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Category: Attractions/Entertainment
Address: Santa Maria delle Grazie, Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie, 2
Milan, Lombardy 20123
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Milan Wedding In January
Milan   |   January, 2011   |   Attraction

""Ultima cena" di Leonardo da Vinci."

John and Valentina's Wedding
Milan   |   June, 2008   |   Attraction

"Here there is the Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper"

Alessia and Ilya's Wedding
Milan   |   September, 2007   |   Attraction

"Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, housed in the former Dominican monastery church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, is one of the most famous paintings in the world. The Renaissance masterpiece has enjoyed even more popular interest since the publication of the novel The Da Vinci Code, in which the painting and its artist play a major role in the central mystery. Although the last meal shared by Jesus and his disciples was a common theme used to decorate convent refectories, especially in Florence, Leonardo presented the subject in a completely innovative form. He made drastic modifications to the layout of the scene and, most notably, presented this episode from the Gospels with astounding realism. Detail of St. John from The Last Supper.Despite Leonardo's carefully preserved preparatory sketches in which the apostles are clearly labeled by name, there still remains some small debate about a few identities in the final arrangement. Most recently, novelist Dan Brown claims in The Da Vinci Code that the figure on Jesus' right is not John the Apostle, but Mary Magdalene. Brown also notes that Peter is making a threatening gesture towards "Mary," representing a fierce battle between the two figures in the early church. Most art historians, however, point out that St. John is commonly represented with feminine features and there is no reason to think the figure is Mary. Whatever the case, there can be no mistaking Judas, small and dark, his hand calmly reaching forward to the bread, isolated from the terrible confusion that has taken the hearts of the others. One critic, Frederick Hartt, has said the composition works because it combines "dramatic confusion" with "mathematical order." The amazingly skillful and unobtrusive repetition of threes – in the windows, in the grouping of the figures, and in their placement – does indeed add a mystical aspect to what at first seems simply the perfect observation of spontaneous human gesture. Across from The Last Supper on the southern wall is the large Crucifixion, painted by Donato Montorfano. The two great scenes are linked by a painted frieze of plant garlands with Bible quotations supportive of monastic life. <B>Tickets:</B> € 6,50 (+ € 1,50 booking fee). <B>Reservations:</B> +390289421146"


santa maria delle grazie

Santa Maria delle Grazie, Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie, 2
Milan, Lombardy 20123

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