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With more than 60 years of experience dressing women of all ages for life's special occasions, David's Bridal understands the importance of providing brides-to-be with a vast selection of exquisitely crafted bridal gowns and bridal party dresses. Known for outstanding value, fashionable designs and the ease of one-stop shopping, nearly 50% of all brides in the US choose to shop at one of more than 300 David's Bridal stores located across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Working with a knowledgeable bridal consultant, a customer can enjoy trying on a wide selection of gowns and dresses in her size with the added convenience that most styles are available to take home the same day.

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Stephen and Retta's Wedding
Mifflinburg, PA 17844   |   August, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

"The staff was so helpful in helping us find the right size and making us feel comfortable. The alterations department did a great job of altering our dresses and bustling my wedding gown. A twenty star rating goes out to all of you gals."

Megan and Nayan's Wedding
Wilmington   |   June, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

"I got my dress on sale for just $500!"

Christina and Christopher's Wedding
Orlando   |   October, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Sabrina and Charles's Wedding
Spotsylvania   |   October, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"Love my dress. I looked like a princess. The customer service and alterations were terrfic!"

Beth and Eric's Wedding
Fallbrook, CA   |   October, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"Great assistance, beautiful dresses. Rushed my tailoring job for our wedding as we were planning it in two months."

Keith and Susan's Wedding
Adel, GA   |   June, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

"Great customer service! I (the bride) was treated 1st rate every time I went in. My dress and alterations were exactly what I wanted. They even called a week before the wedding to make sure I was all set with everything I needed to make my wedding day perfect!"

Sheena and Christopher 's Wedding
Cedar Rapids   |   August, 2011   |   Invitations

Sheena and Christopher 's Wedding
Cedar Rapids   |   August, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Logan and Kevin's Wedding
Greensboro   |   August, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

"Only good things to say here. Every time we went everyone was so helpful! I found the dress I wanted the first day I went "looking" and it's beautiful! They are very good."

New Orleans Wedding In May
New Orleans   |   May, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Rebecca and Kevin's Wedding
Livonia   |   May, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

"Value is an unmentionable when thinking David's Bridal...but one thing you may NOT know about is service. 2 weeks before our wedding our MOH tried on her dress, it was too small. I called the Novi DB, no problem, they will exchange. Found the Dearborn store had it in stock. We drove right there, no hassles, no problem, very gracious. I couldn't have been more pleased. And I loved my wedding dress!!!"

Sam and John's Wedding
Houston   |   February, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

"Beautiful dresses and reasonable! Everyone found a dress to fit their figure and looked beautiful."

Susan and Robert's Wedding
Santa Barbara   |   December, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"I found my dress in about 15 minutes. I couldnt believe it only took that long and that it was less than 1000 dollars too."

Heather and Eric's Wedding
Ocala   |   October, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"David's very convenient in that I could have all my bridesmaids go at their leisure to pick out and get fitted for their dresses. I didn't have the hassle of having to get the whole group together since they had locations near to all of them. I had each choose their own style dress in the same color. I liked that they had the freedom to choose dresses that they were happy with and that could fit in a price range they were comfortable with. They even replaced a dress the week prior to the wedding because the size no longer fit one of the maids. David's has a wide assortment of colors and styles. I also got my dress from them, and was happy with my dress. My only concern was that the store is often so busy on weekends, that during one of my maid's appointment I felt that the consultant was too busy to focus."

Jovanna and Demetrius's Wedding
Elyria   |   October, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"ladys were very helpful with everything even last minute changes"

Christine and Andrew's Wedding
Rockford   |   September, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"Consultant was awesome , prices are reasonable. Didn't really feel there was alot of selection."

Sarah and Chad 's Wedding
Cleveland   |   August, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"They werent pushy when I was picking out my dress and the Alterations expert really was that - an expert! She did exactly what I wanted and the dress looked perfect. The Alterations were reasonably priced and I didnt have any problems!"

Nona and Matthew's Wedding
Frankfort   |   August, 2010   |   Invitations

"Easy and fast service. Reasonable prices."

Sara and Justin 's Wedding
Madison   |   August, 2010   |   Invitations

"The invitations we beautiful, we made the response cards on our own to match. They offer a lot of discounts as well."

Billings, MT wedding
Billings   |   August, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"My experience at Davids Bridal was fantastic, I have no complaints! The staff was so kind, I had a great time at my fittings and the bustle stayed put all night. I absolutely loved my dress as did my husband!"

Stacy and Peter's Wedding
Nags Head   |   July, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"I was able to find a beach friendly dress (if you plan to have a beach wedding, make sure to get a light dress that is easy to shake sand out.) I told the associates what I was looking for and they were able to find my dream dress for me!"

Casey and Lincoln's Wedding
Granbury   |   July, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"I found the perfect dress here and my bridesmaids' dresses came from here as well! Both are absolutely fantastic and I would wear either one tomorrow if I had to. My consultant was so kind and helpful, not to mention patient!"

23185 Hwy 435 Abita Springs Wedding In June
23185 Hwy 435 abita springs, la 70420   |   June, 2011   |   Bands/Live Entertainment

"I had a very long engagement, and thus, I had lots of time to try on wedding dresses. I went to David's Bridal probably 5-6 times trying on new dresses and one dress in particular that I was considering until I finally made a purchase. This is the benefit of a corporate chain supplier. They want you to come in multiple times. They want you to buy not matter what. I would guess it might be hard for a small wedding dress shop to accommodate brides 5-6 times each. The quality of the dresses seemed to vary. I wound up purchasing a dress that was of higher quality and pricier than some of DB's other dresses and thus I was really pleased. You just have to keep your expectations realistic. I had a relatively good experience with DB, but I'm not high maintenance. The attentiveness of the sales girls varied from always around to relatively hands-off. The only thing that I wish they would have done differently was to measure/size me while I had my bustier, and slip on. After I had decided to buy and the saleswoman was placing the order, she measured me and order according to my size in regular clothing. Thus, she ordered a 16W vs a 16, which meant that the bust area of my dress was slightly too large for my body. In the end everything worked out and I looked and felt great on my wedding day, but there was a bit more material than necessary in my bust region making the dress dig into my shoulders some. Keep your expectations real about David's Bridal and your needs practical and you can find some affordable wedding attire."

Our Wedding
Eau Claire   |   September, 2011   |   Invitations

"We ordered our invitations on David's Bridal's website. The invitations first arrived in the wrong colors but when I called to the company, they quickly corrected the mistake and sent me the correct invitations. They were very friendly and the invitations were great. Fairly inexpensive."

Lindsay and Nathan's Wedding
Campbell   |   June, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

"Can't beat this place for bridesmaids dresses--huge selection of colors and styles and they have stores nationwide. As for bridal, the selection is good--fittings are a bit chaotic."

Our Wedding
St Louis   |   August, 2011   |   Invitations

"good selection and online planning."

jess and eric's Wedding
Montréal   |   June, 2011   |   Invitations

"Ordered our invitations from davidbridal.com and we were so happy with them. They were on special and therefore really cheap compared with all the other invitations we were seeing, and they were beautiful."

Stephanie and Joseph 's Wedding
Seal Beach   |   March, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

"Great selection and good price. They worked with me even when I gained some weight and had to trade in my dress for a bigger size. The alterations lady in Brea is the best!"

Dyan and Will's Wedding
Detroit   |   April, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Melissa and Joseph's Wedding
Monroeville   |   November, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"So many options to choose from and the staff at the monroeville store were great. I found my dress (THE DRESS) in the first stop there. Great to work with for the bride's maids dresses."

Sarah and James's Wedding
Kuna   |   October, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"They were phenomenal! My consultant helped me pick a dress that was perfect for my personality. She helped me find everything that was needed to feel like a princess. My dress was perfect, as the bride I had no stress when it came to my dress. But my bridesmaids on the other hand had some issues. They dyed the shoes the wrong color the first time for my bridesmaid and my maid of honor had to run around to different stores trying to find the dress she had put on hold."

Amanda and Todd's Wedding
Kalamazoo   |   October, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"While I wasn’t wowed by David’s Bridal I don’t have any negative things to say either. The girls were all very helpful when I came in each time. I also showed up without an appointment one day to try on a short dress I bought for the rehearsal and they fit me right in without a problem. My bustle was very complicated but looked amazing and Natasha did a wonderful job with it."

Easton Wedding In June
Easton   |   June, 2010   |   Invitations

Tacoma Wedding In June
Tacoma   |   June, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"I love Davids Bridal! I walked in to get my sisters maid of honor dress and I started looking around at the wedding dresses and saw my dream dress. I picked it out and asked if someone could help me so I could try it on. They were so nice and had someone help me try my dress on. I walked out of the store with that dress in my hands and the biggest smile on my face."

Andrea and Peter's Wedding
Barcelona   |   June, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"Great beatiful dresses without spending alot of money"

Maria and Robert's Wedding
Laurel   |   March, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

"David's Bridal was very helpful and understanding. They helped out a lot, the price was cheap and had fun."

Melissa and John's Wedding
Waldorf   |   August, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Lansdale Wedding In September
Lansdale   |   September, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"I wasn't able to find my dress here but they do have beautiful, affordable dresses. All my bridesmaids & flower girl got their dresses here.. great selection, great customer service most of the time ( exceot when their really busy) Dont go on the weekends.. its crazy! Plymouth meeting location"

Melissa and Timothy's Wedding
Park Rapids   |   June, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Morgan and Grant's Wedding
Midway   |   May, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"I know that the "chain" stores sometimes get a bad rap, but David's Bridal made the experience of finding "the" dress pleasant. They also bent over backwards to help us with exchanges, sizing, etc."

Oak Brook Wedding In April
Oak Brook   |   April, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Karen and Wayne's Wedding
Gulf Shores   |   April, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Nicole and Peter's Wedding
Voorheesville, NY   |   May, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

"No fuss, no muss...found my dress in my first visit, good price point. The service is a little bit lacking because they deal with so many brides all at the same time, but that's to be expected with a national chain store."

Directions From the Church to the Reception
1550 Market St NE - Salem, Oregon 97301   |   September, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"All of the bridesmaids got their dresses at David's Bridal. I did have them pay for their own dress, but the nice thing about David's Bridal, is that I went into the store, picked out the dress I wanted them all to wear and setup an account. Which made it so much easier, as not all of my bridesmaids live in Salem, and were able to go into David's at their leisure. I had a bridesmaid that lived in Beverton and another that lived in Eugene. All they did was go into their local David's Bridal, tell them there were a bridesmaid for Maria Orias, and the lady would look up my account and have them try on the dress I picked out and the girls would order it. So way easier than having to go to go with each girl to have her dress fitted!"

Ashley and Daniel's Wedding
Overland Park   |   August, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"My Bridesmaid's and I were pleased with the selection available, and with 1 great helpful employee, Deana at the Lenexa, KS store. The rest of the store needs some improvement with customer service. I would go back, but I'd make a point to only schedule appointments with her."

Chaunte' and Dave 's Wedding
Columbia   |   May, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

"I went to the location in North Charleston, SC. David's Bridal is typical, like any other David's Bridal. My friend and bridesmaid, Krystle, worked there at the time when I was shopping so of course I got great service. I never felt rushed. As for alterations, the manager at my store is fab! She won't let things go that aren't up to standard. I highly recommend them."

Cherri and Harvey's Wedding
St. Petersburg   |   November, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"I looked at other shops around the St. Pete area, but the prices just did not compare to what David's Bridal has to offer. I found a lovely dress there and it was actualyl within my budget. The staff was not very helpful and the alterations did not go as planned."

Tiffany and Ronald's Wedding
St. Joseph, MO   |   October, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"I only chose David's Bridal because I'm extremely petite and DB carries a petite line. The sales associates were no help whatsoever. They seemed frustrated by my small size and offered no suggestions for dresses to try on. Also, the store carried maybe 3 or 4 dresses in small sizes, and I was in a major metropolitan area. Luckily, prior to my arrival, I printed out a list of dresses I wanted to try on. I made the sales associate find the smallest size she had in the dresses I like. The first dress I tried on was hard to gauge because it was 4 sizes too big, but I loved it! I ordered the dress in the smallest size I could and it arrived very quickly. After reading reviews online about DB's poor alterations department, I took my dress elsewhere (read other reviews). In the end, I was very happy with the actual dress itself. It fit my personal style and wedding very well. Luckily, my sales associate knew better than to offer me shoes or undergarments due to my small size. However, she did try to push $200 over-the-top hair accessories, even though my dress only cost $400 -how silly. I ended up choosing what I liked best and didn't let the associate sway my decision. Lastly, my particular associate must have been awful at keeping track of records. She called me 2 or 3 times to tell me my maid of honor hadn't purchased a dress, although she bought one at THAT store with THAT associate 10 months prior to my wedding."

Mexico Wedding In September
Mexico   |   September, 2010   |   Invitations

"Great idea to get your invitations done. It may cost a little more than doing it your self but after about 1 hour on the net you can get them together and printed perfectly no hasle!"

Beth and David's Wedding
Joliet   |   August, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Our Wedding
Omaha   |   July, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"I got my dress from this place in Lincoln and was happy with everything. I loved the dress and it wasn't as stressful as I had thought it was going to be."

Jennifer and Greg 's Wedding
Buford   |   April, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"My daughter purchased her wedding gown and veil from David's Bridal, and she looked absolutely stunning. The bridesmaids also purchased their dresses from there also."

Kaitlyn and Timothy's Wedding
Crozet   |   June, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"As with all chain stores, there is nothing amazing about this place. I didn't even want to look, but the sale prices enticed me in. The associates were friendly enough and luckily I found my dress at a reasonable price. However they called me far too many times for no real reason."

wedding map
Abilene   |   April, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"A wonderful experiance..would recommend them to anyone! Please know that whatever you buy is yours. Even if it has bought right off the shelf and is a very generic item......IT IS YOURS, NO EXCHANGES!"

Adeshka and Thomas's Wedding
Wasilla   |   July, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Our Wedding
St. Augustine   |   April, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"Prices were good but quality is lacking. only dress shop in town."

Crystal and Richard's Wedding
Albuquerque   |   May, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"They had the best dresses in town! I LOVED my bridesmaids dresses! But the service there really sucked! I got so much mixed information. For example, I was told by my consultant to get a certain size of heel, but when I went to go get fitted, it was the complete opposite size that I was told from my consultant. Thank God I hadn't bought my shoes yet! And there were other issues. But quality of dresses was great and the managers there are the only ones that know what's going on there!"

Jennifer and Zac's Wedding
Waterloo   |   April, 2010   |   Invitations

"In retrospect, we spent way too much on the invitations. They looked great but we could have come up with something and had them printed locally for easily one third the cost. Website is kind of a pain to navigate."

Erik and Gina's Wedding
Bloomington   |   April, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"I was not very pleased when I went in to David's Bridal to look at bridal gowns, but with such a large store it depends on who you get. However, we went there again for bridesmaids dresses and I was very peased with their service. I was pretty indecisive and they were very patient. We got two different dresses for four bridesmaids and they were different prices. The sales clerk let us divide the total cost by 4 so everyone could pay the same price. The dresses came in very quickly and they let one bridesmaid pick them all up. I would recommend David's Bridal at elast for bridesmaid dresses, especially if you want matching vests, which you can get from Men's Wearhouse!"

Lindsey and William's Wedding
Bentonville   |   March, 2010   |   Tuxedos

"These guys were super helpful!"

Nikki and Evan's Wedding
Florida   |   January, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"I bought the Oleg Cassini princess ballgown dress and LOVED it!!! My only issue was with alterations in West Palm Beach. My dress was a size 4 and way to big. The lady needed to take in the back and the sides and cut out a strip in the back and hem all 10 layers of this toole dress. Anyways, she said no problem. I left the dress with her at the beginning of Oct. and went to pick it up at the end of Dec. I was supposed to pick it up in Nov. but she called to cancel the appointment because she needed more time. I was ok with that, I just wanted my dress to be perfect! So I go back in Dec. and my dress was way to small now!!! I couldnt even zipper the dress up. She measured me again because she thought my weight had alterd which it had not! She went in the back and was asking how this happend. I was calm and she said that she could pull the fabric from the inside and make it fit. How does the dress go from being way to big to way to small? The dress was also very choppy and uneven on the bottom. She had not cut the toole even at all. I left and started to look for a new dress just in case they had to replace mine for a new one. I went back for the next fitting and it fit! The bottom was still alittle uneven but she told me that that was not going to be perfect. HUH! I took the dress home and found pins in it that she didnt take out. I wore it on my wedding day and it was great. After it was steamed the bottom evened out more. I would recceomed finding a dress that fits you perfectly and does not need any if much alterations!"

Catherine and Jack 's Wedding
Seattle   |   March, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"I had amazing luck with the bridal gown. It was stunning and on sale in my size off the rack for an amazing price. I got a lot of accessories there which was great. The bridesmaids and mother of bride got their dresses there and had no trouble ordering or fitting and they looked good. The only negative experiences were some weird customer service issues with individual stores. At one, they all but refused to steam dresses without bringing them in 2 weeks ahead of time - not an option for the girls traveling with their dresses to the wedding. They were on their own, despite a different store telling them that all the stores would do it on short notice. I also had a weird call telling me one of the bridesmaid dresses was shipped to the store I got my bridal gown at, when it absolutely had not, and then no one could explain who placed the call. One bridesmaid had them misplace her dress in the back of the store and it took an hour to find it. In general, good, but some really weird events here and there."

Amanda and Jesse's Wedding
Watkins Glen   |   January, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"Loved my dress, staff was friendly and it was easy to get things done."

Natonya and Andrew's Wedding
York   |   December, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"It was great because there are locations EVERYWHERE. This makes it very easy for the girls to go try on dresses and pick them up. They were very accommodating. Good selection too. All of my bridesmaids got dresses and purses from David's Bridal."

Jami and Steve's Wedding
Charleston   |   February, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"The alterations were OUTRAGEOUS in cost, but part of the problem was the style of dress I bought - alterations were a bitch. However, the seamstress (Radha) was absolutely wonderful! And I love my dress and I would wear it daily if I could. I looked beautiful, felt beautiful, and had a great time in it!"

Pittsfield Wedding In October
Pittsfield   |   October, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"Although, I loved my dress and my bridesmaid dresses. Davids dresses aren't made as well as well. You can get better quality a dress shop for the same prices....unless your looking for a dress 300 or less."

Garden Ceremony and Reception
Santa Barbara   |   October, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

Jessiann and Carlos's Wedding
Trinity   |   October, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"I loved my dress, my booty looked awesome!"

Halifax Wedding In October
Halifax, MA   |   October, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"As always, David's Bridal is a typical chain. Although they did their best to make things perfect for us, their prices are high and their selection for plus size women is not that great if you're on a budget."

Kristen and Shauns Wedding
Red Wing   |   October, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"Good service, pretty dresses"

Las Vegas Wedding In August
Las Vegas   |   August, 2010   |   Attraction

"Paseo Plaza"

Aimee and Eric's Wedding
Woodbury   |   September, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"My consultant did a great job in helping me find the dress of my dreams. I think it was the second dress I tried on. She was patient, informative, and honest. I got the dress for a great price as well."

Kesha and Jason 's Wedding
Buxton, NC (Outer Banks)   |   September, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"I loved my dress!"

Michelle and Derek 's Wedding
Greendale   |   September, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"Do not buy from Davids Bridal. Cheap overpriced and very bad return policy."

Cameron and John's Wedding
Buffalo   |   August, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"They were excellent for my wedding dress, but when it came time to order my girl's dresses they mismeasured everyone! Every single dress was far too big and they refused to admit it was their fault. They said their system makes them order it that way. They also were very inattentive and though I know a wedding dress can be costly so it's important to be a good sales person to the bride, the bridal party also spends a lot of money and deserves good treatment. I recommend paying a little more somewhere else and getting it right the first time."

Caitlin and Brian 's Wedding
Andover   |   September, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"Before I started looking for my dress I never thought I would find it at Davids Bridal For some reason I thought they wouldn’t have what I was looking for. I went to 2 other shops first and they had nice dresses that were close to what I was looking for – but the stretched my budget a little. I went to Davids and was helped by Roberta who showed me this beautiful v-neck lace dress and it was about ½ the price of the other dresses I had liked. I also went here for my alterations, but they were a little more expensive than I thought they would be. I paid $250 I think for hemming (my dress had 2 layers), bustle, veil shortening, cups and taking in the dress on the shoulders. So I guess I got a lot done, but it still seemed a little high. I had no trouble with Davids Bridal even though I had heard stories about bad customer service. My dress came in 2 months early and the alterations looked really good, so I only have good things to say about them. Also my bridesmaids bought their shoes at Davids and got a discount because I bought my dress there."

Chris & Yvonne's Wedding
Fairfield   |   August, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"We got the bridesmaid & flower girl dresses here basically for the reasonable prices. Each bridesmaid had to get simple alterations for the shoulders of their dress and the alterations only cost around $30. All the dresses came in very quickly- weeks before they were supposed to. Good experience overall though when I went here to try on bridal gowns, I was not impressed."

Jackie and Ryan's Wedding
Bridgewater, NJ   |   August, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"They have an AMAZING selection of dresses and gowns. I am so glad I went there first to look at dresses. I got mine for 450 where I know others paid over a thousand! Alterations can be pricey but I felt well worth it. They have great bridesmaid dresses as well, and they match with Men's Warehouse! I loved going to David's!"

Kacee and Jason's Wedding
214 Hagenridge Road, Chico, CA 95973   |   September, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"Dress was very pretty & affordable, but alterations were CRAZY EXPENSIVE! My consultant was friendly & helpful. But I had issues with my bridesmaids gowns. The store messed up sizes when they ordered them, was not able to alter one dress correctly. So just be cautious & check facts & figures with them. FACT :: IF YOU BUY A DRESS FROM THEM FOR ANYTHING AND YOU TAKE IT TO BE ALTERED ELSEWHERE THEY WILL NOT TOUCH IT EVERY AGAIN! THEY WILL NOT STEAM IT OR ANYTHING!"

Our Wedding
Saratoga Springs   |   August, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"I went with David's Bridal cause they had a huge sale and I saw a dress I absolutely loved! Problem was with the customer service girls- they weren't all that helpful and seemed less helpful when I inquired about alterations. Would I recommend them- if you are on a budget, yes- if not NO!"

Waco Wedding In October
Waco   |   October, 2009   |   Attraction

"Where I work"

Katrina and Tyler's Wedding
Eau Claire   |   June, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"Horrible service in Eau Claire...but they happened to have the one dress i fell in love with."

Shannon and Roy 's Wedding
Peoria   |   July, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"I had really bad luck working with Davids. They have gorgeous dresses and really great prices. Its had to get any one to help you. Every time I went, I had a long wait, and we were always left without a consultant. When we got the bridesmaid dresses, we had to help each other dress and had to find all our own sizes and carry every dress to the rooms. They did nothing at all, but ring up the sale. The alterations to my dress were horrible. They completely ruined it at the first fitting, and it took 3 more to get it fixed. It still wasn't right, but with my wedding a week away I was out of time. My dress was horribly uncomfortable the day of. I regret ever going to Davids Bridal."

Boca Raton Wedding In October
Boca Raton   |   October, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

"poor service, just trying to make a sale. i made an app and still got bad service. a lady from corp who was doing a visit ended up helping me because i was wandering around aimlessly i a dress i was trying on"

Libbie and Kent's Wedding
Siesta Key   |   November, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"My dress was beautiful. And it was expensive. They didn't tell me the prices of extra items until they gave me the bill. DO NOT BUY THE EXTRAS AT DAVID'S. $75 bra? $150 veil? Another $50+ for a petticoat?? AND it cost me another $200+ to get it taken up a quarter inch and bustled. I thought it would be included in the price of the dress, until they handed me the bill after my fitting. Take it elsewhere. I didn't even need any of the underthings given the thickness of my dress, but they assured me that I would definitely NEED these things. Oh, and I also get tons of phone calls from their partners TO THIS DAY. At all hours. Thanks for that, DB!"

Shekera and Kevin's Wedding
Bent Mountain Lodge Copper Hill,Va   |   October, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"Other than Ann Elizabeth, I was not happy with David's Bridal at all. Apparently, the Roanoke store has issues that the other David's Bridal stores do not have. The bridesmaid who went to this store had a very rude and unprofessional assistant, but the other bridesmaids went to other sites in other states and did not have any issues. In fact, they said the women were very helpful, polite and went out of their way to assist them with their needs. My mother, future mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law and myself went to Davids for the final fitting. They were disgustingly dismissive and one of the ladies actually rushed us out of the door!!! If you plan on going to this site for your dress, I suggest dealing with Ann Elizabeth ONLY!"

Heather and Maurice's Wedding
Kingston   |   May, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion


Heather and Chad's Wedding
Michigan City   |   August, 2009   |   Jewelry/Accessories

Philip and Alicia 's Wedding
Austin   |   August, 2009   |   Jewelry/Accessories

"Found my jewelry really cheap!! :)"

Whitney and Drew 's Wedding
Jackson   |   August, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"The consultant that we worked with was wonderful!!! The alteration dept was aweful!!! There were problems with everyones dress that was altered, including the brides. They used off white ribbon and off white thread to sew the ribbons on to bustle the dress. There were numerous OOPs'. Plus when one of the bridesmaids put her shoes on, she had 2 left shoes. Not sure how that happened. Davids bridal did let us return those shoes. But the timing was not good that we realized the problem 1 hour before the wedding."

Sara and Jon's Wedding
Maple Valley   |   August, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"I got my bridesmaid dresses here. Prices were reasonable and they were very helpful. I'd recommend them for sure."

Sandy and Derek's Wedding
Frisco   |   August, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"For such a big chain, I never expected this kind of services. I went to other boutiques, but David's had the best selection, great prices, and Season (my consultant) was absolutely incredible. Not to mention all the perks!"

Sarah and Adam's Wedding
Fort Wayne   |   August, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"I loved my wedding dress. It was a third dress I tried on and I was done. So many people complimented me on how perfect my dress was for me. And I didn't need to get it altered. I couldn't have been happier."

Patricia and George 's Wedding
San Rafael   |   August, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"I got a great dress for just under $600. I wish I spent a little more for better service. But, for the price I really shouldn't complain."

Alysa and Jon's Wedding
Woodlands of Van Buren, Wayne, MI   |   August, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"The bride's dress along with the maid-of-honor and the flowers girls dresses all had the same ruffles and sashes except the maid-of-honors was watermelon instead of white and all the bridesmaids dresses were the same style and all wore watermelon. Sandy was the associate that helped us and she was fabulous, if you A+++ service see Sandy. 43831 West Oaks Drive West Oaks Shopping Center Novi, MI 48377"

Matt & Candy's Wedding
Pasadena   |   August, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"Glen Burnie store was so much nicer than Waldorf. I ended up changing my dress because the lady at Waldorf didn't show me all the dresses in the silhouette I wanted. All of the consultants at Glen Burnie were very sweet and accomodating."

Jen and Rick's Wedding
Loudonville   |   July, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

Debbie and Dave 's Wedding
Lakewood   |   July, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"Many people turn their noses up at this establishment. Why are you shopping at David's Bridal?!, someone said to me! How snobbish! For anyone's information, I went to the fancy stores in Cherry Creek, like Pricilla of Boston and I was so unimpressed, it was a mess! The gowns were ripped and torn, etc. I was not looking to spend a lot for this wedding, it was to be a casual affair, but went to David's Bridal just looking for a veil and found the most beautiful long dress, and yes ladies, for $99.00. It was perfect and modern and beautiful, just what i wanted! It had to be altered, and yup, they will get you with the alteration price, but Inna did a fabulous job and had my dress ready in plenty of time. It is not a full service salon, but if you need help, there is someone always there to help you. My experience there with my mom was one I will never forget. It was perfect."

Ashley and Garrett's Wedding
Watertown, SD   |   July, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"Bridal gown & Bridesmaids worked out good for everyone living in different places!"

Ramona and Daniel's Wedding
Detroit   |   July, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"I purchased the T9017 in ivory. I loved the dress, but for women with a large bust you may want to invest in Hollywood tape. Otherwise, the top of the dress may keep slipping down during the reception. (as was the case for me) The David's Bridal in Madison Heights was great. Don't expect a lot of one on one time. They are a busy store, so usually the person helping you will be helping other brides at the same time. It will be quite public when you try on your gown. So, if you don't like it- or you do; everyone sees. We had a long line bra from them. When we got it home out of the plastic we found had mold on it (weird). They let us return it no problem. I also purchased my veil at David's in Madison Heights. Very pricey, but worth it. It really looked lovely with the gown. I would suggest going to David's for the Bride on a budget. But beware,they also have some gorgeous gowns that are sure to break the bank."

Rebecca and Dan's Wedding
Clearwater   |   July, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion


Sarah and Michael 's Wedding
Niskayuna   |   June, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"Although I didn't particularly love the service from the people at Davids Bridal, they worked quickly and were able to answer all of the questions I had. My dress was ordered and shipped to Michaels house rather than mepicking it up at the store, and there were no problems with shipments or anything."

Mission Hills Wedding In June
Mission Hills   |   June, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"Perfect for a recessionista's wedding! Everyone thought my dress was from a designer, they had no idea how much money I saved!"

Our Wedding
Philadelphia   |   May, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"I bought a $1200 for $199! They helped me a lot with the proper fit, etc. The associate wasn't in the way or pushy at all. The only down side for me is that the racks were really unorganized and dressed were thrown around on the floor. It was a scavenger hunt, but worth it because I found my dream dress."

JarCar's Wedding
Houston   |   May, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"I can't speak for other locations, but this location is wonderful(610 & San Felipe). They helped me try on dresses, find my wedding dress, and always helped me with any questions I had!! They helped me with all of my bridesmaids dresses, etc. I got my wedding dress, veil, shoes, slip, bra, headpiece/tiara, garter, flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, bridesmaids dresses, sashes, and peek-a-boo skirts, shoes, and even an extra dress and shoes for a separate special occasion there! They even remembered me when I went in there! They are so sweet and helpful!! Especially Lorena and Sal!"

Jennifer and Jamie's Wedding
Camden   |   April, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

Jessica and Seth's Wedding
Cape Coral   |   March, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"I was able to find the dress of my dreams... It was perfect in every way."

Keeley and Stephen's Wedding
The Courtyard in Groves   |   February, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

Keeley and Stephen's Wedding
The Courtyard in Groves   |   February, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

Keeley and Stephen's Wedding
The Courtyard in Groves   |   February, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

Spokane Wedding In January
Spokane   |   January, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

Andrew and Nicole's Wedding
Pahokee, FL   |   December, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"They lost my shoes, thank goodness it was three months before so i had time to reorder. Besides that they were good."

Tanya and Matthew's Wedding
Sun Prairie   |   November, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

Donna and Doug 's Wedding
Columbus   |   November, 2008   |   Attraction

"For last-minute dress needs."

Tonya and Nathan's Wedding
Kaufman   |   November, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"My dress was from Davids. I have to say that CUSTOMER SERVICE is TOP their. The mgr adn store staff worked with me all the way through from ordering my dress, alterations to getting my bridesmaid dresses etc. DEFINITELY a five star place."

Phoenix Wedding In November
Phoenix   |   November, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"Horrible. I had tons of problems with Bridesmaid Dresses,2 had to be re-ordered 2 weeks prior to the wedding. The sales people are WAY too pushy...one went as far as to tell me I COULDN'T have the veil I wanted because she didn't think it looked right with my dress. Well, it was the veil I wanted and I didn't care how she felt about it."

Las Vegas Wedding In November
Las Vegas   |   November, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"the consultant was more then helpful with finding the corret dress of what I was looking for. They even had it so that the members of the bridal party could be fitted out of town, and worked with them on a layaway option for those that was on a tight budget."

Edmond Oklahoma Wedding In October
Edmond   |   October, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"We went to the location near Quail Springs Mall and the girls there we great. Matter of fact we found my dress in ONE, yes ONE!! day!!"

Bayville Wedding In August
Bayville   |   August, 2008   |   Invitations

Becky and Eric's Wedding
West Falls   |   August, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"Bridal gown and girls' dresses from David's Bridal. Groom and groomsmens' tuxes from TUX. Both vendors had given us great customer service, attention to detail and had everything ready well in advance of our day. Great experience with both vendors!!!"

St. Louis Wedding In June
St. Louis, MO   |   June, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"Good deals and some great new styles. They also were willing to help in a pinch, when IDoIDo messed up."

Danielle and Andrew's Wedding
West Palm Beach   |   April, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"Love David's Bridal! The dress and color choices were phenomenal!"

machiko and calvin's Wedding
Vancouver   |   September, 2007   |   Wedding Fashion

Amy and Adam's Wedding
Naperville   |   October, 2007   |   Wedding Fashion

"I tried on 5 dresses at the Aurora location. The first one I tried on was the one I ended up getting. It fit like a glove. The help was wonderful and they'll do alterations there too :D"

Shara and Jeff's Wedding
Puryear/ Paris, TN   |   June, 2008   |   Invitations

"Very affordable and beautiful. Do-it-yourself on some ribbon styles but worth it, makes memories!"

Theresa and Donald's Wedding
Grantsburg   |   June, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"I went to Daivids Bridal in Roseville, MN. (Harmar Mall) The best service!!! They were so helpful and just overall great people!!!"

Steve and Linda's Wedding
One South El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94401   |   June, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"I got everything I needed and my bridesmaids were pleased with the dyed shoes and the dresses to match. Prices are the best here. This is the most reasonable priced ranged place for a wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses."

Lititz Wedding In October
Lititz   |   October, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"I really loved working with david's bridal, I had gone to 3 other salons before going to davids and had gotten pushy clerks and bad service. I walked in with me mom and my sister and we were treated with respect and although their was only one sales clerk to 4 or 5 brides she was helpful and attentive without being pushy."

Melanie and Tim's Wedding
Derry   |   August, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"I went to David’s during one of their $99 sales and fell in love with my gown. I bought it 17 months before the wedding, and had no real problems. I will say that if you are looking for a lot of attention as a bride or want someone to consult with you a lot, don’t go to David’s. If you want a great deal on a pretty dress and can handle figuring out what you want on your own, this is the way to go. My sister got her dress from David’s because she was running short of time due to a pregnancy, and had no issues at all."

Kyle and Stephanie's Wedding
Alsip   |   August, 2008   |   Jewelry/Accessories

Kate and Jeff's Wedding
Wheaton, Illinois   |   May, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"I found my perfect dress and my bridesmaid's dresses at DB. The girls were very accommodating."

Kristi and Chad's Wedding
Crosslake   |   May, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"The only store I went to look at for my wedding dress was David’s Bridal. I love their store. The first dress I tried on was the dress I chose. Their stores are filled with a vast selection of wedding gowns, in stock, in every size. It was really nice to be able to try on the difference styles in my size and not try to wonder what it would really look like if I were wearing a bigger or smaller size. What I really liked was that they give you your own consultant to help you find the right dress. Also after I found my dress, my bridesmaids were able to find their dresses as well. They have beautiful and many colors to choose from for your wedding colors and for bridal party dresses. I do like that they have an on-site alterations, special financing options, gown preservation services, and coordinating ensembles for the entire bridal party. I was able to also order my flower girl basket, ring-bearer pillow, unity candle, guest book all matching exactly my Clover green color I had my bridal party wear. I also was able to order a Clover green sash for my 2 flower girls and for me to wear with my wedding dress. They also have a nice selection of shoes to wear and they also were able to die my bridesmaid’s shoes to the Clover green color. We were all able to pick out beautiful jewelry to wear there and my veil as well. The prices are great in every area! The only thing that was frustrating for me was that you have to keep on top of them to make sure like my bridesmaid’s shoes were going to be done on time and same with my dress alterations. They had to do a rush on one of my bridesmaid’s shoes because they forgot to do that so I stood there while they were able to die the shoes (cause my wedding was in 2 days). But they were fast and it all still turned out great."

Kay and Bryan's Wedding
Lisle   |   August, 2007   |   Invitations

"I was very pleased with how the invites looked and their decent price."

Rebecca and Clifton's Wedding
Carolina Beach   |   March, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"I ordered my wedding dress from David's Bridal online collection. I ordered it on a Monday and had the dress by Thursday! Getting the dress so quickly made it easy for me to get the alterations done that I needed. By ordering from the online collection I got a beautiful dress at a wonderful price."

Barley and David's Wedding
Buford   |   August, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"Worked with my bridesmades very well but there was a small misscomunication about cleanings and alterations!"

Our Wedding
Pittsburgh   |   July, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"I loved my dress, but the alternations were too expensive. Also the sales staff could be nicer."

Bettendorf Wedding In November
Bettendorf   |   November, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"I did not need much help finding a dress because I fell in love with the first one I tried on. Everyone was very nice at David's and the quality of our dresses was pretty good. I did not like how they talk you into buying dresses that are too big, it seems like they are trying to get you to pay more in alterations. They did not alter our dresses so it didn't matter."

Carrie and Max's Wedding
Tampa   |   February, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"i bought my dress at the David's Bridal in Tampa. They way overbooked my time. My attendant had 3 appointments at the same time, which made it hard for me to get any personalized attention. But i did find a dress I liked."

Shannon and Michael 's Wedding
Lansing   |   September, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"I have a mixed review for David's Bridal. While I ultimately chose my dress from there, and it was a beautiful dress, I had a few concerns. First was that they have very strict policies. I had picked a dress and had it on hold. I put money towards it and when I went back to pay for it I wanted to change dresses. No alterations had been made but they weren't going to let me cancel the first dress, and they weren't going to give me my $200 to go towards the second dress. They wanted me to pay off the first one but there is a NO RETURN policy-even if the dress never left the store! It was a head ache but eventually I got through to them and I had to use the 200 to buy other accessories THEN purchase the second dress. Basically I spent 200 more than if I had just picked dress #2 in the first place. THEN they messed up the alterations (the bottom hem was crooked) and I was so scared that I'd get the runaround. However, the manager in the alterations assured me they do guarantee the work and fixed it immediately! Overall I am glad I went there, just be sure you know what you want before you put any money down. Dont let anyone pressure you!"

Liz and Carlos's Wedding
Mt. Morris   |   September, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"My wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses were from David's Bridal. They were pretty average for bridal shops - which aren't all that great to begin with. They didn't suck."

AnnMarie and Dave's Wedding
Myers Flat, CA   |   August, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"The prices are good. Be prepared to find your dress. The consultants have 4 or 5 girls at a time. They are not very customer focused."

Sandy and Zachary's Wedding
San Diego   |   June, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"Initially I had a bad experience at David's Bridal the year before I began planning my wedding. I went to the Mission Valley store to shop for a dress and no one greeted me nor asked if I needed any assistance as I browsed through the store. I was completely ignored even as I walked towards the door to leave, no one approached me. Over a year later when I was ready to purchase my dress, after no success finding something at two other bridal gown shops in the Mission Valley area- I went into David's Bridal Mission Valley store. This time I was greeted with friendly service by bridal consultant Urzula. She helped me search for a dress without the pressure to buy something I didn't like (which was something I did not like about another bridal gown shop). I found my dress on a return visit. She helped me find a beautiful dress that made me feel and look like a bride the minute I tried it on and I bought it at a bargain price. Urzula was wonderful each time I called and came to the store. Urzula was very professional and sent me thank you notes for my initial visit to the store, one after the purchase of my dress, and I think another note after I got married. She followed up several times to check in with me about bridesmaids dresses. All of my bridesmaids and my matron of honor purchased their dresses through David's Bridal. All felt that the prices were reasonable and each looked stunning. Alterations is what is costly. The one thing that was an issue for me is that when I picked up my dress after my final fitting, it was supposed to be flawless instead it was missing beads and had a few loose ones(a bead check was already done) and there was a pen mark on it (it was already spot cleaned). This was days before my wedding and they resolved those issues in a timely manner and my dress was ready for my wedding day."

Ashley and Kevin's Wedding
Las Vegas   |   June, 2008   |   Wedding Day Beauty

"Great dress!!"

Asheville Wedding In July
Asheville   |   July, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"I didn't want to use David's Bridal but I felt I had no other choice with my far away bridesmaids. My name and dress information was not uploading into the system properly and so some girls, even though they had my email printed out with the dress style numbers and dress were unable at first to go try on dresses. Others got a lot of flack because I had picked out their dresses ahead of time and not ordered mine...from there of course. I did end up buying mine from there, but alot of my girls experienced issues with the store clerks. I had heard horror stories on alterations and had experienced first hand not having the shoes I needed dyed on time, so I took my dress to be altered elsewhere. Davids is good for the price of dresses, selection but dealing with the employees is rather horrific."

Dorado Wedding In March
Dorado, Puerto Rico   |   March, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

Adam and Veronica 's Wedding
St. Petersburg   |   January, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"Beautiful dress, poor service."

Heather and Chad's Wedding
Michigan City   |   August, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"The place to go for cheap dresses, not for service. They will treat you good the day you try on dresses, but after that, forget it. Don't even thing of getting your dress altered there."

Kisha and Jeffrey's Wedding
Kailua Kona   |   April, 2009   |   Invitations

"invitations were very nice, however they took a very very long time to arrive. Please allow for 3 months for invitations to arrive!! There are a lot of local vendors in Oahu that make amazing invitations (hawaiian style) more expensive, but nice"

Rio Rancho Wedding In March
Rio Rancho   |   March, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"On my first appointment (at the store in Santa Fe), I had scheduled an appointment a week in advance. When I arrived (on time), the only saleslady was busy helping a walk-in customer, and did not help me for another hour and a half. The receptionist helped a little but didn't know what she was doing. The second experience was much better (at the store in Albuquerque, and I was able to find my dress. My dress was perfect and a good price."

Cumming Wedding In October
Cumming   |   October, 2008   |   Jewelry/Accessories

"Don't be fooled at buying their accessories!! (tiaras, bras etc). Write down what they "suggest" and then buy it online off craigslist or ebay!!!! I didn't end up using some very expensive things I bought spur of the moment when I got my dress!"

Becky and Aaron 's Wedding
Atkinson, New Hampshire   |   September, 2007   |   Wedding Fashion

"Their prices were great, but they were lacking in customer service."

Tatum and Thomas's Wedding
Omaha   |   August, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

Susan and Joe's Wedding
Madison   |   July, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

"I had an extremely bad DB experience and would not recommend going there. I did buy my dress there, but never looked back."

Emilia Carolina and Jonathan Michael's Wedding
Mableton, Ga   |   May, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

"David's Bridal was the only vendor that gave me any stress when it came to planning the wedding. The customer service was terrible and even the managers were rude to my bridesmaids when they went to pick up their order. I was so upset by they way my girls were treated and honestly regret choosing David's Bridal as my bridesmaid dress provider. In the beginning when I was shopping for my wedding dress they made me feel like I was at a car dealer ship. I should not have returned and listened to my instincts."

Heather & Jessie's Wedding
North Miami   |   October, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Cassandra and Matthew's Wedding
St. Augustine   |   October, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Bridal Shopes
Wilmington   |   October, 2011   |   Bridal Boutique‎

Merced Wedding In August
Merced   |   August, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

San Diego Wedding In August
San Diego   |   August, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Chicago Il Wedding In August
Chicago   |   August, 2011   |   dress fitting

Kristi and Brian 's Wedding
Hagerstown   |   August, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Ocean City Wedding In July
Ocean City   |   July, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Birmingham Wedding In July
Birmingham   |   July, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Houston Wedding In July
2022 Wilcrest Dr, Houston, TX 77042, USA   |   July, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Monrovia Wedding In July
Monrovia   |   July, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Jeff and Debbie's Wedding
Franklin   |   June, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Nicole and Joshua's Wedding
Bloomsburg   |   June, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Colorado Springs Wedding In May
Colorado Springs   |   May, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Kasmin and Matthew's Wedding
Allegan   |   May, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Luke and Sam's Wedding
Keller   |   May, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Tonya and David 's Wedding
New Orleans   |   May, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Elizabeth and James's Wedding
Fort Wayne   |   May, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Julie and Travis 's Wedding
Haysville   |   April, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Prince George Va Wedding In February
Prince George VA   |   February, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Myrtle Beach Wedding In February
Myrtle Beach   |   February, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Voorhees Wedding In January
Voorhees, NJ   |   January, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Tina and Kirk's Wedding
Milford   |   December, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Jacksonville Wedding In November
Jacksonville   |   November, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Wendy and Kenny 's Wedding
Vinton   |   October, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Miami Beach Wedding In October
Miami Beach   |   October, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Tacoma Wa Wedding In October
Tacoma   |   October, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Augusta Wedding In September
Augusta   |   September, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Jennifer and David's Wedding
Seattle   |   September, 2010   |   Shopping

Angela and Joseph's Wedding
Las Vegas   |   September, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Indianapolis Wedding In August
Indianapolis   |   August, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Melissa and Kris' Wedding
Buffalo   |   August, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Amarillo Wedding In August
Amarillo   |   August, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Meridian Wedding In April
Meridian   |   April, 2012   |   Wedding Fashion

Valeaka and Keith 's Wedding
Chicago   |   August, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Lawrenceburg Wedding In July
Lawrenceburg   |   July, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Jennifer and Menzies's Wedding
San Diego   |   July, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Greenbelt Wedding In June
Greenbelt   |   June, 2010   |   Wedding Fashion

Catherine and Jack 's Wedding
Seattle   |   March, 2010   |   Attraction

Vendor trip
Williamsville   |   February, 2010   |   Attraction

Los Angeles Wedding In December
Los Angeles   |   December, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

El Paso Wedding In December
El Paso   |   December, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

Jacquelyn and Nathan's Wedding
Webster   |   October, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

Rachel and BK's Wedding
Columbus   |   September, 2009   |   Reception

Lindsay and William's Wedding
Cleveland   |   August, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

Heather and RJ's Wedding
Carlisle   |   July, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

Cathleen and Jeremia's Wedding
Raleigh   |   June, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

Wedding for Bridal Party
Davenport   |   June, 2009   |   David's Bridal

Independence Wedding In June
Independence   |   June, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

Our Wedding
Palo Alto   |   June, 2009   |   Wedding Fashion

Vendor meeting
Boynton Beach   |   May, 2009   |   David's Bridal

Stacey and Gregory's Wedding
La Crosse   |   November, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

Peoria Wedding In November
Peoria   |   November, 2008   |   Attire

Jason and Kelly 's Wedding
Las Vegas   |   October, 2008   |   David's Bridal Dresses

Lorraine and Oscar 's Wedding
Buffalo   |   September, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

The Highlander Inn Wedding In September
Cohasset   |   September, 2008   |   Wedding Fashion

Sharon and Dan's Wedding
York   |   August, 2008   |   Davids Bridal

Sharon and Dan's Wedding
York   |   August, 2008   |   Davids Bridal

CHARDAE and CLEO's Wedding
Georgetown   |   June, 2008   |   Attraction

CHARDAE and CLEO's Wedding
Georgetown   |   June, 2008   |   Attraction

Jessica and Daniel's Wedding
Chester   |   October, 2007   |   Tux Rental Place

Columbia Wedding In May
Columbia, MO   |   May, 2007   |   Formal Wear

Cartes des Hotels
Gatineau   |   May, 2012   |   Wedding Fashion

"Beaucoup de robes peu dispendieuses, parcontre j'ai trouvé les tissus cheap et les robes peu travaillées. Copies des autres magasins. Fabriqué en usines à la chaine. Du côté des souliers, bourses et épingles à cheveux, c'est la place où il faut aller."

Jennifer and Brent's Wedding
Beach, N.D. / Wibaux, Mont.   |   November, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

"I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The associate who helped me select my dress was attentive and truly interested in finding the right dress for me. She never rushed me into making a decision and was more than courteous. I purchased my dress, veil and undergarments all within my budget. I highly recommend David's Bridal to any future bride."

Holyoke Wedding In October
Holyoke   |   October, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

"David's Bridal served our needs, and the staff was very helpful."

amanda and justin's Wedding
Orange Park   |   October, 2011   |   Jewelry/Accessories

Nicole and Jeff's Wedding
Welland   |   October, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Shelly and Paul's Wedding
Canyon of the Eagles   |   October, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

"they sell or share your cell number and email address with 3rd parties. you will receive 3-4 calls EVERY day. very very pushy and unprofessional"

Iyesha and Alex's Wedding
Erie   |   July, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

"Absolutely loved my dress and my girl's dresses. My only complaint is that the alterations were very expensive."

Trish and David's Wedding
Surrey   |   March, 2013   |   Wedding Fashion

Trish and David's Wedding
Surrey   |   March, 2013   |   Tuxedos

Michael & Emily's Wedding
Basking Ridge   |   November, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion

Wendy and Gregory's Wedding
Walters Falls, Chatsworth, ON N0H, Canada   |   October, 2011   |   Invitations

Saint Cloud Wedding In October
St Cloud   |   October, 2011   |   Wedding Fashion


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