not so sure. I was getting married by the water, beachy type wedding, the gown....glitz and glamor. After a few more trips, me politely telling Ramya my concerns, things started on the right path, or I was just telling myself to get over it, whats done is done. Its now June, less than a month away and the dress isn't yet complete, which is very hard for me. Not because I don't trust Ramya to have it finished, but because I needed to see the finished product in order to feel good about it. Two weeks before the wedding I attend another fitting... length, which is a huge factor in my world. 3 days later and I am trying on my 2nd to last fitting. I am nervous, shaking, and not sure exactly what I am going to see. Ramya puts me in the dress, first thought-wow a much better feel now that it isn't 3 feet too long....first look in the mirror...yes, there you have it, those tears... when you know its the one. Crazy, I never thought they would come. Rayma ran to me and wrapped me in her arms (probably afraid my makeup would run on it) and I could feel the relief, the poor woman was soo thankful that I actually was happy. This was the biggest chance I had ever taken, and am I glad I did! My dress is absolutely stunning, I want to wear it over and over again. Embarassingly enough, it hangs next to my bed where I first left it after coming home from the wedding. I never would have found a dress that fit me so well, was comfortable, and honestly made me look and feel like a princess. Ramya is someone I will never forget, thoughtful, funny, warm, talented and simply just priceless. That woman deserves more than any other designer (that I don't know :)."


Ramya Wickiamatilake

Chesapeake Beach, MD, USA