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Category: Wedding Day Beauty
Address: 57 Tower Hill Rd
Osterville, MA, United States
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Natalie and Brian's Wedding
Osterville   |   October, 2008   |   Wedding Day Beauty

"Overall everyone was very friendly, however I gave a poor review for the following reasons. 1. I was encouraged to come in to the salon in advance of the wedding to do a dry run and try many different styles. I had several ideas when I got there and by the end of the 4plus hours of being there, the stylist had styled my hair the way she wanted in one style and never tried any others. When I asked about trying a different, besides the fact that I was too exhausted to be there any longer, she said well, go home and look at this one longer and when i come back i can adjust. The point was to TRY other ones! End result I liked my hair, but didn't love. As if that wasn't enough, my hair was done differently than in the trial! Apparently I was not aloud to choose how I wanted my hair for my wedding - and I got no help in deciding. When I expressed I wasn't completely happy (the day of my wedding) and that I wanted to adjust things - the stylist rolled her eyes several times behind my back and gave me an attitude several times! I did not appreciate being treated like that when I had brought the salon more than $600 in business! 2. I had to pay a non-refundable $100 to rent the salon out for me and my bridesmaids (I was told that they close the Salon to everyone else during the time I was there). When in an apt. was still there for the we arrived for at least 30 minutes into our time. And an other apt. was booked the last half hour. Still not sure why we could not have all booked our own apts. in fact in may have worked out better since some of us were tossed from this stylist to to another. If you plan on using them, I would recommend staying focused and sticking to any ideas you have and to not be shy about letting them know if they veer off to their own path."


Hair Waves of Osterville

57 Tower Hill Rd
Osterville, MA, United States