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Categories: Rentals, Decorations
Address: 385 Pleasant Street
Fall River, Massachusetts 02721, usa
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Our Wedding
North Kingstown   |   October, 2009   |   Rentals

"I wanted to let everyone know the fabulous service I received from the girls at Felicia's. I had to do most of my planning via email and they were so responsive to all my questions. My wedding was absolutely beautiful due to their expert knowledge and attention to detail they have. It was very difficult planning a tented event and Felicia's worked with my caterer, tent company and wedding planner flawlessly."

Our Wedding
Lincoln   |   August, 2009   |   Rentals

"I admittingly call myself bridezilla... if it was not for the girls at Felicia's my wedding would have been a complete disaster!!! I began my wedding planning in 2008 and did not even know where to begin!!!! I walked into the showroom in Fall River and before even booking a single service with them they gave me all different recommendations for people they have successfully worked with... With no strings attached I spent numerous time at their location. After viewing all of the invites they have (like 30 books...omg) they walked me through this process. I ended up getting invitations that looked like I spent thousands for only a fraction of the cost!!!! My next step was my decorations...another difficult decision based on my bridezillaness!!! They had so many different choices for those as well. Pink Green who knows. They set up about 5 different tables before yes I found "THE ONE". The contract was a little longer than I expected but after going over every little detail line by line Kim answered all of my questions. I was definitely happy to know that I could trust everything about the business. Well...I was married August 15 2009 and I have to say that I would do it again and again just so I could work with Kim. My wedding was the perfect day I could ever ask for. The tables made the whole room... I do still visit them monthly...just to say hello and they still give me the same warm feeling from the first time I stepped in. city search"

Joy and James's Wedding
Fall River   |   June, 2009   |   Invitations

"I ordered my invitations from Felicia's and was very happy with the results. I also ordered sashes for the chairs and tablecloths for my reception. An hour after ordering the tablecloths I had a change of mind and just could not justify spending $25 a table. I called to cancel my order and they refused. I ended up losing $500 in the process. While they may have been technically right that I had signed a contract for the tablecloths, you might think that they would show some customer service skills and cancel my order. Especially since when I called to cancel they had not even faxed in the order to their linen provider! They are nice as can be until something does not go their way. I would stay away. It was disappointing because all of my other vendors were so helpful and considerate to deal with. Can you also please provide descriptions of why these people were at fault as well for how their contracts were processed. We all know how contracts work, but usually when you are in the customer service business you make acceptions for your customers. http://local.yahoo.com/info-10273180-felicia-s-gifts-houseware-fall-river Also, the positive reviews seem a little suspicious to me. Funny that the only vendor they chose to review was Felicia's. Also, I have researched your claims that my order was a rush delivery. This is false. Per my credit card statement, I was charged for the linens on April 11, 2009 and my wedding was on June 6, 2009. Please check your facts."

From the vendor:

Joy was a pleasure to work with. The invitations came out amazing. After numerous visits to our showroom Joy returned to order her linens, it was two weeks prior to her event. The linen color that Joy chose was not a linen color we had in stock. She viewed many different linen options and chose a light turquiose overlay that matched the bridesmaids perfectly. After explaining to Joy the custom order process and explaning that this order could not be altered once placed due to the event being so soon,she happily agreed to all of the terms of our contract and placed her reservation deposit. The order was faxed as we spoke which was late morning. Fifteen minutes prior to our store closing Joy had called back to cancel her order. I explained that the order had been faxed, while she was in our store,and that I would call the linen company first thing on Monday morning to try to stop the order. I also explained that due to the rush status placed on the order it was nearly impossible to stop the order without a re-stocking fee charged to our account. I still assured her that I would do everything possible to stop the order. Joy's father then stopped by with a written cancellation letter. Our policy states in the contract that Joy signed that all cancellations result in a loss of the reservation department.


Felicia's Perfect Setting XO The Girls

385 Pleasant Street
Fall River, Massachusetts 02721, usa